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It wasn’t all fun being gay in high school but there were a few good moments. Gym class was especially difficult when it came to shower time. There was this cute Mexican guy named Marcus. A few times he’d get a hard on and the guys would tease him about it. He’d put on his shorts; pull them down to hold his erection between his legs while he chased them around popping them with a towel. He had a huge cock! His shorts held tight against the head and stretched it almost to his knees with the brown skinned shaft partly exposed. This happened several times and caused me to fantasize about him often.
I usually waited for everyone to finish before I took my shower. I knew all those naked bodies would give me a hard on too and I wasn’t as popular as Marcus to handle the teasing the same way.
One day I thought everyone had finished. I took off my gym clothes and entered the shower room. The fog was thick from the steam. I could hear the water running at the end stall but could only make out a figure standing there. I stood in the middle of the showers letting the hot steamy water flow across my sweaty body. I lathered up my hair and heard the water shut off at the end stall. I stood under the water with my back turned to him rinsing the soap from my hair. Suddenly I felt a hard slap on my ass and a voice behind me.
“Better hurry up!” the voice said.” The last one out has to take care of this monster.”
I turned around to see Marcus standing right in front of me. His dick, all ten inches of it was hard as a rock and pointing right at me. I was speechless.
Marcus was holding his rod at the base of the shaft waving it at me saying, “All cleaned up and no place to go.” he started out of the room leaving me trembling both in fear and excitement. Then out of my mouth without thinking I blurted out. “Don’t tease unless you aim to please.” I wasn’t sure he heard me because he just kept walking out into the dressing room. I took my time finishing up my shower. Giving him time to leave and my hard on time to go down. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to my locker to get dressed. Everyone had gone so I dressed quickly and started on my walk home. I live just outside town on a small farm. About half way a car pulled up beside me and a voice yelled out.
“Want a ride?” it was Marcus.
Boy did I want a ride. If he only knew what I wanted to ride. I wasted no time getting into the car. “Thanks.” I said. “Sure beets walking.” As we drove off I noticed, well it was hard not to, that his cock was sticking straight up in his sweat pants. I tried not to stare so he wouldn’t see me but it was too late.
“Yes” he started. “My dick won’t go down until it gets some attention. You know what I mean?”
“What do you have in mind?” I asked. As if I didn’t know.
“Well I hear you fool around with guys. Wanna take care of me? I won’t tell anyone. Besides I’m the one that came to you. I’ve been watching you a long time. I just can’t get your cute ass out of my head. I was afraid if I told you, you would tell someone. As popular as I am, it would ruin me with the other guys.”
He sounded sincere and I was not about to miss this chance to suck the best looking jock on campus.
“Well?” he questioned.
“I always wanted to suck your dick. Seeing you hard in gym class was rough. There’s no way I can say no. Where do you want to go? I’ve got to feed the horses. We can go to the barn where no one will bother us if that’s ok.”
“Great!” he said with enthusiasm. “I always wanted to make out in the hay.” he laughed.
As we pulled into the gate he placed his hand on my knee and said,” You’re sure we’re cool about this and you’re really into it?”
“If you only knew how much I’ve wanted you, you’d not ask.” I assured him by placing my hand on his crotch and squeezing his raging hard on.
We hopped out of the car and went into the barn. I no sooner had the door closed than Marcus threw his arms around my waist and hurled me onto the hay. This was easy considering he was almost a foot taller than me and much stronger. He landed on top of me and before I could say anything he thrust his tongue into my mouth and started kissing me. I put my hands around the back of his head, holding his soft brown hair in my fists and passionately returned his kiss. His grip around me strengthened as he pulled me firmly against his sexy body. After a few minuets of passionate frenching he rolled over positioning me on top of him. His hands slid down and started squeezing my ass and pressing his dick into mine. I felt his hard cock throbbing between us. He pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the side. His hot wet mouth closed around my tit and tongue flicked my nipple. My head was spinning. I pulled away from him reluctantly, nearly tore his shirt off and started licking his firm brown neck and chest. Working my way down his stomach and grabbed the waist band to his sweats with my teeth and pulled the down to his ankles which he then kicked off. His big hard cock spread up like a towering tree reaching for the sky. Although I’d seen his hard cock before it looked much bigger close up. Throbbing and waiving in the air I wasted no time. Placing both hands under his hips, one on each butt cheek, I positioned my head directly over his bulbous cockhead, took a deep breath and slowly lowered my mouth over it. Marcus raised his head and watched his enormous cock slowly disappear. Before I had all his cock in my mouth I felt the head reach the back of my throat. Another deep breath and down I went, my face buried in his soft pubic bush. My lips locked tightly around his shaft as my throat closed around the crown. Marcus moaned softly as began to twirl my tongue around his cock in my mouth.
“Man no one has ever taken my entire dick before.” I knew you were special.” he said as he gently rubbed my head, twirling my long brown hair.
Releasing his cock and gasping for air, I said nothing. Instead I speared my mouth with his pole again to the hilt. This made him moan louder. I sucked up and down slowly at first then faster and faster. Every time his dickhead reached the back of my throat he moaned loud. Faster I went, keeping the suction tight. His hips began to raise and lower in rhythm with my mouth. I felt his cock swell, his cum building up to explode and pulled off him. His dick slapped his belly with a pop and a whimper came from his lips. I saw a glimmer of precum seeping from his piss slit and licked it off. The taste was sweet. Not salty or bitter like sour I tasted.

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