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Two years ago I finally got to visit Italy, and my mouth was watering
at the chance to meet some Italian studs. I happened on a xxx movie
theater that was next to the Termini train station, and as I
approached,the hottest muscle stud was just leaving the movie, so if
he was any indication of what was inside, I had a check it out
Throwing down a wad of Lire, I raced inside. It took a couple of
minutes to adjust my eyes from the July sun to the dark of this smoky
theater where everyone puffed on a cigarette, but it didn't take long
to figure out that guys came here to get sucked. There were a few
guys actually watching the straight porn movie, but most were
prowling up and down the aisles and out the doors. Following one
guy, the apparent routine was to catch someone's eye and then take
them to a back hall or the mens room to connect. Several tough
looking dudes came up to me quickly, and though I know not a word of
Italian past fettucine, they were able to communicate that their
dicks were available for $20. I'm a pretty good looking California
dude, and wasn't looking for hustlers, so I turned them all down.
Figuring out that the hot guys were all for rent, I was getting ready
to leave. Then another guy touched my arm and said something of
course I didn't understand. I turned around to look at him and was
stunned - this guy was the best looking hunk I had seen in Rome, and
if this was a hustler, I was ready to pay. "how much?" I asked. He
stopped a moment - comprehending my English and my L A Dodgers cap
and switched to perfect English himself. "I'm not a hustler" he
replied. I couldn't believe my luck - This guy was 6'2" looking me
straight in the eye with his piercing dark gaze, and then asked,"do
you want to suck?" Caution to the wind, I asked him, "do you want to
come to my hotel?" He agreed immediately, and we walked out. Now I
got to see him in the bright Roman sunlight - and he looked even
better. He reminded me of a dark Ben Affleck - tall, about 6'2" and
powerfully built. His jeans outlined his butt and muscular thighs,
and cupped his crotch, with a bulge he didn't even try to conceal.
black chest hair peeked out of the neck of his polo shirt, and he was
young - no mustache or facial hair. In the light I realized he was
not a Roman. He explained that he was 21 years old, and a university
student from Ankara, Turkey studying architecture and engineering.
we walked about 2 miles back to my hotel, he pointed out lesser known
architectural treasures, and had a special appreciation and passion
for the subject. It seemed like no time before we were at the Piazza
D'Espagna and in front of my hotel. I wanted to race up the stairs
and not wait for the damned slow elevator, but somehow forced myself
to control my excitement. We stepped into the little antique
elevator, and as soon as the door closed, I grabbed his crotch that
had been tantalizing me for miles and DAMN! there was a lot more
there than I expected - could it be real? I had the answer soon. We
completely stripped the moment we reached the room and exploding from
his jeans was the thickest, fattest, and nearly the longest dick I
had ever encountered. Easily 9 1/2 inches, cut, and throbbing. I
grabbed it with both my hands, and still couldn't cover it. He had
but one command, "Open wide".
It was the wildest, sweatiest, most athletic sex I had had in a long
time. The young Turk took note of my energetic reaction to him. "You
like me" he stated. That was the understatement of the decade. I
told him, "hell yes, I like you, you are a total gorgeous stud AND
you're hung like a horse." We went at it for what seemed like a
couple of hours - this guy never lost his erection, like sometimes
happens to guys with really huge cocks. He wanted to fuck me - but I
knew I could never take his organ without serious damage, but I
seriously considered it anyway, "next time" I promised. (And the
good news is, there really was a next time.) We were 69ing when the
Turk finally shot his load - (I had to force myself to hold back from
cumming about 5 times) but when his enormous cock covered my face
with a hot load, I couldn't hold back anymore. I returned the favor
and spooged my wad into his face almost simultaneously.
I really expected him to grab his jeans and bolt outta there, but
he wanted to stay awhile, and we really talked. I kinda think he was
a little lonesome, being a foreign student and all, so I asked him a
lot of questions. "Where did you get those awesome ripped legs?" He
said that he did not have a car, and he rode his bike everywhere, and
the hills of Rome gave an incredible workout. I expressed surprise
that he was circumcised, but he said it was the norm in Turkey.
Finally remembering my manners, I asked, "By the way, what's your
name? I'm Jay." "Aten" he replied, I made him say it a couple of
times, I have never heard that name before, but now I'll never forget
it. "Im very glad to meet you Aten - I'm going to be in Rome for 2
weeks, would you like to get together again?" Aten said "Sure, Jay"
and that's another story - even better.

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