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black angle

==//l/l0t3 t0 th3 H8t3rz

...$331ng u @ll f33l th3 n33d t0 p@t(h up ur bru!$3]) 3g0'$ 0n $!t3s[D!$$!n m3 0n p!(Z nd h!])!ng b3h!nd w0rd$]..H3r3s my m3$$@g3 t0 u bun(h 0f !d!0t$..I w0nt st00p ])own t0 ur l3v3l, pull 0ut ur p!c & d!$$ u..Th@t's l3ft t0 th3 l0w l!f3 scum l!k3 u...Inst3@d I'll (h@ll3ng3 u, t0 a b@ttl3, w!th 3 judg3s, 0n3 fr0m 3@ch 0p0n3nt, 0n3 !nd3p3nd@nt...Th0s3 w!ll kn0w wh0 I'm r3f3r!ng t00..Th3 tw!$t - Sh0uld I w!n !t g3t$ t@k3n 0ff ur S1t3, $h0uld u w!n u (@n @dd !t t0 ur g0$$!p..@nd th!$ !n(lud3s @ny0n3 (ont!npl@t!ng..L3@v3 y@ ])3t@!l$ wh3n u @ctu@lly g0t th3 gut$ t0 @cc3pt my 0ff3r @nd pl@y my g@m3...
tessa u make me such a beta person without knowing it. i just wana say i admire u and ur friendship.u truely symbolise beauty and intelligence in the purest form. mwahz angel and u have touched me in a special way in such a short period. i love u 4 the great person u are.let me rather go b4 i cnt stop typing lmfao/
23.05.2008 08:41 EDT,
U are truly 1 of the greatest of nt only mxit but in the whole world the best what u ask the best hearted person i say u are an icon among the scum of nt only mxit bt the world ive gn threw your site wanting 2 find gosip dirt on felow playerz of this game but instead uve left me in aww bird u present a clean and non ofencive inviroment where even a person new 2 mxit or even 2 clans can cm and learn bowt da best of da best i knw this couldnt of been ez 4 me it wouldnt of been alota da ppl on yo site are my enemys til nw wen i actualy saw their faces and realizd that they are ppl like me nt just...
01.04.2008 05:51 EDT,

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