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Multimedia gallery

98.Joey&Davin 2003

Sorry Guys that I been so freaking sick and being in the hospital and all,I miss most of you 's i'll try to get on line more often now to post my stories and send you pics,I hope all of you are in fairly good shape hehe...
Naturally I'll get better...Oh yeh Davin babycakes I loves you and hope you get my MP3 Player soon I sent it to you b4 I went in Hospital on Feb.1st...Everyone Please take care and always strive in what you want....K read on guys...

Im sitting beside the window, looking at the snow falling down as I wait for you to come home from work. Thinking about you makes me all hot and horny. Oh I miss you and your huge cock in my mouth and up in my ass. I suddenly feel that all my blood is rushing down to my cock.
My cock is dying to see you and craving for you. I feel it push the front of my boxers.

I suddenly felt you wrapping your arms around my waist as you lay your head on my shoulder.

"Hey Davin Im home." Joe whispered.

I turned around and smiled as I met his hypnotizing hazel eyes. I slowly moved my lips his lips and planted passionate kisses all over him.

"I missed you Joe" I whispered back.

He moved his hands down to my backside and carried me to his bed, lying flat on my back. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt one by one as he took my shirt off and pulled my boxers. He layed me down on the bed with his hand behind my head. I felt his hot burning lean body against mine. Wow was all I can say. He was way too hot. He leaned
his lips against mine. I felt his tongue going inside my mouth as I do the same, a tongue fight.

I raised my hand slowly and started rubbing his smooth back. I felt his hand moving my shaft slowly up and down. "Ohhh!!!" I moaned out. I rubbed his smooth tight bubble ass. It feels wonderful kneading them with both of my hands. I felt his cock pushing against me and damn it was a huge 8 inch boner. He grabbed both of our cocks and moved his hand up and down our dicks. When Joe's cock is soft, it's big but when it's hard, man it's enormous.

I slowly sit up and I gently pushed him down on the bed. His cock was now in front of my face. "How wonderful is playing with God's most wonderful creation." I whispered to myself. His 8 inch long beautifully pink circumisized cock is just hypnotizing. I grabbed his cock with my hand, lifting it to stare in awe at it's length and width. I slid my fingers up and down the shaft slowly and he moaned gratefully. I couldnt resist the urge any longer. I moved in closer and placed my lips upon the tip of his cock, kissing it and flicking my tongue out to taste his warm precum. I began licking his member all over. It tasted so warm and meaty. I went back to the tip and tongued his pee slit before engulfing his whole cock. Joe moaned out loud. His voice echoed back and forth in the room. At that moment, I plunged my mouth down hard on his cock, feeling the feeling the warm skin slide deeply to the back of my throat. I gagged a little but I kept on working, sucking his cock, pleasuring him. I knew he was about to cum so he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

He laid me flat on my back again, raising my legs up in the air. Joe quickly dove in and started tonguing my little asshole. "Ohhh yesss" I groaned. He spread my legs and my ass wider to get my ass all lubed up for his cock. God it was a wonderful feeling when he's tongue fucking me. He quickly replaced his tongue with a finger. He inserted one finger, playing gently with my joyspot. He suddenly grabbed my cock and slowly moved up and down. He slid in two fingers by now, I moaned out louder this time and making me twitch with pleasure. He loosened my tight hole and I braced myself for what I knew what was coming next. And I felt it, his thick cock pressing against my
asshole, wanting to enter me. I groaned and moaned out as loud as I can. He slowly pushed his dick in my little hole inch by inch as I tried adjusting. He thrust it again, and plunged his cock head into me. I let out a soft moan, and then I squeezed my ass tight, and then released the pressure so the rest of him could pour in. Inch by inch,
his cock slid inside me. With every inch he thrust inside me, my hole stretched that much more. Finally, every inch of his cock was inside me. He put my legs on his shoulder and bent over to kiss my lips. He tongued my mouth as he fuck my little hole. Then he started to slide his massive cock out of me, and it felt like nothing I had felt
before. I closed my eyes and concentrating on his thick shaft and the pleasure it was giving me. His long powerful thrusts drove deep inside me, fast and hard, pounding my ass as hard as he could. His balls slapped my ass twice sometimes three times a second as his cock probed in and out.

"Love it Dav?" Joey asked, pounding hard as he can.

"Oh hell yeah," I said lustfully. He brought up the animal urges in me. He was fucking the brains out of me. "Oh god fuck me with your huge cock. Don't every stop fucking my lil slut hole. Ughhh god yes fuck me." I felt him fuck faster and faster, deeper and deeper. As deep as my ass would let him.

I was grunting and moaning at the same time now, his monster was now taking control all over me. His huge cock probed me as far as it could, pounding me hard, he was so strong. Joey reached for my cock, jerking my dick as fast as I can. I felt myself at the peak of pleasure. I tighten up my ass muscles, gripping tighly on Joey's cock. He kept on fucking me harder and deeper and never missed a beat
the whole time. Every thrust was more powerful than before. He thrust harder as though he wanted to release something inside him. I was ready to receive it. I felt his cock jerk, throb and twitch. He started moaning out harder and louder. And then I felt his cum gushing like a waterfall, pouring into me, giving me his seed. It felt so hot and warm inside me. I love having his juice inside my
tight hole. He fucked me harder and harder, making sure he squeezed every drop of it in my asshole. I felt myself twitching my cock throbbing. I felt myself squirting cum all over me and Joey. It was the most wonderful feeling ever. Gallons and gallons all over the both of us. We were covered in spunk. He slowly pulled his cock out of my asshole. His cock was slowly softening but it still remaining incredibly huge.

Joey laid beside me, pulling the blankets over the both of us. I put my head on his chest, listening to him breathing, listening to what his heart says. "I love you so much Dav" He said, smiling and closed his beautiful eyes. I whispered "I love you too Joey"
Joey wrapped his arms around me. I felt so safe and warm in his arms and we drifted off to sleep.The End!!

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