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86. i become a slave

My first experience took place in College during my freshman year. I
going to UCLA and to make ends meet, I was working at a market
Although I knew I was gay, I had never had any experience.
Sexually I didn't even know what guys did to each other..guess I came
from a very sheltered home. After working for a couple of weeks, I
assigned to the night shift. Since I didn't have a car and the buses
stopped running when I got off work, I asked around to see if anyone
could help me out. Lucky for me, the assistant manager was more than
happy to help me out even though he lived in the opposite direction.
name was Joel and he was white, 6'1, 155lbs. He had brown hair and
handsome. He didn't act gay as far as my idea of how a gay person
flamboyount, it never dawned on me that he would be
first love. During the next few weeks we got to know each other
my ride home...I liked him because he was a nice guy with a great
of humor..he was very extroverted as opposed to my shyness and this
combination worked out well. He used to always ask if I was seeing
girls and I always said no. He would always reply how cute I was and
that if he were a girl he would go after me. A few weeks later, Joel
asked me if I would help him move over the weekend. I said sure.
After spending the day moving, we were all sweaty and dirty.
Joel suggested that I take a shower, which I gladly accepted. After
being in the shower a few minutes I heard the bathrom door open. It
Joel and he said that he wanted to join me. Before I could say no, he
explained that the landlord had told him that due to the age of the
building he would have to wait another hour before there would be any
hot water. Since I didn't want to be rude I said ok although I was
nervous. He got in and he began washing himself. A few minutes later
asked if he could wash my back. I said ok and at first everything was
fine. Then I felt the soap move down my back to just above my butt.
that point he said I had a really nice body. At the time I was an 18
year old, 5'7", 125lbs. He then asked me what I thought of his body.
This forced me to turn to face him. I said he had a good body too.
Without hesitation he took the soap and began rubbing my
quickly got hard. At the same time his cock became hard too. It was
bigger than mine (it was 8.5" x 5") but instead of running out of the
shower I just stared. Joel quickly turned off the shower and we got
He quickly dried off and left. I dried off and walked into the
to get my clothes. They were gone. While standing there Joel walked
and said he was washing our clothes and that it would take a while.
gave me some shorts and a tank top to wear. Joel was wearing some
briefs and a t-shirt.
At this point I was scared, nervous, yet also excited
and anxious to see what would happen next. I walked into the living
and Joel offered me a beer.
Being nervous I quickly downed it. Needless to say I became buzzed.
apologized for what happened in the shower. He said that he was gay
that the sight of my naked body made him lose control. I accepted his
explanation and confessed that I too was gay and that although his
advances scared me it had also excited me. He smiled and said that he
had a hunch that I was gay. That's why he was willing to take me home
every night even though I lived out of the way. We started talking
sex and I explained to him that I was a virgin in every sense of the
word. When he heard this, he grabbed my hand and explained that his
first few experiences were not the most satisfying or pleasurable and
that only by trial and error did he discover the pleasures of man-to
sex. He didn't want me to go through the same road so he said that
if I
was attracted to him he would properly teach and show me the ropes
I was attracted to him, horny, and anxious to have sex
so I said yes.
Joel went on to say that I had to be open-minded as
there would be things that we did which would hurt at first but would
turn out to be pleasurable or things that wouldn't seem pleasant but
actually are. To make sure that this is what I really wanted, he told
me that if in a week I still felt the same we would begin.
That was one long week. The following Saturday, I
arrived at Joels apartment. Joel was only wearing a robe when he
answered the door. I quickly walked in and the first thing he said
to take off my clothes. I did. My journey was about to begin... As I
removed my clothes, I could feel Joel's eyes watching me. When I was
about to strip off my briefs, he told me to stop. He walked over to
and began rubbing my cock through my briefs. I was instantly hard.
proceeded to remove my briefs and as he did so he gave my cock a
lick with his tongue. Joel then removed his attire. There we were, a
and a boy, both naked, and both horny as hell, with the boy about to
initiated into the world of man to man pleasures.
Instead of jumping all over me, Joel grabbed my
hand and led me to his bedroom and positioned me in front of a full
length mirror. "look", he said. "Look at how sexy your body is. It
made to turn men on and it should be used to give men pleasure." For
some reason, hearing those words and looking at myself in the mirror
made me want to please Joel all the more. As I stood there, I
there was no turning back.
As I stood there Joel instructed me to use my hands to examine
myself. I didn't feel
comfortable doing this but Joel said that's why he wanted me to do
By knowing the parts of my body that feel pleasurable, I would
understand how to please other men. I played with my whole body until
Joel told me to stop. He asked if I had fully explored all my
zones and I said yes. To my surprise he said I was wrong. He
to squeeze my nipples which hurt but was also pleasurable. He lightly
tickled my balls, and put pressure near my scrotum. These sensations
felt great and I was surprised that I had not done those things. This
was Joel's way of showing me how much I didn't know and how he was
to teach me things that I could never have imagined. He was right.
As I
look back, the things he taught me had never crossed my mind.
I was then led into the bathroom where Joel confessed
his love for smooth men. Because of my ethnic background, I was
very smooth, but he wanted me to be completely smooth below the
neck. At
first I was a little reluctant but he said that it was the least I
do since he was going to take the time to teach me about sex. I
and he proceeded to shave my body. When completed he led me back to
mirror and I was surprised by the difference. the smoothness also
great and when Joel told me that he wanted to keep me shaved I
Joel then led me onto his bed and instructed me to explore
his body with my hands so I could get comfortable touching another
While doing this Joel would emphasize certain areas that he
enjoyed. As I was playing with his tits, Joel grabbed me and pulled
face to his. He gave me a few light kisses to make me feel
When I started to respond to his kisses he began to french kiss me.
was a great kisser. Feeling his tongue in me made me feel light
and kind of lost in the moment. What seemed like a long time passed
before we separated. Joel looked at me and gave me a smile and a wink
and said, This is only the begining.
Joel then turned the TV on and started playing a
tape in his vcr. It was a straight porno tape. We watched it for a
minutes and it didn't turn either of us on. I said it was boring.
said that gay sex was definitely more exciting. Then he put in a gay
tape. Watching the movie got us both hard so Joel suggested that
we j/o. He told me to go first so he could watch. It only took a few
minutes for me to shoot a big load. It felt great. But by the look on
Joels face I could tell that I did something wrong. He proceeded to
with himself, stroking and touching his body. Occassionally he would
stop and then start again. He played with himself for a good twenty
minutes. When he finally came, it was a huge load. Joel then
to explain the importance of letting the orgasm build before you
it and that before he taught me anything else I would have to learn
to properly masturbate myself and then learn to masturbate him.
Until I
met his requirements we would not move on. Having said that, Joel
that my lesson for the evening was complete and that my next lesson
would take place in three days. I was told to practice the things I
learned tonight short of coming. From now on I could only come in his
A few days later I went to see Joel. What did he have in store for me
today? I entered his apartment and we both stripped. After some light
conversation, Joel and I began making out. His hands rubbed my whole
body and I was just savoring the moment. Eventualy we stopped. Next
instructed me to jack off. He told me to tell him whenever I came
to cumming and that I was not to cum unless he said I could. I did
as I
was told for the first few times that I felt like cumming. But one
I just couldn't hold back and shot my load. Joel had been right. By
delaying my orgasm I had the most intense orgasm of my life. However
Joel was not pleased. In a stern voice, he said that I had disobeyed
and that if I wanted him to continue teaching me then I had to
listen or
he would have no choice but to stop. I apologized and begged him not
stop. He said that he would forgive me this time but that in the
he would punish me if I disobeyed him. He grabbed my arm and led me
thhe hallway where he pointed out four rings in the corners of the
He said that whenever I disobeyed him he would tie me to the rings
and I
would be punished by various methods. This frightened me but I did
say anything because I did not want to stop seeing him. ...

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