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109.Moving Day

Moving Day
Wilson had just broken up with his girlfriend, and Donny was helping him move into his new apartment. After a long day of lifting boxes and furniture, the men collapsed onto the couch with beer and pizza.

"Thanks for your help, man," Wilson said, leaning back and unbuttoning his pants to breathe more easily. "I ate too much damn pizza."

"Not a problem," Donny said. He followed suit, releasing the buttons on his jeans and sliding his hand into his pants. He rubbed his cock slowly, feeling it harden against his fingers. "So now that you're single, have you ever sucked a cock?"

Wilson looked at Donny strangely. "Well, no. But no one has ever made me an offer, either." He felt his cock stiffening in his pants as he stared at Donny's wiggling fingers and impressive bulge.

"Well," Donny said, standing and pulling down his pants, revealing a thick, dark, throbbing pole, "I'm offering." He stood in front of his friend, stroking his prick lightly making the head bulge when he squeezed on the shaft.

Wilson, who was now completely stiff, put down his beer and leaned forward. Donny moved his hand away and Wilson opened his mouth and sucked his friend's cock into his mouth. The shaft felt unbelievably hot in his mouth, with smooth skin. He inhaled, smelling the sweaty scent of Donny's cock and balls.

"Go on, suck it," Donny said impatiently. Wilson breathed through his nose and bobbed up and down on Donny's cock, trying to keep his jaw loose and his teeth away from his buddy's sensitive cock. "Yeah," Donny groaned, reaching down to pull his cock taut as Wilson sucked steadily.

Wilson could feel Donny's cock throbbing between his lips, and knew that he was getting ready to come. His own prick was aching and hard, and as he sucked, he reached down and stroked it. Soon Donny was grunting and breathing harder, until he gasped out loud and spurted his jism into Wilson's mouth. When Wilson tasted his buddy's warm semen, he shot his own load, white jets flying into the air and spattering onto Donny's thighs.

Donny pulled his prick out of Wilson's mouth and grinned at him. "Not bad," he said, fingering his cock. "Think you can take it up the ass?"

Wilson looked with astonishment at Donny's prick, which was just as hard as though he hadn't come a few minutes ago. He licked his lips, making sure he hadn't imagined the whole thing, but there was the distinct salty taste of cum, and his own load was dripping down Donny's hairy thighs.

"I've never done that either," Wilson said sheepishly.

"No time like the present," Donny said, and headed towards the bedroom, stripping off the rest of his clothes. They hadn't set the bed up yet, so Donny just tipped the mattress onto the floor. Wilson located some lube and Donny took it, greasing up his stiff cock as he watched Wilson undress. His cock was recovering quickly too, anticipating having Donny's dick in his asshole. He'd never thought of doing anything like this before, but it was definitely turning him on.

Wilson knelt on the bed, and Donny massaged his ass with lube, worming a finger into his tight anus. Having a finger deep in his asshole made his half-hard cock jump to attention, and Wilson moaned in pleasure. It was going to be even better having Donny's cock in there.

"Breathe," Donny said, placing his hands on Wilson's ass and pressing his prick against the tight hole. Wilson relaxed, his cock bouncing excitedly as Donny penetrated his ass. Soon the men were humping against each other. Donny reached around to jerk Wilson's prick as his cock fucked deeper and deeper into his friend's ass.

"That feels so damn hot," Donny groaned. His fingers, slick with lube, were flying up and down Wilson's hard cock. Since both men had come recently, they were able to keep going for a long time. Finally Wilson thrust forward into Donny's hand and let another load fly onto the sheets.

Donny followed Wilson, thrusting his prick back into his buddy's ass, and letting his cum pour out into Wilson's hot asshole. He kept stroking lightly as his cum slid down his shaft, dripping out of Wilson's ass.

"Well," Donny said when he finally pulled out. "I'm glad I helped you move."

"Me too," Wilson grinned over his shoulder at his friend. "It was worth it."

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