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bc - Man latest happenings

My life has been mostly alone and lonely. If it weren¡¦t for an
active imagination, I would have cracked up long ago. I have been
told that with my height, good looks, and wonderful personality no
one can understand why I don¡¦t have a boyfriend. But, that is the way
it has been. Mostly I have found myself with horny younger guys that
just want to be taken home for the night, or weekend. And that has
been very few and far between. But, finding what I truly want¡K.a
nice guy to share life with¡K.well, it just hasn¡¦t happened.
One night after work, I decided to go to a local bar and drown
away some of my sorrows. The reason I picked this one bar is
simple. There are lots of cute young sluts that go there, damn good
drinks that don¡¦t cost a lot of money, and they still allowed
That night I ran into an old ¡§trick¡¨ from ten years back. We got
caught up with who did who, and how things were going. I caught this
young twink out of the corner of my eye, and told my old friend ¡§I
could eat that ass until he said stop¡¨. With that, my friend invited
this guy over, and introduced me to his close friend. We ended up
going back to my place for the weekend, and continued seeing each
other as often as possible for the next few months. Jay would stop
by quite often. Since his money was tight too, I would sometimes
pick him up at his place. We had some really good times.
I am tall and in decent shape, and Jay is 24, and the cutest
twinky body I have ever seen in real life. Just don¡¦t tell him
that. He hates to be called a twink. ;) We had sex, and we made
luv. We spent time in bed, on the couch, floor, kitchen, and even in
the garage while working on each others cars. As time went on, I
found that I was having troubles getting an erection. Since I am
usually the top, and Jay the perfect bottom, this was an issue. It
got to be a problem for both of us. So much so, that Jay decided to
end the fun and was out to find someone that could fill his butt. I
was crushed. Here I was with two problems. The first was the
biggest. Why wasn¡¦t mister happy, happy? The other was here I was
finding myself alone again.
After a week of trying to make it through another day¡K.Jay showed
up at my house as usual. No warning, no call, no seeing if I was
doing anything. He just showed up! This time he brought a friend
with him. Here I was working around the house and I had two really
nice looking guys just show up.
Jay asked if I remembered him telling me about the time that he and
a friend went for a walk down a local bike path and they both got
sucked off by some guy they ran into. Of course I remembered With
that his friend asked what I thought about that? I said it sounded
hot. And would like to have been there. Jay¡¦s friend Jimmy asked if
I had something to drink, and I told him to make himself at home. I
prefer to have people just help themselves to what ever they want,
relax, and be themselves in my home. With that Jimmy asked what that
meant? I told him, ¡§simple, just do whatever helps you to enjoy¡¨.
Jay nodded and said, ¡§he¡¦s serious, just make yourself comfortable
and pretend your at home¡¨. With that, Jay and I fixed ourselves a
cocktail in the kitchen, and headed back to the living room to smoke
a bowl. As we passed by the bathroom, there was Jimmy pissing,
totally naked with a now growing boner. I had to stop and just
watch. Jimmy asked if there was a problem, and I immediately
said ¡§no, not at all¡¨. I am glad that you are comfortable and making
yourself at home.
Jimmy smiled, shook off the last few drops, and walked right
past me, and headed for the kitchen to make himself a cocktail. Jay
and I sat on the couch and started to get high. After a few hits, I
asked him what the deal was with Jimmy. Jay said that he thought I
just needed a little mix in the ¡§fun¡¨ to get me going again. And that
he was fine with Jimmy and I having some fun together. Apparently
they had set it up to have a fun afternoon. With that, Jimmy called
out from the kitchen and asked where the glasses and liquor was? I
went in to help him in his search.
After mixing up a nice Jack and Coke, Jimmy took a drink of his
cold beverage, and as he put the glass down on the counter, I gave
him a nice slow seductive kiss on the lips. Before he could say or
do anything, I grabbed his cock and balls in my big hands and started
to kiss him just under his chin. I then moved to his ear lobes, then
the side of his neck. By now this young man had an enormous hardon,
and was getting into the sensual luv making that I was giving him.
Jimmy was now forced back against the kitchen counter, naked, sportin
a nice boner, and getting his body tongued. His body and his moans
gave him away. I knew he was enjoying what I was doing to his
youthful, toned, and hairless body.
Jimmy reached over for his drink as I continued my mouth down his
chest. Sucking on his tight nipples and then his cut little belly-
button. He continued to drink his drink as I started to suck on his
hard cock. It bobbed up and down, as I ran my tongue on the
underside. He almost shot a load, as I caressed his balls with my
lips. After he finished his drink, I turned him around and raised
his right leg up on the kitchen counter and started in on his cute
tight butt. I kissed, chewed, made luv to his bunns with my mouth,
tongue, lips, hands¡Kwhile he moaned. The aroma of smoke came from
the front of the house, and I could hear the television was on, so I
wasn¡¦t too worried about if Jay was entertained or not.
I could not help myself any more, I plunged my tongue into
Jimmy¡¦s tight ass and tongue fucked him until I was ready. And man
was I ever ready. I was as hard as a teenager in heat. I shoved my
hard cock into the sweet ass and while I started out slowly¡Kit didn¡¦t
take long for me to realize that this guy could take it hard and
fast. Jimmy was facing the counter, and I was pounding away when Jay
came in and saw what we were doing. He said, ¡§do you mind¡¨? ¡§How
can I get a drink if you guys are in the way¡¨? We didn¡¦t stop or
move. So, Jay just reached around us for more Jack Daniels, then put
some more ice and Coke in his glass. We asked if he could freshen up
ours as well. Jimmy was half bent over the counter, with his hands
on the upper cabinets, getting pummeled by me, Jay was mixing up
drinks, and I was having the time of my life.
I slowed down my deep strokes and positioned my cock in Jimmy¡¦s
ass so that I was massagin his prostrate with the huge vein on the
underside of my cock. Jay just leaned back on the kitchen table and
watched me and his friend. As Jimmy was writhing in pleasure I
started to suck on his ear lobes, kiss his neck, and had my hands on
the tops of his shoulders moving my cock slowly but steadily in his
gorgeous butt.
Jimmy came! Never touching himself. Just the action of my cock
against his g-spot got him off. His load spewed all over the counter-
top and the wall behind it. Jay was grinning ear to ear seeing his
friend spread out over the counter top, spent and me still slowly and
luvingly still making luv to his neck, and my still hard cock moving
in and out of his ass.
We all went into the living room, and sat down to watch a DVD that
Jay had put in. It was one of his favorites that I had. Jimmy liked
it too. My dick was acting up again¡K.both Jay and Jimmy were still
sporting erections, but mine just wasn¡¦t doing anything but laying
there. Since I hadn¡¦t cum yet, and was watching some good porn with
two nice guys sitting next to me, I didn¡¦t get it¡K.why???
After watching a hot shower scene, Jay asked if I would fuck him
in the shower. He knew I like that. Jimmy wanted to watch, since
Jay had watched him get fucked. I was getting concerned since I
wanted to continue to have some fun, but Mr. Happy wasn¡¦t doing his
share. We figured maybe he needed a little time to recoop after the
kitchen fun, but I knew it was something else. What, I didn¡¦t know
just yet.
We smoked another couple bowls, and finished our drinks. Then we
went to the shower in the basement, since it had a lot more room than
the one upstairs. What I didn¡¦t know, was that Jimmy spotted my
digital camera, and started to take some pictures of Jay and I.
After a few minutes in the shower, I started to get hard again. I
didn¡¦t get it. What is up with this? Why was I having troubles
getting hard sometimes, and then get rock hard other times? I gave
up trying to figure it all out, and just got into the fact that I had
two hot young guys in my house and having a great time.
Since I figured that this would probably be the last time I saw
Jay, due to my not being able to get hard, and he luv¡¦d to get
fucked, that I was going to have as much fun as I could. The water
got hot, the way Jay liked it. The steam started to fill the room.
I noticed that Jimmy was already taking pictures, as the flash from
the camera gave him away. I was surprised that Jay didn¡¦t say
anything, since it was hard to get him to let me take any pics at all
in the past. As the water hit our bodies, Jay was hard as a rock
with his cute dick sticking straight out from his hairless balls. I
was making luv to his body the way I like too¡K.kissing, mouthing,
tonguing, all over his chest, his ears, his neck¡Kand he was luving it
like he always did in the past. After I got him turned around so
that he was facing the wall, he begged with a soft voice for me to
chew on his butt. I knew what he wanted¡KJay luv¡¦d to have his butt
cheeks chewed on, mauled by my big hands, and he just luv¡¦d the way
that I ate his ass out. Water ran down both our bodies, Jimmy was
still taking pictures, and my cock was hard enough to split wood.
I stood behind Jay and hugged him. My arms ...

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