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58.Damn! Papis with Money find Love Too

It was my first day of school, at Mastroft academy in the upper eastside of New York, I was kind of nervous because I had came from a private school in San Juan, Puerto Rico (my home town), as the most popular guy at school, to transfer to this school after a recent merger within in my mom's software company. Now I have to start all over, I hated we had to come here.
I got up early enough to workout before going to school, so I went to an elite gym nearby our home to enroll and get started. I pumped out about two hours on my legs before calling it a day, I went into the locker room to pose in the mirror before showering and going to school. This was a normal routine for me back home so I didn't see why I should stop here. As I pulled my shorts and shirt off and began to pose, I got a spectator.
I ignored him and continued, he applauded and told me that I had done a great job, he was trying to get some mass himself with no luck. We briefly shot the shit and I told him I normally worked out this time of morning if he would like to join me but I had to run because I had to get to school because I didn't want to be late my first day. He told me that it was his as well, and that he didn't really want to go to this prissy ass school, but he had no choice. After all was said and done I found out that we were going to the same academy and neither of us wanted that shit.
His name is Jose Gonzales, from Colombia, only child of a political family. He is about 6' 0, medium complexion, light hazel/brown eyes, 48chest, 32waist, 18arms, 25quads, and 21 calves. Just by looking at him you can tell he's been in the gym for quite a while and it does show; dude is fucking hot. He asked me what was the skinny on me, I introduced myself as Drigo Martinez, from San Juan Puerto Rico, only child of software moguls and that we had recently moved here when my parents merged with Microsoft. Now for me: 6'1, 235, 52chest, 21arms, 33waist, 35quads, 24calves, light complexion, blue eyes and dimples.
We shot the shit for few minutes when we both agreed the longest part of our shower would be blow drying our hair. Our hair is about the same length, down to the middle of our backs, we both said that eventually we would cut the shit because it was too much maintenance. But to tell you the truth we said that we got a lot of attention from girls because how pretty it was and how we kept it up.
We walked up to our locker and began to get undress, I tell you I was scoping him out just as much as he did me. I always have a hard time getting my wife-beater t-shirt off so I did the normal and ripped the bitch off; Jose was like dam Drigo, did you need some help with that? I started laughing telling him that I always had to struggle to get those bitches off so I just finally said screw it and ripped it off. He told me that he could see how, being as big as I was could make getting dressed a chore but he cherished the day he had the same problem. I told him "stick with me and you'll have it on in no time." He grinned and said I'm going to hold you too that, and asked how did I find a school uniform to fit me. I told him that I had mine made, like all of my clothes, he shot back at me, "They just had those little ass pants that fit like skin for the anorexic ass boys" that went to the school.
We laughed and showered, I think we both took each others body into consideration as we chose opposite stalls to shower in. We locked stares a couple of times before wrapping towels around our waist and walking to the mirrors to blow dry our hair. It was funny that we dried out hair in the same manner, parting and drying before going to the next section to dry. About forty-five minutes later we were done and got dressed. We both wore Donna Karan boxer briefs of which he pointed out while I was bent over putting lotion of my feet. I looked around telling him that it appears that he had good taste. He told me they were the only briefs that could hold his dick in place without catching, I laughed out loud and told him that's what I've notice myself.
He came and sat on the bench by me and asked me if I could get his back with the lotion. I stood up and motioned him to spin around so I could get to it. He did and I put lotion on him and he did me, I had extra on my hands so I rubbed them together and rubbed it across his traps and put the rest on my face. He told me thank you, with me responding "no problem big boy." Smiling at my choice of words, out of nowhere, he asked me how did my girlfriends deal with me moving away; "I just told him they got over it." He said that I didn't seem to concerned about "them." I told him, I'm not, he said that he wasn't either because none of them were important to him. I agreed stating that I hope to find a special someone while I was here, and not just another trick. He was like, really me too dude; I'm tired of the whores I want someone for me to cuddle with at night. I just responded with that's tight, me too, we will see how it goes--after looking in the mirror and applying the finishing touches, I told him "let's go show these little boys how it's done."
He mentioned that for us to be wearing the same thing my shit was fly, I told him he needed some accessories with that shit to tighten it up. He was like he didn't have any, so I went to my bag and gave him a bracelet, neck choker, a pinky-ring and took that stupid ass neck tie off they thought we were going to wear, and stylishly readjusted his collar. We both had some clean ass goat-tees so I thought it would be better if he wore his hair up in a pony-tale instead of down.
I hooked his ass up, I told him that we should shove off if we were going to make it in time. He asked me how did I get to the gym, I responded I drove; you? He told me that he got dropped off by his dad, I told him then we will just take my car. He asked me would I mind dropping him off afterwards, I was like come on papi, I wouldn't leave you stranded; here is my cell number call me when you're done. He was like cool, we made it to my car and he was like tight ass ride, (I just got the new Ferrari) he told me he just had a stupid ass little Jag S-Type. I told him that's a pimp ride and that he should drive tomorrow, he was like cool I think I just found my new best friend. I was like, I'm cool with that you seem to be cool as hell.
We got to the school, and we finally found my parking space, that was right at the front entrance. He was like, how did I pull that shit off getting a space in front of the school like that? I told him, shit donations get you a lot in private schools dude, get up with the times. He just laughed and said he would call his folks because he knew his shit was way in back. We got our shit, and walked up the stairs in front of all the kids standing in the common areas. I tell you when I walk in front of a lot of people I change, I think my walk changes from a walk to a strut, and I soon found out that Jose was the same. We mutually love the attention, we both admitted once we got into the school and went into the headmaster's office to check in.
The lady at the counter saw us coming in and mouthed the words "shit," and disappeared from the desk. Once we got in, there were about 6 ladies asking us if they could help us. I led the conversation introducing the both of us and inquiring about our schedule of classes. We were led into the headmaster's office whom turned out to be a 40 something beautiful Asian lady, so should we say headmistress. She applauded us on our appearances and told us that it was a pleasure to make our acquaintances; we all shock hands. She gave us our schedules, of which we had the same classes , she told us that she had heard that neither of us wanted to come to the school, but she felt that we would relax and adjust just fine. We left her office and found our lockers right by each others, quickly stuffed our shit in and went to class.
At every class we had, as soon as the class started we had to go up to the front of the class and introduce ourselves. I must tell you, Jose had to be the shit at his old school, because we both soon found ourselves mesmerizing the classmates as we spoke and seated ourselves. Once I got back from my presentation, I had a note on the seat of my chair that said, "you are sexy, we need to hook up! Sarah." I just balled it up and threw it in the trash, to see who wrote it by their reaction, and to let her know that wasn't the correct approach. Jose had one too and he did the same, I knew that he was a good pair with me because we already had a lot in common. We both looked at each other as we notice two white girls mouth "fuck you," we smiled and gave each other a high five.
After a long day, he asked me what we were going to do now because he didn't want to go home yet. I told him that we should go shopping and pick up on some of this New York clothes because we were the new presidents of this town and we need to have our shit together at all times. He told me he was with that so we shopped, I must tell you I had to spice this kid up because his taste was good, but not tight. I thought to myself if you're going to roll with me you need to get up to speed, I told him I was a fashion/law major. As we shopped he told me that he thought we could take over that school in no time. I was like, did you see how everyone geeked out over us, they were just staring and shit? He was like, because we are the shit, and they know it.
We stopped into a restaurant and ordered some food, ate and decided to go back to my house to do some cardio and chill. We had to stop by Jose's house first, so that he could get some clothes. We walked in and I tell you his mom and dad are the greatest, they made me feel so good. His dad kept asking me how I got so big and if I felt I could help his son get some size because he knew Jose wanted it so bad. I told him sure we were workout buddies, and that however I could help Jose, I would. He told me that Jose was going on about getting an apartment and if I thought about doing the same. I told him that I move into my new place the following Monday, and that if they approved Jose could live with me. He told me it was up to Jose, but I would have to let him know how much the mortgage was; I told him I don't go with mortgages, it was paid for. His dad kind of bucked his eyes and said well, we will have to compensate you in some way if my son will live with you. I told him that we could work that out with food, because I ate like crazy and Jose would too, in order to put on some size and carry it well.
He asked me about my parents and if you'd believe it, they know each other, my pops and Jose's dad have ran across each other several times at the nearby country club. I asked Jose once he came back down if he had bought something for tonight, because we don't have class until 4p.m. tomorrow, I wanted to go and see the town if he were up to it. He yelled, YEAP!!! Everyone laughed even their servants, I was like then let's go. I got hugs and kisses from his parents and staff as we left. They walked us out and when his dad saw my car he was like "SWEET, THAT IS HOT!" I told him, I'd let him take it out tomorrow, but you know Jose wants one. He was like well, we will have to just see about that. Jose looked at me and mouth the words "thank you," I smiled and told him if there is one thing I know best, it's parents. He was like, that's awesome papi, I like ...

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