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This happened to me when I was 16 years old. My dad had given some
money that morning and told me, "Go son, buy yourself some clothes for
college." I had gone shopping alone many times before also; so I knew
where to go. Anyways, the idea of shopping had got me excited.

I set out in the afternoon, knowing that it would be less crowded
then. I took a bus and went to the mall that is about 3 km away from
my place. It has plenty of small shops. I was window-shopping there.
There was a small shop at the end of the corridor. I liked the clothes
it had on display. I went inside. The shopkeeper was a man, about
25-30 years old. Dense hair, moustaches, wheatish complexion and a
smiling face. I pointed to a shirt in the window and told him to show
me that one. He promptly removed it from the window and showed it to me.
"How much is it?" I asked.
"Four hundred rupees," he said.

I found the price to be fine. The shirt was yellow in colour, with
narrow brown stripes on it. I asked, "Can I try it on?"
"Why not?" he asked. "The trial room is that way."

I went into the trial room. I tried to lock the door, but it was not
getting latched. "Uncle, this latch doesn't work," I said.
"I know," he said. "You just shut the door and put it on. There is no
one here but me."
I shut the door. There was still a gap left. Anyways, I removed my
shirt and put the other one on. It was a good fit and it complemented
my complexion well. I finalised my shirt in the first selection.

I came out. "It's all right, uncle. I'll take this one. Now show me
some jeans for this."
Since I had already bought something, the shopkeeper now started
showing me jeans with more fervour. I chose three of them. One light
blue, another faded dark blue and the third beige. I took them to the
trial room. Again I held the door shut and tried them one. In a couple
of minutes, I came out.
"What happened?" he asked.
"They are a bit loose," I said.
"How much is your waist?"
"So these are thirty. Did you like the colours?"
"I liked the colours very much."
"I'll give you some more in the same colour then."
He gave me two more jeans. I went back into the trial room.I wore the
light blue one. Saw in the mirror. It was fitting well everywhere,
except at the crotch. I felt it a bit loose there. That's what I had
found with the previous ones also. But how could I explain that to the

"Is this all right now?" the shopkeeper asked from outside.
"A bit loose," I said.
Just then, he pushed the door and entered the trial room. "Show me
where it is loose. I feel it is okay."
I tugged at the denim below my crotch and said, "Here it is loose."
A mild smile crossed his face. Then, in the most casual manner, he
put his hand below my crotch and pulled. "Here?" he asked.
I could not resist myself upon his manly touch at my cock. My cock
started throbbing. He understood that.
"Is it loose here?" he asked, all the time, his hand groping my crotch.
"Yes," I said, my throat almost parching up.
"Sit on that stool. Let's see," he said.
I sat on the stool. The stool was not even 1.5 feet high. He spread
my knees and stared at my crotch. Then he touched it and asked again,
"Is it loose here?"
He actually squatted there with his hand on my crotch. My cock was
now fully erect and it had filled the gap in the denim. "Now it is not
loose," I said.
He took the hint. "Do you like this?" he asked.
"Very much," I said.
"Then wait a minute."

He went out and pulled the shutter of the shop down. Then he came
back. I was still sitting with my legs apart, and with my cock at full
mast within my new jeans. "Look at the fitting of my trouser," he
said. "It is tight." Gingerly, I put my hand on his crotch. His cock
sprang up. "Now it might tear the trouser," I said. He laughed.
He removed his shirt. His chest was somewhat hairy, but he was quite
a muscular man. He removed my shirt also. Then he hugged me. "You'll
enjoy this a lot," he said. "Just keep doing as I say."
"Okay boss," I said.
He spat on my left nipple. Then he opened his mouth and started
sucking on my nipple. He even bit a little, but I was so ecstatic, I
did not complain. He adored my nipples for a whole five minutes. Then
he raised my arm. I had a little hair in my armpits then, he started
sucking at them wildly. Our hands were busy fondling each other's

"Now let's go further," he said. He unzipped my jeans. I had white
boxer shorts inside. He peeled them off also. He saw my naked hard
cock and said, "Wah! What a great wank you have! What's your age?"
"Sixteen," I said.
"Just sixteen? Even 25 year-olds do not have such cocks."
He was right. My dick was almost eight inches and two inches in
thickness. I removed his pants also. His cock was smaller than mine.
Black and uncut. I liked it a lot then.

Then he did a kinky thing. He was very muscular as I said. He lifted
me off my feet, inverted me and placed me with my legs on his
shoulders - in such a way that his cock was in my mouth and my cock
was in his - a vertical 69 position. "Come, let's suck each other," he
As soon as he took my cock in his mouth, it was as though a current
passed through my entire body. In that frenzy, I too took him in my
mouth. He started making noises. He such each of my balls for some
five minutes each. I was sucking him like a lollypop. Then I put my
tongue on the region between his balls and his asshole. He doubled up
with excitement. "Wow! Good going, pal," he said.

About ten minutes later he put me down. He went down on his haunches
before me. Seeing his open asshole, I understood what he wanted. I
took my cock, which was still glistening with his saliva, near his
asshole. "Ram it in," he commanded. I gave a shove, then another, then
another. At the fourth jerk, my fat cock went inside his bunghole. His
ass was a used one, hence it wasn't difficult to penetrate him.
This was the first time I was fucking anyone. He was swaying his ass
and taking me in. I was quite hot by the warmth of his innards. Just
in a few moments, I let go within his hole. I kept my cock in there
till it was fully spent.

Then he stood up. He made me sit on the stool again. Then he put his
black cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head and started fucking my
mouth. His stream went right inside my throat.

Later, when all was done and the shutter was up again, he selected a
nice pair of jeans for me. "If there is any problem, you'll come,
won't you?" he asked.
"Yes, specifically if there is any problem here," I said and put my
hand at his crotch. We both laughed over the inane joke.


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