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(*) Modern Numerology (*)

Most modern methods of numerology are based on the numbers 1 to 9. You'll need to know how to use the basics of this system to apply it effectively to the next section. Start with your name. For each letter of the name, work out its numeric value by counting its place in the alphabet (that is, A is 1, B is 2 and so on). If the number is higher than 9, add its two digits together. Then add together the numbers for each letter. Once again, if the resulting number is greater than 9, add its digits together;
Repeat this process until you get a number between 1 and 9. Ready for your result?
1- A leader, not a follower; lots of fire and energy; creative ideas and hard work bring success
2- A peacemaker; good at looking at both sides of a situation; will have true friends and a bumpy life.
3- creativity, independence and versatility; anything set as a goal will eventually manifest.
4- earthy, very logical, and organized; brings honour in life.
5- adventurous and intense, but too trusting.
6- enjoys the arts; idealistic and romantic; a Gypsy soul.
7- philosophical and psychic; very disciplined; prominence is in the stars.
8- individualistic; prone to both great success and great failure; a good life, but with lots of financial problems.
9- a fighter, often with a heated temper, but with many talents that people respect.
You can also use this for your date of birth

Here is a list of energies associated with dates and years:
1- transformations and new beginnings (for good or ill).
2- improved communications; a great year to seek partnerships.
3- opportunity knocks, if you have time to answer the door... lots happening.
4- a quiet, paced year (a relief from the last).
5- unexpected surprises and unique circumstances abound.
6- focus on hearth and home.
7- adopt a meditative outlook to resolve things.
8- financial improvements, but you'll have to work for them.
9- closure or an ending.

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