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Multimedia gallery experience

Hello friends
here I am again with one of my new gay sexperiences. So to begin
with let me introdue myself, I am 25 years guy from Orissa in India,
5.11 feet height, 62kg weight and fair complexion and very handsome
too. So i am basically straight in my sexual needs but i somehow
developped a taste for gay sex after few interesting interactions
with people online in yahoo chat and then i had the first
sexperience in my city that i had already posted in the Indian Free
Sexstories. net
this time i am going to tell you an unbelievable story but believe
me it's true to the best of my experience. so i am a voracious
chatter online and one day i came across a guy from bhubaneswar who
was very much interesting and looking at my prefile he simply fell
for me and wanted to meet me. We fixed date with terms that we would
meet like friends andonly if we both liked then we will go to bed
on the date he came to my chamber where I usually stayed alone. i
skipped my duty that day and we got talking and he told me that he
is bottom and preferred to suck cocks. then while talking i told him
that i can't hold my cum for long time so usually i cum very quickly
and so i always have quickies( A Quick session of sex). he said he
wanted to see my cock, and readily i opened my shorts and showed him
my prized possession. he looked for sometime and then held it in his
hands and then a current started to flow in my body. then slowly he
started to stroke me till i was fully erect an excited. my cock has
now grown from a small chink to a 8 inch long and thick wonder.
then he pushed me on bed and gave his mouths a taste of my cock and
then he slowly started to move inch by inch of the whole length of
my cock. I can't tell you the pleasure i had then. it was great. he
advised me not to move and not to be excited very much and then he
went on a licking spree of my cock.
after about 5 minutes he took the whole length of the cock in his
mouth and started sucking madly, and his tongue was doing amazing
work inside giving good licking to my cock. he was so amzing a
sucker that at everystroke of my cock in his mouth i would feel like
i m going to cum. then he gave very brisk and hard storkes and then
i said i can't anymore hold it and stopped him and removed my cock
from his mouth. but nothing happened as i expected, i did not cum.
then again he took my cock in and this time he gently did it and
allowed me to relax. the session has already been for almost two
hours and i have not had cum. and guess how happy i would have felt.
it increased my self confidence and i pushed him on bed and bending
over him i fucked him in his mouth and he gladly took my cock with
each stroke. i could not stroke anymore as i was feeling tired. then
he told me that he wanted to taste my cum, in fact he asked me to
cum in his mouth. that was more exciting then anything else and the
two hours wehad already spent making love seemed not so exciting
then that what i was having after he told me that he wanted me to
cum in his mouth.
i had nothing to worry neither do i need to remove my cock at every
feeling of cum, so i again asked him to begin the session, because i
wanted to cum in his mouth and also because it was getting late for
some work which i had planned this day. so he started to give head
for some more time and then he asked me to fuck in his ass. that was
something new for me and i obliged him with a NO, because i don't
like anal sex at all. but he insisted and then we slept on bed in a
69 manner and while he was at my penis i fingered his ass but that
was perhaps small for his ass so i managed to get a ruler which
after putting a condom on it and some body lotion was ready to do
the job and i pumped the rod in his ass and getting on doing this
job he was very satisfied while i was getting pleasure by his
tongue. he sucked me rapidly as i increased the movement of the rod
in his ass speedly. we did a wonderful session till he said he can't
anymore take that rod in his ass coz he was having some discomfort.
and he was also in hurry and so wanted me to cum ssoon so that we
can end the session.
then i stood up and asked him to kneel down before me and start
suckuing and then he did that and about a 10 minutes in to this i
came with a very huge jerk and all my cum went down his throat and
he took every drop of it in. then it was leaning time and he did
that job well too. after a full three hours of love making we
departed with a hope to meet again because we were busy that day and
as i had taken leave for a day i wanted to use it to make my day
more spicy and unknown to him i had already fixed date with another
guy, inthe afternoon. that story i will tell some other time.
for this time it is me saying good bye.

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