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amateur boys porn - Man Private Parts

110.My Bodyguard

It was my first day at the new school and I was scared. Gym class had several grades in it
and I wasn't used to such large classes. Everybody seemed bigger and stronger than me
and it was pretty intimidating. When class was over we had to share a big open shower
area with no privacy. I waited until most of the kids were done and then tried to hurry
through it. There was another boy in the showers who looked like he was probably a grade
or so higher than me, and he had the biggest penis I had ever seen. Well, not that I had
seen many but he was sure a lot bigger than I was, or anyone else I had imagined. It was
really thick and long and not even erect. He noticed me looking at him and I quickly looked
away, embarrassed.

After I got dressed and headed out of the gym I saw him waiting by the door. I looked
away and tried to edge by him, but he stopped me. "Meet me after school" he said, and I
must have looked scared because he laughed and said "It's nothing bad, don't worry."
There was only one more class before the last bell and then I was in front of the building
with a lot of people milling around looking for the kid from gym class. He walked up and
held out his hand. "I'm Pete, what's your name?" I told him I was John and he said "You're
new, aren't you?" I nodded. "Why don't you come over to my place. We can hang out a
little." I felt glad to have someone make friends with me so I said sure and off we went.
Pete's house was empty and he explained his mom usually didn't get home until 6 PM
because she worked. She was divorced. He showed me around and we got sodas and went
to his room. He took out some magazines and gave me one. They were girlie magazines
with models in stockings and underwear.

We stopped talking and flipped the pages and I felt excited and embarrassed at the same
time. "Once I start looking at these I can't stop until I jerk off" Pete said, unzipping himself
and reaching in his pants. "You can watch if you want" he added as he began to stroke
himself. I looked at him, feeling embarrassed and curious, too. He moved his hand slowly
and his penis thickened. The combination of girlie magazines and his unexpected nudity
felt weird and intoxicating and the same time. "You wanna touch it?" he asked suddenly,
and my face got red but I gulped and nodded. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone" he added. I
moved over to him and he said "Get on your knees and you can look at it, too." My heart
was in my throat as I knelt down and took his erection in my hand. He stood over me and
told me to pull on it a little, just slowly. "Yeahhhhh" he sighed as I stroked him, watching
the veins begin to swell and bulge. I loved the way he looked and felt, and as if reading my
mind he asked me if I wanted to put it in my mouth for a minute. By this time there was
nothing I wanted more, and my voice quavered as I said "Yes, please."

"I'll do it" he said, moving my hand away. "Let me rub it on you a little first." He took his
hard on and slid it over my face and I groaned, and he said "You really like it, don't you?"
and I said "God, yes" and I wondered what had happened to me that I was suddenly
worshipping a guy's hard cock and he told me to open my mouth and when I did he slid it
in and it felt so thick and warm and my tongue slid around the tip and then he pushed it in
further and "That feels real good" he said and "Don't suck it, just let me slide it in and out"
and I was breathing really hard and he said "When I come I want you to swallow, OK?" and I
went "MmmmMmmmpf" and he said "Soon, real soon" and I loved the way he felt and then
he said "OhYeahOhYeahOhhhhhhh" and there was a hot spurt and another and another
and I did swallow and he held my face and pumped into me over and over and over.

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