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82.ultimate gay story

ultimate gay story

Hope you liked my earlier story title long gay story

It’s based on a plot given by smarterboy my friend my lover.

Niketan was a very handsome, fair, bluish green-eyed tall smart young man of 19. People always complimented him on his looks and told him that he should go into modeling and films.
Niketan was always dreaming about getting into films and modeling and these compliments were adding wings to his dreams and when he was selected for Mr. College it was just adding fuel to his dreams. He joined a local gym and was soon pumping iron to get a great body too and soon he started getting in shape and all the girls were drooling over him and off course few gays too.
But he was too proud to get involved with any girl because he took them very inferior to him and gays he hated them.
He wanted to get into films and modeling but because he lived in a very small city he couldn’t find any way to get there. One day in newspaper he came to know that one top institute in Delhi was offering fashion designing course and he took it as an avenue to get into the world of his dreams and he started pestering his father who was a big business man in that area and had very high political approaches and because of both money and political approach and Niketan being only son he got him admitted in that college.
Niketan stepped out from his small city to enter the big bad Delhi. In the first i.e. introductory lecture all the professors came to class and the dean told all the new entrants,” if you have brains and art and are ready to do lots of hard work so there is not even a single reason why your face wont be in print media and electronic media. All you have to do is listen to the knocking of luck and open the door and indulge and world will be at your footsteps.”
Niketan took these words as the mantra to fulfill his dreams and started working very hard and attended every lecture and every practical
One day there was lot of jubilations in the college Niketan asked his fellow student about the occasion, and he came to know that top designers were coming to college and will see the works done by final year students and if anyone is up to mark or is liked by the designers he will join the designer as his apprentice and his life will be changed forever, and after getting through the course they will join the designers as assistants.
Niketan had never seen any designer face to face and just saw their pictures in magazines newspapers and TV. Niketan was thinking about how to meet the visitors and all of a sudden he heard his name being called on public address system and the announcer was asking him to report to office immediately, he rushed to office. and there was his professor Mr. Kapoor waiting for him. Niketan worshipped this professor, as he was very helpful and loving to him. He told Niketan that he had been appointed as an escort to Raj Bhasin the famous designer during the two days tour and he must make sure that Raj Bhasin doesn’t face any trouble during the stay. Niketan couldn’t believe his ears and then he jumped with the joy, he couldn’t ask for more.
He rushed to hostel to get dressed smartly and he applied a gallon of body spray and left for college.
There after waiting for sometime Raj Bhasin alighted from the car and he rushed to him and told him breathlessly,” Niketan sir I am Raj Bhasin and I will be your escort for the tour.” Raj Bhasin started laughing and said I didn’t know my name is Niketan and you are that famous designer Raj Bhasin also called as RB’’. Niketan blushed and said sorry sir I am Niketan and I am so excited to meet you and that’s why I jumbled the words. Raj said beautiful name but I will call you nick its small and sweet, does it suit you?
Niketan said yes sir as you like sir , Raj said no sir just RB this is my name for all my friends and my label and the world and you too will call me RB. Niketan said yes sir I mean RB sir I mean RB. RB burst out laughing and caressed his cheeks and said , “man I really like you, why you are wasting your life here come with me I will polish you and will make you top most model”. Niketan was speechless and his all dreams seemed to materializing.
He asked RB what he was supposed to do. RB said nothing much and asked him to come to his hotel room after the college affair. He took RB for college tour and there RB liked few works but not much and soon it was 5 pm and then it was time for designers to leave. They were put in a five star hotels for the night stay. Niketan escorted RB to his hotel and there were many press people from both print media to electronic media. They rushed to RB and asked him what was the find of the day, RB smiled and said wait for tonight and tomorrow evening I will show you the coming supermodel but before that I have to see if he is really star material or not. And after that he said no more questions and searched for Niketan and found him standing in far away corner of the lobby.
He signed Niketan to follow him to his room and Niketan followed him. Once inside the room RB told Niketan, nick man now the ball is in your court if you prove that you got star material tomorrow the press will be crazy for your pictures and you will be shot to skies immediately. Niketan said RB how can I prove that. RB said, ”go to bathroom and take a bubble bath in tub and soak for sometime so that you can rehydrate your skin and start glowing again. Once inside the bathroom
Niketan removed his cloths and filled the tub with water but as he was from a small city, he didn’t know how to how to make bubble bath, he was too shy to ask RB. And he was standing near the full bathtub thinking what to do, and then there was knock on the bathroom door, he wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the door and there was RB standing and smiling and asked him,” why you are still dry”, he said ,”RB I don’t know how to run a bubble bath,” RB laughed and said,” you should have asked me,” and then led Niketan to bath tub and added the bubbles shampoo to it and shake it with his hands till it was all foam and then asked him to immerse in it, Niketan removed the towel and started getting in the tub and RB started laughing again and told him man you wearing underwear, do you take bath with your underwear on and without waiting for his reaction started taking off his underwear, Niketan was shocked and was blushed because he was never bare in front of anyone before, he protested saying,” RB please don’t , but by then RB had removed the underwear to his knees and told him to shut up and let him do it and then made him threadbare and asked him to lie down in the tub, Niketan did whatever he was told to do.
RB asked Niketan to close his eyes and kept two cottonballs soaked in rosewater on his eyes and applied a generous coat of some fluid on his face and one gel in his hairs and left the bathroom and after twenty minutes he returned to bathroom and removed the face-pack and cotton balls and asked Niketan to step out of the pool and Niketan came out of the tub and then RB took him to shower and asked him to take a shower and then handed him a loofah with another fluid on it and asked him to scrub his whole body with it.
Niketan did all he was asked to do and then RB took him out in the room and after wiping him dry asked him to lie down on the bed and started applying another lotion on his body and when he reached to his lower abdomen he applied it on his penis too,
And Niketan was shocked and asked RB what he was doing but RB told him to keep quite asked him to let him do whatever he is doing. And soon Niketan was hard and then RB told him to stand in front of the mirror.
Niketan saw himself in the mirror and couldn’t believe his eyes , his skin was glowing and had taken a mysterious radiance.
Then RB came behind him and told him that only one step more he had to take and his stars of fortune will shine with a glitter that will leave the world dumbfounded. Niketan was not sure what to say but he gathered up his courage and asked RB what he was supposed to do now and RB told him by actions not words.
He removed his own cloths and told him that he had to have sex with him now and always.
It was bombshell, which landed straight on the head of Niketan.
He was crestfallen and shocked and didn’t know what to say and what to do and what to react. Niketan almost collapsed on the chair and held his head in his hands. RB pulled a chair near his chair and told him,” nick luck is knocking at your door, either let it enter or kick it in the balls. Life is yours. It is the price you have to pay. You don’t have time to ponder upon my proposal, its right now you have to decide. If you want to leave, you can but think about your dreams and you know that I am that lift which can straight take you to the top. So are you ready? Or want to leave? Niketan couldn’t speak. He wanted to get into modeling so bad and was making up his mind to pay the price, and was unable to quit, his ears were ringing with the dean’s words that opportunity had knocked at his door and would be fool if he misses it. RB took his face in his palms and lifted it and started kissing him on the lips, Niketan didn’t open his mouth but RB forcefully opened his lips by pushing own tongue in his mouth and then after kissing for sometime he started caressing him and his mouth roamed on nick’s hairless body, he kissed on the neck, collarbone, nipples and then again went to his lips, this time nick was getting aroused and he let RB’s tongue enter his mouth easily and after just few seconds RB grunted ,”if you are going to lie their like a bloody corpse then you can leave now. If you want to indulge you have to reciprocate, nick said RB I have never had any sex before and I don’t know what to do, and RB said okay I will teach you , take out your tongue and as Niketan took out the tongue RB started sucking his tongue and then RB took out his tongue and Niketan sucked it then there was tongue wrestle and in the mean time RB hands kept wandering and they reached to Niketan’s lower abdomen where RB was delighted to find a hard dick it was just 5 inches thin and slender and started jerking him slowly and the he told Niketan now I am going to suck your dick and see how I do it and then you have to do the same.’’ RB moved down to his dick and took a kiss of the purple bulbous head and Niketan jumped up as it was so titillating and then he took whole head in the mouth and then started expertly treating the virgin dick with a lavish suck.
Niketan tried to push RB but couldn’t and then he started enjoying the whole blow job and then RB moved around and his dick was hanging on Niketan’s face and then Niketan opened his mouth and let that thin and long dick enter his mouth, he went on doing the same what RB was doing to him. This thing went on for some time and he started sucking with gusto and pleasure tsunami was flooding the room and then Niketan felt that he was about to cum
He took out RB’s dick and told RB that he was about to cum. RB didn’t stop and went on sucking him and then Niketan came in RB’s mouth which RB kept on drinking till Niketan was all empty and dry and his dick shrank and became very sensitive. Then rb kissed him on his lips , Niketan was about to puke but tried to control himself, he tried to keep his mouth shut but RB held his head in his palms and forced open his lips and then Niketan found out that it was not bad taste at all. And then RB asked him
To bend over and ...
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