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68.The New York Escort

The New York Escort

Before I relate the events of the last week let me get the necessary
details out of the way so that the "important" parts come together without
interruption. If you want to go right to the jack off material you can skip
these first three paragraphs.

I'm a 32-year old dentist who has a small, but thriving practice in a
relatively small town in the Massachusetts Berkshires. I'm 5'9", with an
average work-out body (lean and tight but not ripped), my eyes are honey
gold and I have light brown hair that I keep close cropped. My cock is
6-1/2 inches, cut and thick. I think I'm fairly attractive and I think
others agree. I'm a real nice guy, laid back, pretty smart with a wide
variety of interests. My biggest problem or at least the thing that's at
the root of most of my problems is that I'm painfully shy. I mean even the
idea of talking to a stranger about the weather makes the palms of my hands
sweat. A related problem is that I'm in the closet to everyone except my
best friend Marcia who is a 29-year old lesbian, also in the closet. Some
day I'll come out, but right now I'm trying to conquer my shyness. If I
found somebody special, someone who I loved and who loved me in return I
think I'd get over both my shyness and being closeted.

I rarely ever have sex, maybe two or three times a year, usually with some
tourist I happen to meet out and about, but only if the other guy makes the
first couple of moves. I have a large XXX Male DVD collection and I really
do enjoy masturbating so I'm not totally horny, but I do crave physical
contact, a hot body to lick and devour. In my fantasies I'm an aggressive
wild man. So now you know enough background.

I rarely go away on vacation. Part of the reason for living where I do is
that I can ski in the winter and enjoy all the Berkshire summer festivals.
It's where people come to get away and I live here, its paradise; why would
I leave? The exception is that a couple of times a year I travel to dental
conferences. This summer the conference was being held in New York City.
Marcia came over for dinner on the Friday before my leaving for the City.

"Surely you can find somebody to get it on with in New York," Marcia said
half jokingly when I told her I'd booked five nights in New York.

"Actually I've been hoping the same thing," I replied totally serious.

"Yeah well, your problem is if they don't come right up and ask you it
doesn't happen. And you refusing to go to gay clubs makes it even more
difficult. Maybe you should try going to one of the piano lounges they're
quite and not so intimidating as the dance bars."

"I just can stand any of those places; I have a physical reaction just
walking through the door. My stomach goes into knots and if someone tries
to talk to me I start babbling like I have an IQ of 50. I just can't do

"Well that really limits you. Of course you could always hire a call
boy. You can afford it and there are loads of ads in those local New York
gay papers. No muss, no fuss, make the call, charge it to American Express
and get what you want delivered right to your hotel room. Kind of like
sending out for Chinese. Hey I'll bet in New York you can even send out for
Chinese of the two legged variety."

"Very funny." I replied.

But it got me thinking. I really wanted to have wild sex while in New York
and Marcia was right: no muss or fuss, I could afford to treat myself, even
if it cost a few hundred. I deserved it. She didn't know it but I decided
before she went home that night that I was going to do what she'd kiddingly

Sunday was a glorious summer day, the temperature was in the low 80s and
for a change the air was clear and dry. I left just after noon and enjoyed
the leisurely scenic drive through the Hudson Valley. I arrived at the
Dumont Plaza Hotel just after 3:00 and turned over my bags and car over to
the doorman. I checked in and then followed the bellman up to my room on
the 23rd floor. Any fantasy about seducing a sexy bellman with an extra
large tip disappeared when he turned out to be a 50 something
Mezzo-American, who was nearly as wide as he was tall. Once I'd unpacked I
went out of the hotel and headed for one of the Adult only stores that I'd
found listed on the net close to the hotel.

Twenty minutes later I was on my way back to the room with the latest
copies of three of New York's best gay newspapers. Once in the room I
settled in to look for what I wanted. After reviewing most of the ads I
selected the one that sounded most professional. It read: "Discreet male
escorts available for the discriminating professional. Our staff members
are courteous, clean, healthy and intelligent. We have someone to satisfy
everytaste. Rates are reasonable for the services provided. Call

I picked up the phone and punched in the number, there was answer on the
third ring.

"Executive Males," a female voice answered. I was a little taken aback; I'd
fully expected a man to answer.

"Er, yes, I was wondering if I could arrange for an escort for this

"I think we can meet your needs sir. Just what type of escorting do you
have in mind?"

That threw me, "Uh, what do you mean by type of escorting?"

"Will this be an evening out, or perhaps you'd prefer some company in your
home, office or hotel room?"

"Oh, right. Yeah, well I want it at my hotel."

"Very good, sir. What type of escort are you looking for?"

"I'm sorry for being dense, but I've never arranged for an escort before
and I don't know the routine."

"Not a problem sir. Why don't I just ask you a few more direct questions
and I'll take it from there and find the perfect match to your wishes.

"What age range would you prefer?"

"I guess 18 to 30 would be good."

"Fine. Body type?"

"Some where around 5'8" to 5'10", no less than 150, no more than 185
pounds. I like a guy who is solid and husky, but not fat."

"I understand. Black, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Native American or mixed

I almost laughed out loud thinking of what Marcia had said about ordering
Chinese. Instead I just said, "I think I'll stick with vanilla."

"Caucasian it is." She said with a chuckle. "Any preference for hair or eye

"Not really, but a redhead would be interesting, but that's really not
important. Neither is eye color, though I am a sucker for blue eyes."

"Right. Now as for other tastes, are you looking for someone who is
passive, aggressive, versatile? "

I took a deep breath, "may I be perfectly honest?"

"Certainly, we want to provide you with exactly the kind of escort that
you're looking for."

"Well to tell the truth I don't think it matters. What I'm really in the
mood for is some really great looking, nice guy who just wants to kick back
while I enjoy his body orally."

"In that case sir may I offer a suggestion?"


"We have a number of select heterosexual men who are available for men who
enjoy the company of men so long as they do not have to participate
directly, if you understand what I mean. That might add a little extra
spice to what you have in mind."

Did it ever! I'd never been with a straight man in my life, but the thought
made me instantly horny. Of course I'd heard of gay guys servicing straight
men, but since that would involve me having to seduce someone, well it
would never have happened. Now it was being offered to me on a silver
platter. Without thinking about it twice I said, "I think that would be

"What time would you like your escort to arrive?"

"How's 8:00?"

"That should be more than sufficient time, eight o'clock it is."

So it was set. She went on to take my hotel name and room number and of
course my credit card information to pay for the $400 fee which she said
included a $150 gratuity for the escort."

It was just going on 4:15 and I decided to take a short nap. I called down
to the desk and asked them to ring me at 6:00. I woke up, dressed and went
out for something to eat. It was almost 7:30 by the time I got back. I took
a hot shower, dried off, did the deodorant, cologne thing, brushed my teeth
and put on a set of silk shorty pajamas. At exactly 8:00 there was a knock
on the door. It was as though he'd been standing out in the hall waiting to
knock at the exact time, maybe in had.

When I opened the door I nearly gasped. It was like they custom built the
guy for me. He looked to be in his early 20s, was just a hair taller then
me, was rugged with the build of a wrestler with thick red hair and
brilliant blue eyes. He was my walking wet dream.

Some how, I guess because I knew I was paying for it, I didn't feel shy or
ill at ease in the least. It was like I was in control and this was
business not personal. I invited him in, shut the door and stuck out my

"I'm Paul Katzmann and you are?"

"Kevin Casey." He said as he took my hand in a firm grip and shook it.

"Have a seat Kevin, would you like something from the minibar. I thought we
could talk for a little bit."

"Whatever you'd like sir. For the next three hours I'm here to please
you. I wouldn't mind a vodka tonic, if it's OK with you."

"Vodka tonic coming up." I fixed his drink and a scotch and soda for

Over the next twenty minutes we talked and sipped on our drinks. I learned
that he was 24, lived in Jersey City. He had a wife and two kids and was a
journeyman plumber. He worked for the escort service on Saturdays and
Sundays to make extra money. His wife thought he did plumbing in the City
for some real estate company; she had no idea that he sold his body to men
at a good price. "On a busy weekend I can make $600 and I don't have to
claim it on income tax. Even on a slow weekend like this one I'll take home
$300. I had a date yesterday and now you."

So I learned the $150 gratuity was all he made on the deal. I asked him how
he got started doing it and this is what he told me.

"Right after the second kid was born I was really strapped for dough. My
best buddy Marco was the guy I usually bitched to about everything so he
knew I needed money. He also ...
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