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Another Saturday night with nothing to do. "God!, Why is life so
boring?" "Hey" I thought, "the college baseball season starts this weekend.
I'll take a walk over there, at least I can have the pleasure of looking
around; scan the crowd for something nice."
I walked over to the baseball stadium, and went inside. "WOW!" it
was better than I had hoped for, half the crowd was made up of boys between
12 and 18. I walked around for a while, just looking, like a child loose in a
candy store. Many of the boys spent very little time actually watching the
game. It was just an excuse to see their friends and get away from their
parents for a few hours, most of them came alone or with friends. I sat down
to watch a few innings of the game, still scanning the crowd to see what it
offered. I noticed one boy sitting alone about 10 seats away from me and a
row behind. He was wearing a Mets cap on his head. He was cute. He
looked like he was about 14; skinny, lanky almost, but not very tall. He had
a plump round face that still dripped with baby fat. He didn't smile, he
didn't frown, he just sat there. I looked over at him a few more times,
noticing a couple of times that he seemed to have been looking back at me,
but quickly turned away when I looked. I moved my head so that I was able
to keep an eye on him without his being able to tell. Soon he looked at me
again. Without moving my head, I just gave him a little smile. When he did
not look away I tuned my head to face him and smiled again. This time his
face broke a smile for the first time. We exchanged glances for a few
minutes, then he got up and walked down the aisle and towards the
concession area. I figured he was getting a coke or a hot dog or something.
I got tired of waiting for him to return, and got up to go to the
bathroom. I walked out under the stands and went into the bathroom. I was
the only one in the bathroom which was lucky for me because I really had to
piss, and I always seem to get a hard-on when the bathroom is filled with
teens exposing themselves. Go figure! I went to the urinal farthest from the
door, unzipped my jeans. No sooner had I gotten it out, then the boy who had
been looking at me entered the bathroom. I looked toward the door and saw
him looking at me with a weak smile on his face. He walked over, and
although none of the other urinals were occupied, stood at the one next to me.
He was wearing gray sweat style shorts, a Marlin's shirt and sneakers. I
watched out of the corner of my eye as he tugged down the front of his shorts.
As most boys that age, he moved very close to the urinal so that no one could
"see in." I gave a little chuckle when I saw this, especially when I noticed
his quick glances down and toward my side. I also noticed that like me, there
was no sound of water on water coming from his direction. I looked straight
into his big brown eyes and smiled again.
His mouth took on a crooked grin as he moved back slightly from the
urinal, revealing to me his beautiful young dick. It was nice looking and
fully erect, it seemed a bit too big for his small body. It was surrounded by a generous smattering of dark brown hair. He flashed a big smile and glanced
back down toward my mid-section. I rotated my body slightly toward him to
give him a better view of my dick, which was by now as hard as his. He
looked up at me, smiled, and then looked back down. I saw his tongue slide
across his lips.
A roar rose from the crowd, then a groan, then the door to the
bathroom swung open and the between inning rush entered. I quickly zipped
up and walked toward the door. I glanced back and saw that he had followed
me. I gave a little crook of my head to signal him that it was OK to follow
me and went back to my seat. He followed and sat two seats away from me.
"It's OK," I said, and patted the seat between us. Without lifting his butt
off the seats, he slid from one to the other, and was now right next to me.

"Good game," I said, looking over at him.

"Yeah." he answered.

"I'm Doug." I said as I extended my hand toward him.

"My name is Adam"

He touched my hand for the first time and I felt a rush through my
body. His hand was soft and warm, and a bit sweaty, and it trembled a bit
from his nervousness. He had a firm grip though. We shook hands, but he
did not immediately release his grip. I gave another squeeze and flashed my
best smile at him. He smiled back, and as he released his grip he ran his
index finger across my palm.

"Do you come to alot of games?" I asked

"Yeah, I love Baseball and I live only a few blocks from the campus, so
"I can just walk over any time."

"Do you play at all?"

"I like to play, but I'm kinda small for my age so I wouldn't be able
to make the team at school."

"How old are you?"

"I'll be sixteen in 2 weeks. How about you?"

"I'm twenty -one." I answered. "I'm a junior here."

A roar rose from the crowd. It was the ninth inning and the game was
tied 2-2. It was our turn at bat. The first batter grounded out to the
shortstop. The next batter singled through the middle and stole second. The
throw from the catcher was good but he was safe.

"Do you live on campus?"

"Yes, I'm a Resident Assistant in one of the dorms."

"Do you like it?"

"It's OK, but it's kinda hard to be friends with the guys and still
maintain any authority over them, so pretty much they do whatever they

"What about your roommates?"

"I don't have any. R.A's get a single automatically."

"Cool." He said, and looked at me with a bit of a grin on his face.
He was adorable, his cheeks round and plump, his deep brown eyes bright and
gleaming. He had smooth flawless skin, only slightly tanned despite the year
long exposure to the Florida sun.
The crowd roared again as with two outs and a runner on third, the
batter snuck a single between third and short to win the game 3-2.
I turned to Adam and stuck my hand up for a "High-five." He slapped
my hand and then threw his arms around me like he had known me all his
life, and started jumping up and down in the excitement of the victory. Ahhh,
the beauty of baseball. I put my hand on his head and mussed his hair a bit
as he continued to jump in excitement.

"What a game!" he said

"Yeah! Hey, I'm gonna get some ice cream, you want some?"


We walked to the ice cream shop near the stadium and ordered. He
got one scoop chocolate and one scoop vanilla. I got one scoop vanilla and
one scoop chocolate.

"Hey, your ice cream cone is upside-down." I said

He smiled and we laughed for a minute, then he looked at me with the
same look that he had had in the bathroom. It was crowded in the store and
he was pushed closer to me. He pressed up against me and ran his hand
across my back. I mussed his hair again.

"What time is it?" he asked

"It's only 10:15, it was a short game."

"Good! I don't have to be home till 12:30"

"Well, what do you want to do?"

"Can I see your room? I've never been in the dorms."

"O.K., sure."

We walked back across campus toward my dorm. He told me that he
was in 10th grade at the High School run by our university for gifted
students. He said that his best subjects were Science and History.
We got to my room. As I opened the door one of my residents walked
by and started talking to me. I told Adam to make himself at home and just
wait for me. When I got into the room he was just looking around at

"Turn on the T.V. if you want to." I said.

He turned it on and flipped through the channels. He stopped when
he got to a Billy Joel video on VH-1.

"I think he's the greatest." Adam said.

I laughed and flipped open the cover to my CD storage unit to show
him all of Billy's albums neatly organized inside. He walked over to get a
closer look. As he got close he bumped into me. He did not back away, but
just kept contact.

"Wanna put one in?" I asked.

"Sure. How about The Stranger." He said.

I started the disc and sat down on the bed, turning the T.V. off with
the remote. He came over and sat right next to me, almost touching my side.
I placed my hand on his shoulder and asked what he wanted to talk about.
He didn't answer, but nervously placed his open hand on my leg. He looked
up at me with a nervous smile, then back down at his hand on my leg. I
moved my hand across his back to his far shoulder and pulled him against
me. He turned his head and rested it against my chest. He sighed softly. I
moved my hand down to his back and ran it slowly back and forth across and
in circles, occasionally moving to his neck and the back of his soft hair. He
placed his arm around me and squeezed softly. His T-shirt wasn't tucked in
so I started rubbing his back under his shirt. His skin was warm and soft. I
could feel that his back muscles were very stiff.

"Is everything O.K.?" I asked.

"Yeah, it feels good." He answered in a shaky voice.

"Are you nervous?"

"A little bit, I never felt this way before."

"Have you ever done anything with any of your friends?" I asked.

"No. None of them know how I feel."

"How do you feel?"

"Right now, really good."

I put my arms around him and hugged him close to me. He put his
arms around me and squeezed back. He was surprisingly powerful for his
frail looking build. I looked into his eyes and our lips came together.
It was a clumsy kiss, me being no more experienced than he was. I
was just as nervous and excited as he was. He pushed his tongue between
my lips and I did the same. I was in pure heaven. We fell into a lying
position on ...

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