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Multimedia gallery

93.incomplete auto parts 2

I had mouth-fucked the bear who'd sold me the incomplete
wheel cylinders and decided to take him up on his invitation
to fuck his fat ass. I went back after telling my lover that
I'd be taking a long bike ride and that the bleeders had come
in. I rode there and after a couple of customers cleared out he
asked me if I was horny.

"That's why I'm here, to deliver a load of love." I said, fondling
my crotch.

We went to the back room. I knew this would be more involved if
someone came in. He sucked on my dick, again cleaning out my bit
of smegma, then we lowered our pants. He lay on his stomach while
I smeared some K-Y on my dick and I mounted him. It was awkward but
this would allow me to yank right out of him and him to yank up his
pants and get out in front.

My dick slid right up his ass as he grunted at the pain. He was nice
and tight which felt good around my dick and once hilted I began to
fuck him. The pain he experienced was replaced with pleasure after
about my fifth stroke. I fucked him rather fast, knowing the
circumstances and was able to get off in les than ten minutes, thanks
largly in part that I'm uncut. It was a good feeling orgasm in his ass
and I rested a minute or two before pulling out while he thanked me for
my stud services while he pulled up his pants. I washed off my dick,
pulled up my pants and left after promising to let him suck my dick again.

A week later I returned to the other auto parts store for some grease.
Greg, the blond, was stocking shelves so I said "Hi" to him. He smiled
and asked me if I fucked the bear again. "I shagged his fat ass." I
said with pride.

He replied, "I bet you fuck good. I'd like to try you in for size."

He patted my crotch and I knew I'd be scoring a piece of blond soon.

A week later Greg, the blond, asked me if I could fill his mouth. He led
me to a back room while the other two men minded the store. Greg wanted
his ass pumped so we stripped. He sucked my dick hard, humming at the
manly taste of it. I guess he too liked cheeze. He was good at sucking
cock but this was to be a Greek session, the French would be later. Once
I was hard Greg lay on his tomach while I greased up and mounted him. It
was a lot better nude than the way I fucked the bear. My dick slid in
and I could tell he was no virgin but not some worn-out size-queen
either. He was in good shape, a little slender and had three tones of
tan, his face and arms being most tanned, his torso lighter with his
ass being almost white. Fucking him was nice, my dick pistoning in and
out of his ass. Laying on and in him was great and I came sooner than I
did up the bear's ass. It was a nice feeling cumming in him and he told
me how great he felt too. I pulled out of his ass and washed my dick off
in the back mens room sink while he got dressed. I dried off, put my
clothes back on and came face to face with Joe who grinned and we hugged.
We then french kissed and my dick began to reharden. We then seperated and
he said he couldnt wait to fuck Greg in my cum. I told him I wanted to
fuck him in his cum too. Another deep French kiss and I slipped out the
side door and out front to my bike.

There's something nice about man to man affection that men just cant get
with women or fems and once again I had proved that in Greg and with that
hug and kiss with Joe.

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