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118. My First Real Sex Experience

I was in X standard and as it is very common these days I joined a
coaching class for Science & Maths. After the School, everyday in the
afternoon for one hour, some 20 odd students go to Mr. Ejaz Inamdar
apartment for the classes. After the classes Mr. Inamdar used to
attend to students difficulties for another hour. Each day one or two
or three boys stayed back to get their difficulties solved. Once,
when I stayed back to solve my difficulty, I was all alone.
Incidentally our teacher Mr. Inamdar was also alone in the house as
his wife and small kid was away in another town.
Those days I used to wear quite short shorts. I was fair and
goodlooking, and had perfect proportionate and healthy body with
round buttocks and smooth thighs. On the whole quite attractive.
My teacher was 27/28 yrs at that time.He sat beside me on a sofa and
asked me to read out the difficult chapter. As I started reading, he
put his hand on my left thigh. Then after sometime I realized that he
was caressing my thigh, at the same time he moved his fingers to the
inner of my thighs and pressed gently. In fact I liked what he was
doing and immensely enjoying each of his advances. No sooner did his
intensions become clear to me, my penis got fully erected like steel.
When I finished reading, he asked me to read it again. As I started
reading again, he started moving his hand up an up. After that he
turned towards me and using his other hand pressed my hard erect
penis from over the shorts.As my heartbeats increased and breathing
intensified, he asked me " how you are feeling", I just smiled in
affirmation. Immediately, thereafter he took the book from my hand
and put it on the center table, then turned towards me and hugged me
and directly kissed me on my lips.
Then he got up and holding my hand said "come" and led me into his
bedroom. There on the bed he laid me down and again started kissing
on my lips. I was really enjoying each of the moments. He was
actually chewing my lips and inserting his tongue deep into my mouth.
At the same time he unzipped my shorts and one by one removed all of
my clothes. After that he removed his clothes. The moment I saw his
big hard erect penis I redily caught hold of it.
He continued kissing and chewing me all over while with his hands he
kept massaging and playing with my erect penis and tight balls.He
kissed my lips inserting his tongue deep inside, then to my cheeks
then throat then my breasts, he almost chewed my nipples and area
around nipples. From there he move down to my stomach and from there
to my naval and below further to the shaft of my penis. He kissed my
penis from its base to the tip. All this time I kept myself busy
with his erect penis and balls.
Then he put both his hands on my buttocks and took both my balls in
his mouth and after that whole of my penis was in his mouth. I was
feeling as if I was in heaven. I cant describe the feeling I was
having at that time. I was keeping myself busy massaging his erect
penis. This went on to quite some time and then I exploded in his
mouth. Couple of seconds latter he also ejaculated in my hands.
Both of us then went into the bathroom and got ourselves washed.
Coming back into the bedroom he again took me in his arms and
complained that while he took my whole penis in his mouth I did not
reciprocate it the same way. Kissing me again and again he asked why
I didn't take his penis in my mouth. He also asked me if I disliked
him. On this I spoke for the first time……."no Sir plz. Don't say
that, you are too good to me, and I'll remember this day for ever"
Upon this he again laid me on the bed and rolled me and then started
kissing my back and down ti waist and further down to my buttocks. He
in fact was gently biting my buttocks, from there he moved on to the
inner of my thighs, and again rolled me. I was again as hard as steel
and same was the case with him also. I caught hold of his erect penis
and started massaging up and down, when he asked me to take into my
mouth. I said "OK" and took whole of it into my mouth as deep as I
could do. And to my surprise I felt quite good. It tasted very nice.
To my surprise and joy he took a 69 position. Now both of us were
sucking each other. Again this went on for a bit longer period since
we were repeating the act. He was moaning loudly enhancing my
interest. After sometime he put both his hands at the back of my head
and held it tight so as to preventing me from moving away gushed
into my mouth . All of him went into my stomach, the my ejaculation
That was my first real sex experience which I still relish.

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