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Multimedia gallery story 5

Tommy wiped his ass again, looked at the paper, and decided he was clean enough. But as he started to rise from the toilet, he faultered and caught himself.
"Are you alright Tommy? That must have taken alot out of you". I began to smile, then burst out laughing at the unintended pun. Tommy looked puzzled for just a moment, then caught on and began to laugh too.
"No Shit"!, he said, then began to laugh harder at his own innocent foible.
The super-industrial enema I had administered to Tommy really had done its job. But it left him weak. As he leaned on the rim of the toilet seat to lift himself, he fell. I was about 5 feet away, but raced to his side. I caught him just as he was about to hit the tile. I placed an arm around his back and another under his knees and scooped him up like a lifeguard with a drowning victim. As I carried him to the exam table, he placed his head against my chest and totally gave in to me.
The heat in the room, I'm sure, contributed to his new vulnerable state. Whatever the reason, I was going to capitalize on it.
I placed Tommy on the table and checked his pulse. He was going to be fine. I had put him through alot so far that afternoon, and it wasn't anywhere near being over yet.
"Are you alright Tommy", I asked again. I offered him a drink of water, and he drank like a condemned man. I held the bottle to his mouth and he put his hand over mine to steady the flow. Eventually, he was steady enough to hold the bottle himself, and leaned up on his elbows.
"Yeah, I'm good". He said. "Just a little sore". I'm sure that was an understatement. The enema must have been tortuous to him. I couldn't wait to see his butthole. I wanted to see the damage I had caused.
"Good Tommy". "You're very strong", I said.
"If you're OK, then it's time to start the prostate exam".
Tommy nodded, and I took the bottle away from him. I asked him to scoot down on the table again, and placed his calves in the stirrups. As I did, I couldn't help smelling his feet. I wanted to lick them. Suck his toes and use his feet to masturbate. But that would have to wait for another time. After Tommy was mine. For now, I was going to concentrate on getting him to that point.
"Tommy, I'm going to start by massaging your anus like I did before". "Nothing to worry about, just try to relax. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be".
I sat down on the stool at the end of the exam table and saw Tommy's exposed asshole for the first time since the enema. What once was innocent pink was now scarlet red. His hole was red and raw. It hadn't opened any more than before. It was still small and difficult to open, but the edges had swelled. His sphyncter was red and protruded. I squirted some KY on my thumb and index finger and rubbed them together to warm the lubricant. I then began to rub my thumb against his hole. Gently at first. No intrusion, just rubbing. Tommy had already grabbed his balls to hold them out of my way, like I had asked before. Such a good boy.
As I massaged, I began to stick the tip of my thumb into his hole slowly. Very gently. As I did, I continued to massage with my other fingers. Tommy let out s small moan as I entered past his sphyncter with my whole thumb. I continued to rub and massage, as I moved my thumb around inside him. I looked past Tommy's strong thighs and saw his face. He was gritting his teeth, and still had his eyes closed. I manipulated my index finger in with my thumb, and began to rub them together, inside him. While my thumb and finger did their work, I continued to rub and massage his hole with the remaining fingers of my hand. Time to move in the next finger, and Tommy once again let out a noise. This wasn't quite a moan, just a whimper. I was reduced to using the one hand because I had used the opportunity of having my waist out of eyesight from Tommy to unzip my pants for the first time and release my cock.
I was so wet with cum and sweat that my hand was instantly sticky when I touched myself. It felt so good to grasp my cock and apply a little pressure. I had been teased all afternoon, I needed to cum or go insane. As I pushed the fourth finger into Tommy's hole, I stroked myself. As I stroked faster, I also pushed my little finger in, making the fuck complete. As I stroked, I thrust into Tommy faster and harder. Tommy began to moan like a whore as I fucked him using my entire fist.
"OH, OH, OH, OH!!" with every push. It was hard to tell if he was in agony or enjoying himself. But I didn't care. His toes curled and then pointed. Then spread completely apart at my face level. I continued to push into him as he moved his hips downward to meet my thrusts.
"OH, OH, OH, OH SHIT!!!" he yelled. I had cleared my knuckles and now had my entire hand inside him up to the wrist.

End of Part V

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