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Hi all I am Derek, i am new in this... I am american but now i am studying
in France and i love arab men. I am 20 years old and since 15 i have been
several times in morocco, because my mother loves it. And well, i also love
it because i had lot of sex there:))

Once i was 17 years old and i was staying at a hotel in marrakesh and my
mother went with some friends shopping while i stay in the swimming pool.
One waiter was always looking at me and i was looking at him as he was very
nice looking. He had dark skin, about 24 years old and very nice smile. I
was wearing a small thong that i use when my mother was not around (heheeh)
and i guess i act a little sissy for him. When i was living the pool he
asked me if i was going somewhere and i said to the bedroom, and he asked me
if i needed anything and i said well, i would love a coke. So he said he
will take it for me.

When iw as in the bedroom i got hard thinking of him and he knock the door,
i open, he came in and the door was close. He look at my thong smiling and
he asked me for a cigarette and we start talking. He start touching his
bulge and i asked if he had lot of sex with girls at the hotel. He said not
to much, he said sometimes with customers, but not always girls. He said to
me some boys like to be like girls and he liked taht and then he asked me if
i sometime like to be a girl. I was really excited and hard, and he was
also. I said yes and he took his cock out of his pants, siting in the bed
and looked at me smiling. So i went for it. I took it in my hand and he
stand up in front of me so i have to suck his cock. It was fast, fezw
minutes and he did cum but i did loved it.

He said thankyou and asked me to see him at night so he could show me the
city and i said of course and ... well... that was even better!!!

This waiter who i sucked in the afternoon picked me up in the hotel
about 9 at night, to show me the city, and as we were walking inside
other guy joined us. He said it was a friend and introduce me to
him. This was a little younger, maybe 20 or 19, but really cute and
with a wonderful smile. As i already thought that maybe we will have
sex i was just wearing a pair of tight shorts, white, and a tshirt,
and instead of underwear a jockstrap, which always turns me on since
school. But as i saw we had company i first thought there will be no
sex that night and i relaxed a little bit.

We walked by the city and stop in a couple of bars where they ask me
to invite them for beers. I could see other guys aoproached to them
looking at me and smiling and talking about me in arabic, which i did
not understand at all, and that excited me a lot, although it makes
me feel a little nervous. After some beers i was not so scared and i
guess they were
feeling better too, we walked by a street and stopped at a house
where they nocked the door. He said it was the house of a good
friend. A
man about 30 year old, black, opened the door. I always fantasized
about blacks so.... Well, we came in and sit on a room, in the floor.
He was smoking drugs and so i did until i felt like smiling all the
times, as they.

They used to speak in arabic between themselves and sometimes the
waiter translate me some sentences, but not all. At some point, he
start touching his bulge and i start looking at him feeling
embarrased. He said something to their friends touching himself
stronger and they laugh. I could see he was hard already. He stand up
and came close to me, unziping his pants and taking his cock out in
front of my face. He hold my face and he said "come on, do it as
this afternoon, because my friends dont believe me and they dont know
how good u are". Well,
i was embarrased but so drunk that i start sucking that cock really
good. They all were laughing. I was sitted on
the floor but i felt one of them hold me so i had to get on my knees
and he took my pants off, laughing about my jockstrap. As i was
sucking i saw the black man standing close to the waiter looking at
me with a huge 9 or 10 inch cock real hard on his hand. When the
youngest, who was in my back, fingered my ass, i moaned, and the
waiter ask me if i like that and i move my head saying yes, with his
cock inside my mouth.

Well i guess u can imagine, the waiter said something to the youngest
one and he started fucking my ass real
good as i was sucking this waiter and at some moment he make me suck
black guy. His huge cock could not be inside my mouth, but they say
to me i should not be worried because it will be great inside my
ass after they open my asshole with their cocks. That was something
thta really turn me on more. When the young
boy cum inside my ass, the waiter strat fucking me while the black
fucked my face. This black guy was really horny and talking to me in
arabic in a very sexy way holding my face with his hands.
I had my hard cock inside my jockstrap, but they never touched me,
after the second guy shoot inside me, the black took his turn. He
went to my back, i stand doggy style, his friends open my ass with
their hands and holded me, i guess they
thought i could cry or something. The true is that the black guy fuck
me real good and i enjoyed it. My asshole was really open and wet
because of the other boys, so i enjoyed it a lot. Until then it was
the biggest cock i ever had inside my ass. As he was fucking me i
look for the others to suck them , which i did to the youngest boy,
and i cum inside my jockstrap when the black guy cum inside me
shouting really loud and spanking my ass at the same time.

It was obviously exhausting for all of us, and the waiter said to me
the youngest boy could drive me back to the hotel in his motorbike,
and i said great. He did not speak english so i just seat back after
him and as he was driving fast i hold him tight. At some stop, he
took my hands to his bulge. He was hard!!!!. I guess he was hard
since i suck him while the black man was fucking me, the truth is i
got hard too and i start touching his cock harder. At some moment,
already near the hotel, he took the motorbike out of the road, inside
a park with some trees. He stopped, took my hand with his hand and
walked inside the park for a while until he stoped under a tree and
make signs to
me so that i should take my pants off. I did it and he just make me
turn, put my hands on the tree and fucked my ass again real hard and
longer than the first time, without talking. He was all dressed with
his cock out of
his pants, i could feel hel belt in my ass, and i was just bendover
there, in my jockstrap and getting fucked. The situation was so
exciting for me that i could not touch my bulge because i was afraid
of cumming again. After a long while he shooted and dress up quickly,
telling me to do it fast and looking everywhere, i guess scared that
someone could come around.

He indicated me where the hotel was, just 100 meters or so, got on
motorbike and left me there, full of cum and really happy of my first
day with sexual adventures in morocco, which as u see was real
intensive. Was a great summer, and a great holiday everyday after

And since then i love arab men as u cannot imagine

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