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37.What happens in Canada

What happens in Canada stays in Canada. So here's the story that happened a few years ago, 3 actually.

My name is Eric, for the sake of giving you a visual I'm 5'11 155 with cool
spiky brownish blonde hair and blue eyes. Not to be an egomaniac but enough
people have told me I am good looking that I am comfortable believing it is
true. I am from suburban New York but I went to college out of state. So I
had just graduated from school and was home for the summer. I was 22. I
have a good friend that was still living at home and was (and I guess still
is), 2 years younger than me. His name is Mark and he's 5'10 I'd say 150
brown hair and eyes and quite good looking himself. We played baseball
together and are HUGE Yankees fans. We were looking for something cool to
do for a weekend so we thought of the perfect road trip. Since you only
have to be 19 to drink in Canada and Mark was only 20, we decided to go up
to Toronto for a weekend to see the Yankees play the Blue Jays.

It was a bit of a hike to get there but we entertained ourselves by making
fun of people in other cars and smoking cigarettes. So we finally made it
to the border, stopped at the duty-free shop to stock up on booze and make
are way into Toronto town. This was Thursday night so we checked into the
hotel and hit up some of the bars. It was pretty cool, we got shot down by
a few of the Canadian ladies and went back to the hotel. Hell it was the
first night and we were just getting used to the scene. The next day we
toured around town and saw that space needle thing, oh wait that's Seattle,
but whatever that tower is they have we went and saw that anyway. Toronto
is a pretty bad ass town for the record. Then that night we went to the
game and Roger Clemens pitched the Yankees to victory. Yeah. Then we went
out again that night of course because that was why we were there you
know. We had better luck with the ladies that night and met 2 hot chicas to
dance and hook up with. The one with Mark had to work the next day though
so they didn't come home with us or anything but we exchanged numbers and
made plans to meet the next night.

The next day we were a bit hungover so we slept in and went walking around
when we finally dragged our asses out of bed. It's Saturday for the
record. The Yankees and Jays were playing a day game so as we were walking
around we noticed a bar that was playing the game. We figured hair of the
dog that bit you and all that so we went it to watch some of the
game. Here's where things get interesting.

The place was not that crowded so we just sat down and were enjoying the
game when someone sent us over a round of beers. The bartender motioned
towards some guy at the end of the par so we tipped our beers to him as a
thank you, we thought he must have been a fellow Yankees fan. He comes over
and starts making small talk so we did the same, finally he says, "So are
you guys together?"

Me- "Well yeah, we didn't just meet here or anything."

Guy- "No I mean are you a couple?"

Mark- "A couple of what?"

I think at that moment we both took a better look at our surroundings and
noticed that the place we were at had a bit of a rainbow theme. Having
never been to a gay bar before, what the hell did we know what to look for.

Guy- "I mean, are you guys dating?"

So simultaneously we pretty much explained that we were just up from New
York, didn't know the area and only wandered into the place because we
noticed the game was on. We had a good laugh, finished our beers and were
on our way.

So we finished up watching the game somewhere else, went back to the hotel,
took a bit of a nap, ordered some pizza or something and got ready to go
out for the night. We wound up meeting those girls at out again which was
cool, but then as the night wore on we realized they were kind of
irritating so we blew them off to find a better scene. Not knowing the area
didn't help, so we eventually just went back to the hotel.

So now we are pretty bombed and just talking about how fun the weekend had
been. Of course out incident at the gay bar came up and we laughed about it
again. Then we started talking a bit more serious about it.

Mark- "Can you believe that guy thought we were a couple?"

Me- "I know, I could get a way better looking guy than you if I wanted to."

Mark- "Fuck you, dickhead"

Me- "Haha I'm kidding, you know you are quite the looker."

Mark- "Seriously though, I probably would never ask this if I wasn't drunk,
but did you ever think about another guy like that before?"

Me- "I guess I've thought about it, but it's not something I'd ever
actively pursue. Under the right circumstances, I might be so inclined."

Mark- "And what circumstances would those be?"

Me- "I guess the most important thing would be that no one could ever find
out, it's not a lifestyle I want to be associated with forever."

Mark- "I completely agree, I still ultimately want to get married, white
picket fence and all that."

Me- "Right on brother."

Mark- "You ever see that episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler hook
up in London but they agree it doesn't count because they're in another

Me- "Yeah, why?"

Mark- "Well, we're in Canada you know, which as similar as it is to
America, is still a different country."

Me- "What are you saying?"

Mark- "I can keep a secret of you can, those girls got me all horned up."

Ok so I was horny too, and I figured hey, we're young and we could always
blame it on the alcohol, and the Friends logic was pretty convincing.

Me- "What did you have in mind?"

Mark- "We'll set some ground rules, no kissing or anything, we don't want
to be romantic, we'll keep it strictly sexual. I know I can go for a
blowjob, and I'd be willing to reciprocate."

Me- "Fair enough, who goes first?"

Mark- "Well as an act of good faith, I will, but you better not bail out on
me after you nut."

Me- "I swear I won't, as long as we agree this stays between us."

Mark- "Obviously, well let's get started then, lat down on the bed."

Ok so this is obviously awkward but cool too, I was definitely into it. I
think we were both wanting the other person to be more into but he
eventually agreed to take my pants off once I took my shirt off. I was
totally hard and he just dove in and pulled my dick through the slit in my
boxers and started going to town on me. It was awesome. Guys truly are
better at it than girls. He pulled my boxers all the way off and was really
paying close attention to that entire region he even went so far as to get
his tongue up in my ass a bit.

Me- "Dude, as good as that feels I'm not sure I'll be sticking my tongue in
your ass, just so you know."

Mark- "That's fine, just let me know when your gonna blow because I don't
want it in my mouth or anything."

He went back to my dick and was really doing a number. After about 15
minutes total I was ready to go so I gave him the tap and shot a load all
over the place. So awesome. I just laid there with my arm over my face for
a few minutes thinking through how cool it was and awkward. Mark broke the

Mark- "My turn."

He already had his shirt off but we switched positions and I helped him off
with his pants. I figured what the hell, gotta try everything once. I did
what he did, took his cock in my mouth up and down, sucked on his balls a
bit, then back to his cock. It was kind of cool to make him moan like
that. I went back to his dick and was working it and he put his hands on
the back of my head. I stopped a second to ask-

Me- "Make sure you pull out before you spooge you know."

Mark- "I know, I will don't worry."

So I went back to deepthroating his cock as best I could and his hands were
still on my head. He was really moaning and bucking his hips. He seemed to
be about to unload and I tried to pull my head away but he held me there
and blew his load in my mouth, and I mean lots of loads. I was pissed
because he wasn't supposed to do that. I grabbed his shirt and spit it all
in there.

Mark- "What the fuck? That's my shirt!?"

Me- "Are you kidding? You weren't supposed to cum in my mouth!"

Mark- "I'm sorry it just felt so good, I'll make it up to you."

Me- "How exactly will you do that?"

Mark- "You can fuck me."

Me- "Come again?"

Mark- "Exactly, if you are up for it. I mean I figure we might as well try

I was still pissed for him shooting his load in my mouth and still horny so
I figured why not. Obviously we were both ass virgins but maybe the beers
would ease the pain. He sucked on me again as I laid on the bed and got me
good and hard. I was laying on the bed and he then straddled me, lining up
my dick with his ass. He squatted down on me, slowly, and after some faces
I've never seen him make before I was in. He needed a few moments to get
used it. He rode up and down a bit and it felt SO good. We did that for a
while and then we flipped over and I fucked him as if he was a girl
missionary style. He was moaning big time but he swore they were pleasure
moans. He was hard again so I figured the right thing to do would be to
jerk him off while I was banging him. It was the least I could do. We had a
nice rhythm going and actually wound up shooting again at about the same
time. He came a lot for someone who just shot 15 minutes earlier. All over
his chest, my chest too. I assume I did as well but it was all in his ass
so I couldn't be sure. I think at this point we were spent. I pulled out
and laid down next to him. It was an awkward moment or two, but we just
started bullshitting and it was cool again. We fell asleep like that, naked
with goo everywhere.

The next morning we woke up sober and still naked. We talked about it and
just laughed, it was actually very cool because it never became awkward. We
just kind of blew it off so to speak. Unfortunately we had to check out of
the hotel and head back to New York in a few hours. However we still had
some time in Canada so we figured we might as well shower together and keep
it going. Now that we are back in the states we don't have the privacy we
did, but we still on occasion fool around a bit while still dating girls
and no one is ...
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