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GOD gives HOPE to those who DREAM, gives MIRACLE to those who BELIEVE. HE never lets DOWN those who TRUST and HE never LEAVES those who WALK with HIM.

LIFE itself is a chalenge that ought to face. You lose some..You win some, but if you never give up, you will discover that sacrifices have their rewards.

How generous is GOD granting us another day to PROSPER, to win a HEART. to RIGHT a wrong, to make things better and to live a HAPPY LIFE.

As buterflies open their wings to meet the coming of new day, may the angel do the same & carry you on their wings to keep you safe throughout the day.

LOVE is always bestowed as a GIFT--freely, willingly and without expectation...we dont love to be love..we love to be love.

When you come to serve the LORD, prepare for TRIALS be SINCERE of HEART & steadfast LOVE in times of adversity

GOD sometimes delays his help to test our FAITH & ENERGIZE our PRAYERS., our boat maybe tossed by the waves while He sleeps but He wakes up before it sinks.

When your HEART is broken and you're feeling discouraged, you can just remember that HE is there! HE'LL be there.

A worthy friend is a connection to life, a tie to the past, a road to the future, and a GIFT given by GOD to stay and care for, YOU will always be a GIFT.

Dont look for the things or people that are not there,just always be thankful for wat we have coz the more you look for something not with you,the more you find something wrong with what you have.

Our Eyes are placed in front bcz its more important to look ahead than to look back...dont dwell on things in the past,learn from them but keep on moving forward...LIFE GOES ON!

GOD answers PRAYERS in 3 ways...YES and gives you what you want! HE says NO and gives you sometimes better! HE says WAIT and gives you the BEST! in His own TIME.

LIFE is never measured by the years we live but by the caring we do for others, the cheer and love we shared and to the people whos heart were touched.

Leave something for GOD, but never leave GOD for something, coz in Life, something will leave you, but GOD will always be there for you.

Begin the day with a rainbow of joy in your heart, let the sun paint a smile on your face, remove all clouds of doubt & feel God's gift of the new day.

Let everyday be a dream you can touch ... Let everyday be a LOVE you can feel ... Let everyday be a reason to live bcz Life is the greatest gift.

Be thankful that sunrise and sun set are free or else we coult'nt afford them; Be thankful that behind every storm is surely the rainbow of hope and future sunshine; Be thankful for the mistakes, because life would be boring if we are all perfect; Be thankful for the stress so that we can be reminded to relax and balance our life.

Morning is a sign of GOD'S GREAT LOVE for US, let us be thankful that we are given a new day to share HIS LOVE with special people in our HEARTS.

Our God is a GOD OF SUCCESS. He created us to be WINNERS! He help us to achieve beyond what we think we can, BE STRONG, God is always with you.

If God answers your prayers. He's increasing your Faith..If He dalays, He's increasing your patience..If He does'nt answer, He's preparing the best for you.

Truly GOD's LOVE never fails. I always remember people in my prayers those special, those important, those value, those I care, those I think of..Your one of them.

God measures the person with the burdens, He puts on Him.. So when you feel your load is heavier than the rest. Be happy for God sees you stronger than the rest.

Never a trial that He is not there; Never a burden that He does not bear; Never a sorrow does not share, moment by moment, we are under His care, when we put our cares in God's hand, He put His peace in our Heart.

The night is designed to end the worries and fears of the day..It signifies to leave it all to GOD and prepared for another day to come.

Morning are beautiful signs of Hope..It was created by God to let you know that life does not end after the sunset, every dawn is a new life.

Every morning, the Lord blows you KISSES of LOVE, PEACE, KINDNESS and UNDERSTANDING, not for you to keep but for you to share it with PEOPLE around YOU.

Hapinnes is found by those who obey the will of the Lord.

When our human strenght gives way. there is an arm that never gets tired. God is holding you and He wont let you go. He will walk with you and carry you thru.

PRAYER is the most powerful weapon against downfull; the most effective medicine against sickness; and the most valuale gift to someone we care.

Plant a seed in your heart, water it with prayers, fertilize it with words of God and cultivate it with lots of love.

When life gets you down, take time to look up! God is the one you'll need to strenghten you. He will never leave you alone.. He cares for you...God bless

God is a great archetect of life and He has great plan for us, but we are still the carpenter and we should construct our life according to His devine plan.

Thru PRAYES, GOD hears more than you say. He answers more than you ask. He gives more than you desire.
All He need is your HEART and TIME.

Everyday God thinks of you, Every hour Gods look after you, every minute God cares for you..Because every second HE LOVES YOU. God is always there for you.

Everything that God allows to come our way is with a purpose, He uses even the greatest error and the deepest hurt to mold us into a person of worth and value.

God is always at work in you, thats why you always have to be confident in everything you do, He is not just beside you or behind you. But HE IS IN YOU.

Journey to God starts with one step at a time, after that one step at a time. He does'nt expect you to run the mile, but He promise to give you the strenght to go the distance..God preserve our life according to His love.

Never pray for an essier life - pray to be a stronger person nor pray for task equal to power but for a power to fulfill your task. have a day full of God's surprises.

Prayer teaches us to wait.It clears our vision,calms our heart and activates our faith.Grow like the Sunrise and be Humble like the sunset.

Do not give yourself to sorrow, and do not distress yourself deliberately, A joyful heart is life itself, rejoicing lengthens one's life span. ( sirach 30:21-2)

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