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DreamWatch - wtf?

Well, first of, a needed a new idea, and seeing as i've such a wonderfully warped head full of opinions and weirdness, the dreamwatch page is born.
This section will contain my own dreams only, if i remember how they went.
Now for a quick insight into my opinions on the dream state of mind...

Men are meant to dream in black and white. Not true, don't even try to argue this fact, cos its bull, why else would i remember the colour of the truck? So science dudes, go chat ya research to a simpleton.

You wake up if your 'dream life' is in immediate danger of death, if you don't, you won't wake. Bull number two is that, as i've had that happen on a few occasions, in which i've continued with my dream as a 'dream ghost'. So once again science dudes, ya more warped than me.

You can never continue a dream. These scientists are really full of it aint they? Dreaming is like living multiple lifes. Of course you can have another chapter continue from your previous dream, if you really wanted to. I've done that plenty of times also. See, told ya i have a colourful mind of twirly things in my nugget.

In the simplest way a can put this, when you dream, you're living another life.

Its also possible to continue your life in a dream as if you were awake without the need to sleepwalk. How? Well lets give you a quick example, which i'm sure you will have ALL done at some point, albeit not necessarily in the same genre...

You are stuck on a computer game you've been playing in the day, while awake you had many attempts at trying to pass the point at which you are stuck. You go to bed to sleep. Subconsciously, you start to dream. Usually the basis of your first couple of dreams are based on the days events, in this case, the computer game. Your brain goes into action... You in your dream state, get passed this point in the game successfully, dream ends. Now when you wake, if you remembered your dream, you will find that you succeed in passing that point on the game for real.

Well, thats my say outta the way, now enjoy reading about the wierd sht a dream. Oh, and just so you know, i aint care too much about what they mean, so look into them what you want. If you really do insist on telling me what you think though, please do so by using the email form.

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