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2.Cruise Around Town

( Erotic Story )

My friend RJ loved to cruise around town alot. One of the reasons was
sothat he could check out all the young guys. Of course, I loved to
cruisetoo. He would ask me if I liked certain guys and what would I do to
themif I had the chance. Though I would talk about the various things
Iwanted to do, I was a little bashful approaching guys. So RJ had
anidea. One he didnt let me in on, until later.

We met at his home onenight in the fall. It was chilly enough that you
needed a heavy jacket,but it was still warm enough that there were plenty
of people out andabout. He asked me if I wanted to go cruising with him. We
only cruisedaround for a short time when he decided that he wanted to get
somethingto drink. We stopped at a local beer and wine store and picked up
a fewbottles of cheap wine.

As we drove around, we drank. Actually, Idid most of the drinking. He took
just occassional sips, but keptinsisting that I drink up. If we were
drinking beer, I could handlemyself quite well, but the wine was another
story. I was starting tofeel the wine getting the better of me. Then RJ
drove to a nearby townand picked up a youngman who he said he met playing
basketball at thelocal gym. RJ had a smaller car that night, so the three
of us had tosit bunched together in the front of the car. No back seat.
While wecruised around, him and his friend talked about alot of things. I
didntsay too much, mostly I kept drinking.

It wasnt long before RJ begantalking about sex. He asked his friend if he
ever had a blow job. Thenhe asked if he ever had one from a guy. His friend
immediately said noand commented about how nasty that would be. He would
never let a guygive him a blowjob! RJ then told him that a guy gave him a
blow jobbefore. He told his friend that it felt the same as a girl. Then he
toldhis friend that the person that blew him was drunk when he did it.
Thenwhen the guy sobered up, he didnt remember any of it.

Well, guesswho was already drunk. I understood what they were talking about
and Ihad an idea of where he was leading this conversation. But I
wasntinterested. Actually, I was! This young man was very good looking.
Hewas about 6 foot tall, blond hair, smooth face and a nice build
fromwhat I can tell. Sitting so close to him, he smelled so good.
Hiscologne was a slight turn on, but I was too bashful to, well, you
know.Besides, I was also too drunk. I told RJ that I needed to stop
somewhereto take a piss and ask him to pull over somewhere.

RJ drove to hisgarage. He had a small collection of vehicles and had to rent
a couplegarages a few blocks from his home. The garages faced an alley that
wasbehind the local post office. The post office was closed and there
wasminimal traffic going through the alley. So I walked between the
garagesand proceeded to piss on the wall. Meanwhile RJ and his friend
talkedamong theirselves. RJ convinced his friend that the both of them
couldget a blow job from me and I would be too drunk to remember it. When
Iwas finished, RJ walked up to me and said he wanted to show me
somethingin the garage.

He had parked his car across the alley in the rear ofthe post office. Then
we all walked in the garage and he pulled thegarage door down. I knew RJ
had something sneaky planned. Then he askedme to give him a blow job. What?
I couldnt believe he asked me that infront of his friend. Before I could say
no, he was already trying topush me toward a set of tires that he had
stacked on the floor. Thetires were high enough that it provided a perfect
place to sit. The wayI staggered about, it didnt take much effort to make
me sit on thetires. While my hands were trying to push RJ back, he was
alreadyunzipping his fly.

We were in the dark in his garage. But the lightfrom the streetlights shown
in through the garage door windows and gaveenough light to give a little
definition to objects in the dark. RJ'sdick wasnt very big, but he had a
hardon and I could see it staring meright in the face. His friend kind of
paced around the garage. He wasmore nervous than I was. So I started to
feel more at ease. I quitresisting and took hold of RJ's cock and guided
him straight to mymouth. I sucked his dick sloppily, making a great deal of
noise as Imoved my lips up and down his boner. All along, my eyes tried to
followhis friends action while I sucked RJ's cock. Then RJ had me stop
suckinghim and beckoned his friend to come over and get some.

His friendmuttered about how this was wrong and how they could get into
trouble.He was concerned that if they got caught, they would go to jail
forrape. RJ calmed him down and walked him close to me. Then I reached
upand took his hand and told him it was alright. He slowly fiddled
withhis pants, having trouble with the button on his jeans. I reached
up,even though I was drunk, I undid the button with one hand and
beganunzipping with the other. I pulled his pants down to his knees and
Icould see the bulge in his white undies was a pretty good size. As
Ilower the waist band around his hips, this enormous cock fell over
thetop of his underwear. He wasnt even hard and he looked like he was
about8 inches long. I leaned toward him and kissed the head of his pecker.

I told him that he had a nice looking cock. I bet he had a bunch
ofgirlfriends. He assured me that he didnt have a girlfriend and that
hedidnt fool around with anyone. He was nervous and his semi flacid
cockproved it. I picked his big dick up and placed my mouth around the
headof it. Gradually I slipped more of his dick into my mouth, slowly
goingdown his shaft until the head of his dick was touching the back of
mythroat. As I pulled back away, I created a slight suction until
Ireached the end of his dick. I let it slip out of my mouth and just
asquickly, I sucked it back in. His disck reacted very quickly to
mysucking. His member was getting hard and I was feeling the thickness
ofhis dick filling my mouth. As his dick grew harder I fondled his
nutsackwith one hand and carressed his ass with the other.

Boy was Igetting turned on by this guy. His ass felt soft but it also felt
verymuscular. It was just as smooth as his face was and judging by
thelimited hair around his crotch, I guessed he was just about 18
yearsold. His dick seemed to be atleast 9 inches easy, now that it was
hard.I was jealous. My cock was less than 7 inches and much thinner.While
Icontinued to suck his cock, I fantasized about how nice it would be
tofuck him in the ass. My own cock was straining against my jeans as
Iperformed this oral pleasure to this young man. By now this guy
wasenjoying his blowjob. His hands found their way to my head and he
beganguiding my head up and dwn his shaft. RJ walked next to me and
placedhis still hard cock next to my face.

I tried as best as I could toservice both guys. But being as drunk as I was,
I couldnt stay seated onthose tires. So I fell to my knees and continued to
suck the two men. Ireached down and undid my own trousers and pulled my
hardon out. It waswet from the pre cum oozing into my underwear. I jerked
my cock with arythm equal to the bobbing of my head on my partner's dick.
RJ was thefirst person to cum. He pulled his dick from my mouth and jacked
offuntil he shot his wad into my face. Then I turned toward his friend
andsucked his dick back into my mouth.

He was turned on by the sight ofhis friend shooting his wad that it didnt
take long to bring him to anorgasm. I didnt want his load to go to waste,
so I kept a steady suck onhis dick while his pecker started to spew it's
sperm. The young manpainted my tonsils with a large stream of manjuice. I
could feel itsliding down my throat. I eagerly kept sucking as he emptied
pulse afterpulse of his cum into my mouth.
When he pulled his big dick from mymouth, I stood up and jacked off in front
of him. He watched as I jerkedmy cock into a frothy load into my hand. My
cum oozed over my fingersand dripped slowly to the garage floor in front of

When Ifinished, RJ handed me a towel that he had on a shelf and asked me
tostay there at the garage while he ran his friend home. I really
didntwant to, but he said he wanted to talk to him alone to make
sureeverything was ok. When RJ finally returned, he told me that his
friendwas embarrassed to get a blow job by a guy. He said that he was
veryhomophobic, but he also said that it felt so damn good that he
wouldntmind going drinking with us sometime.

RJ's friend never did godrinking with us. But I did run into him at the gym.
I acted like Inever met him before but I told him that he looked familiar. I
watchedhim as he played basketball with the team. He looked better than
Iremembered. Now I can see him in the daylight and with shorts and a
teamshirt. His arms were well defined as were his legs. As I watched
himplay, I could see how he got the muscles on those nice bubble
buttcheeks of his. Boy I would have loved to seen his ass. While I
watchedthe game, I fantasized about sneaking into the locker room to watch
himshower. But I decided I better leave the gym before I started to

RJ and I still cruised around town. Though his friend didntjoin us, our
little secret stayed just that. Then RJ introduced me toanother friend,
Darren. Well, that's another story.

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