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Aidan turned the stereo up a little louder, letting his body move to the music. He was completely naked, enjoying the freedom of the empty house. He put his hands behind his head, grinding his hips, feeling his cock and balls swaying lightly. As he danced, his cock began to grow, rising and swelling until it was standing straight up, pressing against his stomach.

Running his hand over the length of his shaft, Aidan shivered as he felt a drop of pre-cum appear at the tip of his cockhead. He closed his hand around his cock, stroking it lightly as he continued dancing. His hand ran all the way from the base up to his sensitive glans, pumping himself faster and faster. He threw his head back, pushing his hips forward as he came, warm spunk spurting into the air in front of him.

When Aidan opened his eyes, he started. Chuck, the guy he had been housesitting for, was standing in the doorway with a huge smile on his face. Aidan blushed and went to cover his softening dick, but Chuck walked towards him. "That was quite a performance," he said, taking Aidan's hands and moving them aside, so his half-hard prick was exposed, creamy cum dripping from the slit at the tip of his cock. "Are you up for a repeat?"

Dropping to his knees, Chuck held Aidan's cock lightly in his hand, licking around the cockhead, sucking off the last few drops of cum before taking the soft shaft in his mouth. His lips were wrapped around the base, his tongue teasing the head, and as Aidan groaned, his dick beginning to harden again, Chuck drew back with each stroke.

Aidan gasped with pleasure as Chuck ran his tongue along the underside of Aidan's cockhead, teasing the sensitive nerve endings, and sucking at the pre-cum, wetting his tongue with it and spreading it over the rest of his shaft. He held onto Chuck's shoulders, pumping his prick in and out of Chuck's mouth.

When he looked down, Aidan could see that Chuck had his own short, thick hard-on in his fist. He was pumping it rapidly, beating off as he swallowed Aidan's meat. The sight of his prick sliding in and out of another man's mouth while he jerked himself off was incredibly erotic, and Aidan quickly grunted, thrusting forward as he filled Chuck's mouth with his cum. When he pulled back, his cock shiny and wet, Chuck closed his eyes, squeezing his dick firmly as his cockhead mushroomed, pumping out his own creamy jism.

"What a homecoming," Chuck said. "But I could really use a shower. I've been traveling all day and I'm exhausted. Since you're already naked, would you care to join me?"

The men went into the shower and turned on the hot water, steam filling the air as they covered each other's bodies with soap, sliding their hands around in the rich lather, and paying attention to each other's cocks and balls. When they were clean and the hot water was nearly out, they were both hard again, and ready for another round.

Chuck wrapped Aidan in a fluffy towel, drying him off, and then Aidan did the same for him before they headed into the bedroom, their cocks bouncing as they led the way. They lay back on the bed, lying on their sides so they could take each other's pricks into their mouths at the same time. Aidan caressed Chuck's hairy thighs and balls, teasing his prick with the tip of his tongue until Chuck was excited and dripping with pre-cum.

Since Aidan had come twice in such quick succession, Chuck took it slow, sucking Aidan's balls into his mouth one by one, rolling them around as he stroked Aidan's shaft lightly. When they were both ready, their cock throbbing, they rolled over, sucking each other's pricks, taking them deep into their mouths until they exploded, filling each other's mouths with their cum.

"I'm glad I came home early," Chuck said, caressing Aidan's softening dick. "I'm looking forward to having you housesit for me again."ChucChuC Cn

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