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Constipation , the difficulty in emptying of bowel is a common health hazard in most individuals. Being an ackward topic of discussion , many people keep the problem to themselves and dont bring it up before their doctors. However, this is not advisable as chronic constipation may often lead to complications like rectal polyp, piles etc. Therefore, this problem should never be ignored , rather usages of some of the most common laxatives can easily solve the problem.

Any drug (even laxatives) can have significant side effects, therefore some non-drug measures for the management of constipation can be tried first, such as:
1.High fibre diet (20-30 grams daily). Fibres are that part of the food that are not digested by intestinal enzymes and reach the large intestine in almost unchanged form. They help by absorbing water which increases the volume of the stool leading to its easy evacuation.
2. Adequate fluid (mainly water) intake.
3. Regular physical exercise.
4. Heeding to nature's call.

Drugs used for the management of Constipation:

LAXATIVES and PURGATIVES are the two types of drugs used to relieve constipation. Various dietary fibres such as BRAN, PSYLLIUM and ISPAGHULA are used as laxatives. DOCUSATES ( cellubril, laxicon) can be used as stool softners. Plenty of water must be taken with laxatives.
PURGATIVES have stronger action than laxatives resulting in more fluid evacuation. Magnasium salts, saline purgatives, lactoluse and sorbitol are commonly used.
To avoid straining at stools for patients having hernia, heart diseases, piles etc and for bedridden patients DOCUSATES can be used
For patients with sluggish bowel habits mostly due to advanced age, laxative abuse BISACODYL( dulcolax 5-10mg) or SENNA(glaxenna 11.5 mg tabs) may be given once or twice a week for a short a period as possible.
A patient with an undiagnose abdominal pain with vomiting SHOULD NOT BE TREATED WITH ANY LAXATIVES.

*For further information regarding this topic drop in your queries, problems or valuable suggestion.

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