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Multimedia gallery

91.gary the scally 1

15 year old Gary Taylor had grown up on the tough inner city estate.
Gary was your typical scally lad into football but there was one
difference between Gary and the other lads on the estate Gary was gay.

Gary knew from the age of 13 when he saw one of his mates Sam in the
showers that he preferred boys. Gary secretly fancied Sam and had wanked
off regularly imagining Sam fucking him.

Gary was desperate to lose his virginity so he decided to check out a
park nearby where gay men hanged round. Gary knew that with his floppy
blonde hair and smooth body he would definitely attract some attention.
Gary knew that he would have to get one of his mates to cover for him
with his mum so he asked Sam lying to him that he was meeting a girl

Gary arrived at the park at about 8.30 and started to walk around he
was nervous and hid a few times when he saw men approaching.

24 yr. old Tony Marco is a black haired Italian lad with a well defined
hairy body and his best asset is his 8 inch cock. Tony is married but
he has a dark secret that is that he loves to trawl the park for hot gay

Tony arrived at the park at just after 9pm and started to walk around
soon he spotted a nervous looking Gary standing over by the lake. Gary
was wearing a tight pair of light blue trackies and a white t shirt
which showed off his hot six packed body perfectly.

Tony walked towards Gary and smiled. Tony took hold of Gary and started
to kiss him. Gary was taken aback as Tony lead him towards some nearby

Tony smiled and said to the nervous Gary "relax babes I’m not going to
hurt you i promise"

Gary just smiled.

Tony smiled back and looked into Gary's deep blue eyes and said 'Damn
you are a cutie how old are you?"

Gary thought shit and said 'umm i m 15 is that ok?"

Tony smiled and said "well not in the eyes of the law but as long as
you are ok with me having sex with you i m ok with it"

Gary smiled and said "ok then"

Tony lifted his tight blue t shirt over his head revealing his hairy
tight six packed body to a
watching Gary.

Tony then asked "What's you name boy?” and said "i m Tony by the way"

Gary smirked and said "Hi Tony i m Gary"

Tony laughed and said "well Gary what you want to do now"

Gary blushed and said "I don't know i‘ve never done this before"

Tony smiled and said "Ok well I tell you what why don't we start with
you taking you top off"

Gary smiled and immediately lifted his t shirt over his head showing
his perfect smooth chest to Tony.

Tony groaned "wow you are a hot one"

Tony took hold of Gary and started to kiss him passionately slowly
running his hand up and down Gary's hot smooth body. Tony was feeling
Gary's cute bubble ass through his tight trackies .Gary gave out a soft moan
as Tony ran his hand up and down.

Tony whispered to Gary” You are a right little hottie"

Gary blushed as Tony slowly pulled his trackies down to reveal his cute
bubble ass in its full glory. Tony then went down on his knees and
kissed Gary's ass cheeks one by one. Gary giggled as he felt Tony's hot
mouth kiss his cold pert ass. Tony slowly moves round the front and took
Gary's now throbbing cock into his hand. Tony started to run his tongue
up and down the cute lad’s throbbing shaft playing particular attention
to its big bulb type head.

Tony continue to lick and suck Gary’s throbbing uncut cock until
finally Gary gave out a huge groan as his cock exploded giving Tony a huge
load of the hot lads cum into his waiting mouth. Tony laughed and grabbed
hold of the hot lad and kissed him passionately. Tony then whispered to
Gary “I have to go but I would like to finish where we left off maybe
tomorrow same time ok”

Gary laughed and said “cool I’ll be here”

Tony smiled and stood up and left handing Gary a piece of paper with
his mobile number on it.

Well that is part one of Gary the Scally more to come including young
Gary sucking Tony’s big cock.

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