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106.The Greatest Night of My Military Life

I'm in the military and can't find too many men that will
along. So I started searching for men in my area through the
internet. I happened on one fellow that was also in the military
and we talked in Messenger for about an hour. We talked about our
fantasies, what we like and don't like and what we wanted to do
one another. We decided that we should meat, so we set a time for
later that night and logged off. I was so excited about having sex
with a man after a year and a half break between sex partners that I
could hardly contain myself. I decided to make sure everything was
going to be as perfect as I could make it. I bought some candles, a
bottle of wine and warming k-y jelly.

When I got back to my room, I got in the shower, shaved my cock,
asshole and various other parts. By the time I was out of the
shower, my cock was hurting it was so hard! I lit the candles and
made sure my room was all clean, then waited for my man lover to
show up. About an half hour later, just as he promised, he pulled
into the parking lot. I watched as he got out and strolled across
the lot like a prince in shining armor. He was one of the most
beautiful men I had ever seen. He stood about 5'6", goldish
hair, he had a slim, muscular swimmer's build and very nice
on. His jeans were tight on his ass and moved with his muscles as
he strode my way. His lips were the perfect shape of a heart and he
had the most dashing green eyes I have seen, even to this day.

Since I was on the second floor, it took him a minute to get to my
room. I could hear his footsteps coming down the hall and the
closer he got, the more turned on I was. When his had knocked on my
door, surprising as it was, it startled me and I could hardly catch
my breath. As I opened the door, he stood there, bathed in the
lights behind him like an Angel who has come to save me from
drowning in a sea of loneliness. He came inside and I closed the
door behind him. I took his coat, and without warning, he caught me
up in his arms, pulled me close and our lips met for the first and
most glorious time. He lips were sweet, like honey on a dew melon,
his breath was hot and smelled of alcohol and clove cigarettes. As
our mouths met, his tongue, ever so gently met mine and we explored
one another for what seemed and ageless time. As he was kissing me,
his hand started to caress, first, my neck, then it moved down my
back and warmly, strongly grasped my ass cheek. There his hand
rested and lovingly, stroked and kneeded me.

Our kiss was soon released and I offered him some wine. He took the
glass and we toasted to our new friendship. After we had four
glasses of wine, some great conversation, filled with small talk
and "getting to know you" chatter, there was this hidden,
message of lust and wanting that we both sensed. We stood up and
started undressing one another. I moved in close and started French
kissing my lover. While doing this, my hands moved down to his
waist and started undoing his belt. I then moved to his jeans,
which to my delight, we button-down. After the last button, I
slowly, lovingly moved my hands around to his ass and started
pushing them down, very slowly. As I did this, his breath seemed to
speed up and I could feel his heart pounding faster. It was then
that I noticed he was not wearing underwear. I was so incredibly
turned out by him, I could hardly think. My hands fell across his
strong, muscular ass and I just kept pushing his jeans down. I
moved my hands along his thighs, down to his calves and ended at his
ankles. As I did this, his beautiful, seven inch cock was staring
me right in the face.
I wanted to tease him a little, so I just breathed my hot breath on
his balls and felt his whole body shiver. I moved my hands up the
inside of his thighs and the closer I got to his most holy of sexual
temptations, the more he got excited. Before I knew it, his cock
was rock hard and pointing straight to me. As my hands met his
balls, I moved my fingers around this his asshole and started
teasing his sphincter. I slowly started licking his balls and
playing with his shaft. Being very cautious not to touch the head
of his cock just yet. I wanted to tease my lover first and get him
all hot and bothered, just like I was. I ran my tongue up his
shaft, then back down and took, first one, then the other ball into
my mouth and swirled it around just like the sex candy it was. By
this time, he was going crazy and begging me to take his hot cock
into my mouth. So I did what I was asked to do. I started by
licking his cock around the head as if it were a lollipop and I
wanted to taste his sweetness before gobbling the whole thing down.
As I did this, his hips started to move around in slow circles. I
moved my mouth further onto his cock and slowly, gently let it slide
deep into my mouth. I could feel his heart beating through his cock
right onto my tongue. I pushed him in until I could feel my nose in
his pubic hair, then I felt something truly glorious. His cock had
rested against the back of my throat. Much to my amazement, I
wasn't gagging, but wanting more of him. I pressed him in
until I finally did gag on his manhood. I started moving my mouth
back and forth, paying close attention to keeping my teeth off his
cock, in which he kept telling me that I felt like a man pussy on
him and he was going crazy! I was so excited I thought I would blow
my jism right there.

I continued to suck him until he started yelling that he was going
to shoot his load. I asked him to let me know so I could do
something nice for him. Just before he blew his wad, I stopped
sucking his cock and got the lube out. I rubbed some on his cock,
then I moved over to the bed and laid down on my back. He came over
to me, held my ankles up in the air, and I felt his hot, loving cock
rest against my asshole. He started to slide it against me, and at
first, it was hurting. I asked him to keep going and he pushed
harder. There was a slight delay between the time I felt my hole
open until the time that I could feel him inside me. It was like my
asshole was on fire and in ecstasy all at the same time. He moved
slowly into me, I felt him almost pop in and I asked him to rest
there for just a minute. When I was used to him, he started moving
back and forth, very slowly at first, then he moved up his pace and
I could feel all seven inches of him fucking me. I was having the
most sensational feelings at this new experience for me. I got the
hot flashes and cold sweats, one right after the other. I could
feel his love meat sliding along the inside of my asshole and it was
the most sensational thing I've ever felt. He then started going
faster and faster, until I could feel his balls beating against my
ass and the whole bed was rocking with us. After about five
minutes, he started shaking and I sensed that he was about to shoot
his hot cum right inside me. I begged him not to stop, just keep
going and shoot that hot love juice right inside me. All of a
sudden, his body jerked, he grabbed my hips and I could hear his
breath almost stop as he shot his cum deep into my ass! It felt so
good, that at the same time, my cock just exploded onto my stomach,
chest and neck! I couldn't believe what I was feeling.

After that, he lay down next to me, panting, breathing heavy and
sweating profusely. I pulled him close and held him in my arms.
Our lips met again for a very warm, soothing and loving kiss. Our
tongues collided and kissed passionately for five or so minutes. I
then took him into my shower and we kissed some more. I moved down
to his cock and washed it so gently that it got hard all over
again. So I took it into my mouth and started letting him fuck my
mouth pussy again. Before I knew it, he was blowing another load
down my throat. After that, we dried off, shared some more wine and
made our plans for the next meeting. Soon after, we were both
deployed to other countries and I haven't been able to make
with him since. I do know one thing, I will never forget that
incredible night of forbidden sex! Those were the finest hours of
my life in support of this great country!!

I love you all, Bald Short Guy

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