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38.A Turkish Experience

A Turkish Experience

My holiday was not going well. The prick, my `boyfriend'
kicked off at every opportunity, and I was sick of it. One
morning when he was being particularly obnoxious, I finally
got tired of it, and stormed out of the hotel. As I paced
the streets of the Turkish town, working off my anger, a
boy approached me,
"Come to Turkish bath house, Sir, authentic experience,
very nice, come sir, this way"
I allowed myself to be led by the boy, down a narrow alley,
and through a low archway. I found myself in a stone
courtyard, the boy had disappeared back to his hustling. I
was approached by a man, he beckoned me,
"This way sir, you want steam room, or full bath?" I was
"Full bath" I decided, what the hell, I was on holiday.

The man led me into the ancient, stone building, he
requested payment in advance, and gave me a soft, cotton
robe, then opened a door and ushered me through. I found
myself in a corridor, with a row of cubicles. I entered
one, and shed my clothes, debating briefly when I came to
my underwear, then shrugged, and removed my tight boxer
briefs. I paused briefly to look myself over; although we
had only been on holiday a couple of days, my skin was
already tanning, I always tan easily, despite my blonde
hair, my chest bulged in all the right places, I had been
working out before we came away, and had finally achieved
my desired six pack stomach, As I looked down at my body I
smiled at what I saw, the work had paid off. I wrapped the
robe about my frame and exited the cubicle.

I found a large man waiting for me, he was dressed only in
a towel wrapped around his waist. Although I am well built,
and at 6'1", not small, this man towered over me, not so
much in height as in bulk. His arms and chest were huge,
not the bulk of the gym, but pure, solid muscle. His face
was calm and expressionless, his dark eyes, focused
somewhere over my left shoulder, were large and liquid,
giving his face a gentle, kindly appearance. I had only
the opportunity for this brief inspection, before he
turned, and opened a door, he led me through a maze of
winding stone corridors, then suddenly stopped, and opened
a small door, leading me through an ante-chamber, he opened
another door and ushered me through. As I looked around at
my new surroundings, I felt his hands on my waist, as I
looked down, I had time only to register that he had
untied the belt of my robe before I felt his hands move to
my shoulders, and slip the robe from my body.

I heard the door close with a hollow echo, I turned, but
the man was gone. I was alone. I looked around the small
room, it was octagonal, and quite small, perhaps 12' in
diameter, the walls rose, up and up, to a domed roof high
above me. The roof was painted deep azure blue, and had
pin-prick holes through which the strong Turkish sun
streamed. The effect was startlingly beautiful. I began to
realise that the room was rather hot, sweat was beginning
to form on my head and back, so I sat on one of the marble
benches which surrounded the room on every side, except for
the wall with the door. Instead of the cold I was bracing
myself for, the bench was warm, even hot, I lay back and
enjoyed the heat. After a time, I heard a whooshing noise,
and saw from a vent above my head a blast of steam enter
the room. I breathed deep, and allowed my body to relax on
the stone bench. My mind went blank, and the troubles of
the past few weeks melted away.

A noise interrupted my trance, then a blast of cold air. My
man stood before me, a mountain of impassive bulk. He held
out my robe, and I took it from him. He led me silently
from the steam room, into the ante-chamber. This room was
square, with pipes and basins attached to the walls, and a
large, marble block in the centre of the room, bed sized,
and table height. The masseur patted the table, I was
unsure what he wanted, but approached the table, he patted
it again, does he want me to sit on it? I did so, and was
rewarded with a curt nod. The giant then gently pushed me
down on the table, and arranged me face down, next, I felt
him strip my robe from me.

I lay, naked on the slab, as I wondered what was about to
happen, I felt an excitement stir in my loins. Then I felt
his strong hands on me, he briskly rubbed up and down my
entire body, I felt the slippery moistness of the soap, as
he spread it across my skin. Then I felt a sharp slap, I
turned my head to see my masseur wielding a large piece of
fabric, rather like a pillow case, he brought the cloth
down onto my back, foam flew. The sensation was
surprisingly pleasant, the wet fabric slapping onto my skin
made me tingle and the slight sting excited me. I watched
as he worked down my torso, the muscles in his tree trunk
arms flexed and rippled as he worked, I closed my eyes and
enjoyed. As his ministrations continued down to my ass, I
felt my cock harden, trapped beneath my body it felt
confined, I shifted a little to ease the constraint on my
dick. Noticing my discomfort, my masseur turned me over,
onto my back.

I tried to catch his eye, wondering what he must think of
the 8 inches of hard cock staring him in the face. His face
remained impassive, if he thought anything of my erection
he was not revealing it. Perhaps this happens all the time,
maybe a boner is a normal reaction to this sort of
treatment. The giant continued to work with his pillow
case, slapping my stomach, and legs, but avoiding my
straining cock. I relaxed, allowing him to have his way
with me. From this angle I could study the man, the
movement of his arms, and the muscles of his chest. His
nipples were small and dark brown, surrounded by a light
dusting of hair, the rest of his chest was smooth, except
for a fine treasure trail of hair leading down from his
navel, abruptly cut off by the towel wrapped around his
waist. I studied his face again, he looked neither old nor
young, buy I guessed he was in his mid or late 30s. His
olive skin was smooth and shone with sweat, I watched,
fascinated as a droplet rolled down his neck, crossing his
bulging pec, and wended its way down his flat, hard

He suddenly stopped my delicious torture with the pillow
case, I wondered what was coming next. I was not kept
waiting long. My masseur applied a scratchy sponge to my
chest, and began to rub briskly in circles all round my
torso, and upper arms, I yelped with surprise at the sudden
stimulation, he quickly moved down my body, working on my
legs, he then slapped my hip gently, indicating he wanted
me to turn over. I obliged, my cock had deflated from the
harsh exfoliation I was receiving, my body tingled all over
from the stimulation of the sponge. When he was done
scrubbing me, he bathed my body with warm water, rinsing
the soap from my body.

I heard him slapping his hands together, and settled back
to await my next treatment. I breathed deeply as a scent of
lemons filled the air. My man's hands settled on my tender
back, he turned me over, and began working the lemon oil
into my right arm, starting at the fingertips he began a
slow, sensuous massage, covering every part of my body, by
the time he reached my legs, I was hard as a rock, and
humming with pleasure, again he revealed no reaction to my
straining cock, merely working round it, not once did he
touch it, not even accidentally. He turned me over again,
and began working on my back. This was where his massive
arms came into play, he firmly kneaded the knots from my
stiff muscles, I was astonished at how much tension there
was in my shoulders. My cock was aching now it was so
stiff, a situation which was not helped as my man moved
down to knead my buttocks. As his firm hands caressed my
ass cheeks, I felt his fingers work deeper into my crack
with every stroke. Try as I might, I could not restrain
myself from pushing up to meet his probing fingers, rather
than withdraw at the obvious sexual pleasure I was
receiving, he pushed his fingers deeper into my crack,
stroking my pucker. I gasped, as his strong, meaty finger
pushed determinedly at my hole. I groaned out loud, willing
him to delve further, I was rewarded as his finger slid
into my ass. He paused a moment, and then began to explore,
stroking the walls of my tunnel, I was crying out now, and
wiggling my butt to increase the sensation I was feeling.
His finger probed, around, then he found my prostate. I saw
stars and yelled for more. When I came down he had pulled
me off the table. I was stood before it, with my legs
spread, and two of the masseur's big fingers in my ass. I
began to wonder what his cock would be like. Would it be as
big as the rest of him? Circumcised? I tried to turn, I
wanted to see him, to kiss him, I wanted to see the desire
in his eyes, and for him to see mine. But he restrained me,
holding me firmly he bent me forward over the table. His
hands rested on my butt, and he pulled my cheeks apart. I
felt his cock head nudging at my entrance, as he rubbed
against my hole with his cock, his hands were on my back,
massaging the oil into my body in long strokes. He reached
round my chest and began to stimulate my nipple, I moaned
in lust, pushing my eager ass back, inviting my invader in.
He took my cue, and began to push his meat into me. I
gasped as I felt a sharp pain, he stopped, holding still as
I adjusted to the fullness. I pushed back, signalling my
readiness, he began to move.

The Turk grasped my hips firmly and began a slow, steady
rhythm, I was soon overwhelmed by the sensations radiating
out of my ass, moaning and thrusting myself back to meet
his thrusts. His fucking increased in tempo, and I gripped
the slippery marble bench to hold myself steady. I tried to
move my arm, to stoke my cock, but immediately slipped
down, my masseur took my arms firmly and pushed me down,
spread on the table, he took my shaft in one hand, and held
me still with the other. He then proceeded to give it to
me, hard. He jacked my cock with his large, strong hands,
and fucked my ass with his large, hard cock. I was moaning
incoherently, feeling his meat thrusting in my hot tunnel,
his hand on my shaft jerking in the same rhythm. I could
feel my orgasm building within me, I clamped down with my
ass muscles, milking him, I wanted to make him cum, to feel
his hot jizz spurt inside my ass. As I massaged ...

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