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113. The Corner Store Action

The convenience store near where I live out in the country is owned by
a guy who is probably Iranian. He has the beautiful black hair and
lovely deep skin tone that I find so sexy. He is quite fit with a
nice build, compact, not short but not tall, and he obviouly has a
very hairy chest. He has a ready smile and always makes intense eye
contact with me when he's making change after I've paid for gas. He
opens the store at 6:00am, closes it a 8:00pm, 7 days a week, and I've
never seen another employee there. He wears a wedding ring.

I am in my 40's, 6'1" tall, dark blonde and the mirror says I'm not at
all bad looking. I'm as queer as I can be, but I never allow myself
to act like it, and I have a lady friend with whom I do not have sex.

Every time I get gas a his store, this man's face lights up when I
walk in to pay. Last night I got home from work late and needed to
gas up. It was exactly at closing time. Infact he had turned off the
pumps. When he saw it was me, he opened the door and to told me to go
ahead and fill up. I did and went in to pay. He locked the door
behind me because he was counting money. I bought a soft drink and
stood there as we talked about football or something. I said "Aren't
you in a hurry to get home to the wife?" he told me she was out of
the country visiting relative in Canada and besides they had a
marriage in name only -- he said he had been married since he was 16
years old and it was an arranged marriage. I told him that I thought
it must be lonely that way. He said yes. Then he said I imagine you
have nice wife, kids - not a lonely life. I said I lived alone. He
asked: nice lady not your wife? No, I said -- I'm lonely too. Then he
said: maybe we could be friends? Then he put his hand on his crotch
and squeezed himself. I was instantly hard as a rock. He noticed.
You wanna come back here? He motioned to a door behind the counter.

I'll cut to the chase. I took the initiative. As soon as we entered
the office I took him by the shoulders and kissed him deep. He was
groping me through my pants which I obliginly opened for him. He had
alread dropped his and opened his shirt. God, he was beautiful.
Thick black hair covered his chest and belly, which showed a hard
six-pack. He had the blackest thickest pubic hair I've ever seen -
live, anyway, he had low hanging hairy baslls, and his cock - though
not too big, was respectable in it hard state and he was circumcised.
Now, I'm a hairy guy, alot of body hair thick pubes, etc. but my hair
is light and very fine -- I would give a lot to look like Sam (his
name) but apparently he saw what he wanted in me because he stood
there looking at me and began to weep. I took him in my arms (his
crying turned me on even more) and asked what was wrong. He said
nothing at allQ - He said "I prayed to God everday that just once I
would have sex with a man as beautiful as you!" I said , Sam, you're
no slouch in the looks department and I am about to give you one good
blow-job! He was nodding yes and held up his hand and said: "Yes, yes
but first I have to make sure you are real." He knelt down in front of
me, look up and said: "May I, first?" He took me in his mouth and I
swear I've never before felt what Sam was doing with his mouth. It
was so good my knees buckled and I fell to the floor. He never
stopped what he was doing and I found my face inches from his
beautiful genitals. We did a 69 like I've never had done or have done
before. Seconds before he came he pulled himself out of my mouth,
though he never remove me from his. He had the most spectacular
ejaculation I've ever seen. He literally spotted the ceiling.

After I came in his mouth He didn't allow me to with draw. For the
better part of 30 minutes he lay on the floor beside me, his head
pillowed on my inner thigh, my penis still in his mouth, as he stroked
and fondled me. Of course, I did the same to him.

Most intense sex I've ever had. We have an appointment next Friday.
Same time.

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