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103.Blow Me

"Blow me" he said. Conway replied "OK".
The guys looked at Conway his face confused, "What?"
"I said OK" Conway said feeling his cock start to expand. The time had
just come and he was ready for it.
Matt was a bigger guy, his tank top didn't hide his defined chest, round
nipples or cut abs. He was a hot guy to be sure. And the sweat generated
by the groups laps made him look even sexier.
"Get away from me faggot" Matt tried to recover his usual bully status in
the group.
"No, you said blow me and I said OK, so what will it be, just empty talk
or something more" Conway was standing up to the guy in a very unusual
The group around them watched now quiet, waiting to see Matt do his usual
dominating thing.
"In front of these guys?" Matt tested the younger boy.
"Sure why not, they all got cocks too" Conway said. His eyes darted
between Matt's face and his crotch. They all wore shorts and jockstraps
of course but Matt's bulge stood out.
Conway had seen him naked of course, the locker room was the place where
few secrets were kept.
"OK wise ass, let's go over there, so nobody up there will see us?" Matt
referred to the highway above the track. Nearby was a little group of
rocks where anyone would be hidden from the view of passersby. Conway
knew the spot well. That was where he had his first mutual jack off
encounter years ago.
"Fine" Conway said and began to follow Matt who hesitated but then walked
to the spot. Around them were eight of their teammates. There were
whispers and comments but none of them participated in the confrontation
between Matt and Conway.
They rarely did anything but watch Matt and who ever he was bullying.
Those situations usually ended in arguments, curses and the victim
walking away. Once or twice there were punches, but Matt usually gave
those and one or two would end the confrontation. Today was different.
"OK wise ass put your mouth where you're..... get ready kid" Matt said
realizing he had screwed up his clever use of an old phrase.
Conway "Pull it out...let's see if you're as big as your mouth" he
succeeded where Matt had failed.
Matt pulled his shorts and jock down letting his sizable meat pop
forward. Since it was growing, it appeared larger then normal. Conway
stared at the thing. He could hear some comments from the others.
"Get busy fag, or are you just wimp like these guys" Matt said.
Conway knelt and put the tip in his mouth. He heard Matt inhale deeply as
his mouth's warmth affected him. Others too were muttering.
He was one of the guys always even in high school. Dating, sports, school
work, getting into trouble on the weekends..and that continued into
College. Many of the same guys he went to high school with were there
Saturdays found them running and training on their own, a pact they made
to help each other do better on the track team. But like any group there
were different personalities, agendas and problems. Matt was the big
brawny strong type, the rest were more runner types who went along with
what ever the coach, Matt or someone else said.
Conway was one of those, a slim runner who won races now and then lke
everyone else.He didn't really excel but was pretty well liked by all.
He was never known to speak up in a crisis or let himself be in a
confrontation, until today.
And most of all, nobody knew he was gay. He knew for years. But it
wasn't until the summer after graduation that Conway had sex with other
guys. Oh there was that time fooling around whith his cousin or the
teenage mutual jack off sessions, but that summer he met two guys on the
beach and not only had sex but had every type of sex he or they could
think of. It was a hell of a summer.
They went back to whatever city or college they came from and Conway
continued his life in the fall, looking at his classmates in a new way.
Sometimes they would look back and he knew a connection had been made.
Now two years later he had said openly to his teammates he sucked cock.
"Shit, that's good" Matt couldn't control himself, the pleasure was
great. And as Conway licked, nibbled and sucked Matt peeled off his tank
top and pinched his own nipples. The on looking guys stared in silence.
Their cocks grew and eventually one or two were rubbing themselves
through their shorts.
Out of the corner of his eye Conway saw two guys, Dave and Sheldon
touching each other's thighs. The next time he was them being more brave
with each other's hands down their shorts and reacting to the pleasure.
"Go ahead jack off on him, he's a fag" Matt said.
Conway looked and saw next to his left side someone jacking their cock
aiming at him. No, he didn't care, in face he loved the feelign of
someones warm juices spraying his face.
Conway pulled his own tee shirt off, doing it so fast Matt didn't miss
his mouth.
"Oh shit," Matt said. Conway knew it was a warning and he pulled back
just in time to see the streams of sperm shoot directly at him. He closed
his eyes and felt the cum hit his forehead, nose, lips and chest.
When Conway wiped his eyes with his tee shirt and opened them Matt was
staring at him. There was a brief moment and Matt winked, turned and
"So how was it?" someone asked.
"Fuck you know a blow job is a blow job" He said then added "but that was
a really good one, thanks kid" Matt said and continued to walk away. A
few guys went with him. Others stayed behind.
Conway realized Matt had said "thanks" and that meant there would
probably be another time, hopefully in private and perhaps more then just
a blowjob.
"Are you ok?" another teammate asked Conway as he wiped his body with his
tee shirt.
"Yea" He sat on the rock. "OK who's next?"
By the time they had returned to the locker room Matt and the teammates
who went with him were gone. The four remaining lathered in the steam
filled shower and soon were gropping and jacking each other.
"Quite a day huh" David said to Conway as he drove the group to their
various homes.
"Yea quite a day" Conway still waited for someone to say something about
him being gay.
"Hey why don't you come over tonight, records, bullshitting, tv you know
that kind of thing." David said.
Conway had a date he knew and that was enough to know about David. David
already knew about him, thanks to Matt.

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