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117.The Bird and the Bear

It was a bright sunny day as I walked down the streets of Tokyo
without a care in the world. Allow me to introduce myself, my name
is Mitsui Yamatta but people call me Charlie. My parents are very
old school and I was given the name of my grandfather. When I was
younger, I didn't mind the name so much but now I don't much care
for it. My friends all have more western names and one of my friends
called me Charlie and it stuck.

I turned and went into my favorite sweet shop and got a few pieces
of candy then continued walking down the street. I chatted with a
few friends and was about to turn onto my street when I heard
someone yelling at the top of their lungs.

I stopped to listen to the commotion when all of a sudden a boy came
flying out of his house wearing just a pair of shorts. He tried to
run but this man was right behind him holding some kind of a stick.
He lunged at the boy and caught him by the arm then he raised the
stick and swung it making his sickening sound. I looked up and he
had hit the boy across the butt and the child was dancing holding
his butt and screaming in pain.

I was so angry at what I was witnessing that I threw my candy down
on the ground and walked towards them. I was about 75 feet away from
then when I started yelling. As I got closer the boy saw me and the
man went to raise the stick to hit him when I hollered, "Hey if you
want to beat on someone, try me."

The man looked up and saw me walking towards him when the boy was
able to wiggle free. He ran towards me and I continued walking
towards this slime. When I was about 50 feet from the man the boy
hid behind me. I told him to stay put and continued walking.

My father had put me in karate when I was a young boy and it became
my favorite past time. I wasn't the biggest boy in my neighborhood
and I was always being taunted and bullied. I would come home in
tears, afraid to go back out and play. The karate gave me self
confidence and discipline and I soon was being left alone.

I kept walking until I was about three feet from him. He just stood
there looking at me then said, "I don't know who you are kid but you
just bought yourself a mess of trouble."

He raised the stick and prepared to swing it at me and as he was
coming down, I stepped to my left allowing it to hit the ground. As
soon as it did, I grabbed it and now I had the weapon. I began
twirling it around and around deciding what I wanted to do to him
when the police showed up.

The man started yelling that I was a local hoodlum. We were
separated and I spoke with an officer in Japanese. The man was
looking at me as I quietly spoke to the officer but I could also
tell the man didn't understand a word I was saying. I pointed over
to the boy who was crouched beside some rubbish bins and the officer
went over to talk with him. He helped the boy to his feet then
looked down the back of his shorts.

The man was telling the other officer how I tried to attack him to
steal his money and the officer looked like he was believing him
until the one I was talking to rejoined him. He said something to
the officer in Japanese then both of them grabbed the man and put
him in handcuffs. The police officer came over and said, "He is
being arrested. Now, I just have to figure out what to do with this
young man. Do you have any family here in Tokyo son?"

The frightened boy just stood there crying shaking his head no. I
didn't want his boy spending time in a state orphanage and I didn't
think he would be lucky enough to get placed in a foster home so I
said, "If it's alright officer, he comes home with me."

I wrote down my address and handed it to him then he said, "We will
stop by after we process him."

I smiled at the boy then said, "That will be fine officer. I'm going
to take him home and get him cleaned up and talk with my parents."

I turned to look for the boy again and he was back hiding by the
bins. I walked over to him and extended my hand saying, "Hi, I'm
Charlie. Charlie Yamatta, what's yours?"

He took my hand and when I helped him up I saw him wince in pain. He
was about the same height as me then he said in a very soft
voice, "I'm Tyler."

I held his hand and together we walked to my house. Mom would be in
the kitchen fixing supper and I wanted her to meet him but I needed
to find out just how badly he was hurt. We came in the front door
and I said, "Hi Mom, I'm home. I'm going to my room and I'll be out
in a minute."

We took our shoes off then walked quietly down the hall to my
bedroom. I closed the door then said, "How bad are you hurt Tyler?"

He just stood there quietly then started to cry. I went over to him
and put my arms around him and said, "Tyler, can I see where he hit

He nodded his head then turned red as he slid his shorts and pants
down. He turned around and I couldn't help but let out a gasp as I
saw the big red slash across his small buttocks. Tears started
rolling down my cheeks as I held my hand across my mouth. I turned
him around and held him tightly as we both cried. I gently touched
the mark and he winced is pain. I looked into his big brown eyes and
said, "I will need to have mom help me here Tyler. This wound needs
tending to properly. Is that OK?"

He stopped crying then nodded his head giving me a weak smile in the
process. I gently lifted his pants and shorts back up over his body
then we walked out into the kitchen. Charlie stood there and when
his mother saw him he said, "Mother this is Tyler. He has a problem
and we need your help."

Mom looked at us and could tell be both had been crying. She smiled
then said, "Certainly Charlie, what is it?"

I got really tongue tied and didn't know quite what to say so I
turned Tyler around towards me, lowered his shorts and pants then
said, "Please help Tyler."

When Mom saw the big red slash on Tyler's bottom she covered her
mouth then said, "Come here my little bird and we will care for you."

She extended her arms towards his and instinctively he raised his
arms towards her. As she picked him up, his shorts and pants slid
off his legs as she carried him to the bathroom. She drew a warm
bath and put some herbs into the water. She went to lift him onto
the water and he drew back. "Is it gonna hurt?" He asked in a soft

"No little one," my Mom said in a soothing voice. Charlie soaks in
this all the time when he comes home from the Doh Jo."

Tyler looked at me and I nodded my head yes but he was having none
of it. Mom looked at me then said, "Maybe if you get in he will see
there is nothing to be scared of."

I stood up and started undressing then stepped into the warm water.
I slowly sat down then held out my arms to him. Mom helped him into
the water then he joined me sitting in the water. Mom sat on the
toilet then I got up the courage to ask him what was going on
between him and who I guessed was his father. I took his hands in
mine then asked, "Why was that man hitting you Tyler?"

He started looking at the water then said, "Because I was a bad boy."

My Mom was fighting to hold back the tears when she said, "What did
you do little one?"

He looked up at her and said, "I didn't pick my room up after I was
done playing."

"So he beat you with a stick?" I asked getting mad at his father

He looked at me then said, "I also didn't come fast enough when he
called me. He says a son must be obedient to his father."

Mom couldn't take hearing this any more so she left us in the tub.
While we were soaking my father came home from work and Mom must
have told him about Tyler. He came into the bathroom and
said, "Hello son and who is your friend?"

I stood up and he handed me a towel. I wrapped it around my waist
and said, "Father, this is Tyler."

I leaned over and helped him out of the bath and Dad saw his butt.
He didn't say anything but I could tell he was upset. I patted his
bottom dry then did the rest of him. Dad picked him up and carried
him to my bedroom and laid him on his stomach. He went across the
hall into his room and returned with a jar of salve. He took some of
the salve and gently rubbed it into Tyler's butt making sure the
marks were covered then I helped him up and handed him a robe to put
on. I put a robe on too and we went out to the living room when I
introduced my parents to Tyler. My mother came in from the kitchen
then I said, "Tyler, I would like you to meet my mother Mitchiko
Yamatta and my father Kensi Yamatta."

Tyler walked over to them and shook their hand and gave each one of
them a hug saying, "Thank you for helping me. Your son is very brave
just like a bear. I owe him a lot. Thank you Charlie."

He turned around and ran over to me wrapped his arms around my neck
and just hugged me for the longest time. He started wiggling his
crotch against my stomach when I thought it might be best if I put
his pants on him in case the robe opened. I stood up and
said, "Please excuse us for a minute. We will be right back."

I got Tyler's shorts and pants then took him to my room and had him
put his pants on. When he opened his robe his 4 inch boner was
sticking out from his body. I was in awe of him then I asked, "How
old are you Tyler?"

"Almost 13," he said smiling at me. "How old are you?"

"I just turned 14," I said returning his smile.

"Are you upset I rubbed myself against you?" he asked shyly looking
at the floor.

I walked over to him and lifting his chin said, "Oh no Tyler, I'm
not upset. I had you put these on so my parents wouldn't see you if
the robe came open."

Tyler put his pants on then closed the robe and tied the belt. We
went back to the living room when my Mom said, "Tyler, are you

He smiled and said, "Yes ma'am, a little."

Mom went back into the kitchen then there was a knock on the door.
My father went and answered it and he returned with the two police
officers who arrested Tyler's father. ...

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