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77.U.S.Marine Cum

Being a PFC in the Marine corps isn't easy. Everyone else is higher
rank, and they think that because they are, that they're all that. I
didn't join the corps to be a rank queen, sorta like being a size queen a
suppose. PFC's are usually the "slaves" of the corps. the ones at the
bottom. Working parties, shit details, name is, PFC's are a
part of it.

One good advantage about being a hot fresh "boot" in the corps is
that I get to be around so many hot young boys 18, 19, 20 and 21 like
myself. All hot, American boys, from all parts of the country. Beefy
boys, former high school football stars, now just another PFC in the
corps. It's amazing to see these hot studs, the ones like myself in may
respects, who thought they were all that in school, but when it cums to
the corps, they realize just how small and relatively insignificant they
really are.

One thing I'm sure all you civilians are thinking is "what's it like
in the showers"? Well, let me tell you......

88 hot young Marines, all dirty, in need of a shower, from a hot day
in the sun. The rifle range, or the confidence course, or just another PT
session. All hot and sweaty. One looks at me with a smile, and that my
signal. He's mine. I go over to him, and in the middle of my lustful
frenzy, I begin to grope him. He does the same to me. We kiss.

His hot young Marine boy mouth, feels so good, to have his tongue
inside my oral cavity, we kiss passionately while all the others watch in
Amazement, and before you know it, an orgy is in the beginning stages.

As I continue to tongue him, I feel hands on my legs, cock, back,
and head. Groping at us, wanting to become a part of our lust. Others
begin to copy us, and so on and so forth. I pull away from his gorgeous
head, and with a little aggression, shove him down to my cock. I slide
all 8 inches into him, causing him to whimper as I pound my prick into
his head. I slam home several times, watching with pure raw lust as his
whimpers get louder, but become increasingly inaudible due t the other
boys around me moaning and groaning like nothin' you've ever seen

All I can concentrate on now is the "young gut" before me. All new to the corps, like me.
All we know is cock, and how to suck it. Getting closer and closer to orgasm, I pull out of his head and tell him to turn around, and I aim my cock at his ass, when suddenly, I'm gotten from behind, outta nowhere, this hot studly Marine penetrates me, and taking a moment to feel him ride me, I gather my concentration back, to fulfill the mission at hand, which is to fuck the Marine in front of me. I finger his hole a bit, getting' it all smooth and lubed. Then, the moment comes when I enter him. Still being gotten from behind, I try my hardest, to pound the young gut before me. I slam him, and I feel his ass clenching onto my invading piece of meat. Intensity rises to an all time high, and I can't control myself any longer.
Feeling the big boy cock saw in and out of me, and feeling my cock doing the same to the piece of flesh in front of me, I take moments to ride the sensation, the burning, raw, lustful, "fuck me" sensation that is ripping my insides apart. My prostate seems to go out of control, and the feelings are intense, Wanting to be fucked forever like this, and to fuck the gut of the yong PFC, how much more physical ecstasy could one ask for? Feeling my creeping load cumming to the top, I let lose, with a grunt, and spray the insides of the hot piece of fuck meat starring back at me his head pressed up against the wall, and still feeling big boys cock from behind, I allow my body to momentarily collapse onto the young boy with my hot fresh fuck juice inside of him. All of a sudden, big boy lets lose with his hot manly spray of Marine cum, jetting it's way through my guts.
I love it, it's so nice, and hot. Cum, water, sweat, and manly meat all around me, I'm surprised Gunny hadn't cum in the shower yet. But he probably knows what's going on anyways, so, he knows not to interrupt the hot PFC fuck orgy going on in the showers.

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