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Multimedia gallery

32.regging 3

Sir told Raju that he will like to play with his tiny lund.
Sir slipped forfinger of both hands in elastic of Pyjama and
slipped pyjama downwards and ultimately removed it.Now, Sir
moved his one hand on Raju's lund and moved other hand very
softly on inner part of thigh which caused further excitement
to Raju.Sir asked Raju his real age.To which Raju replied
that he will complete 17 on 30th September.His parents had
increased his age to get admission in school.Sir said that
explains the smoothness/hairleesness of yr genital area.Sir,
tightened grip over Raju's lund and began moving hand as if to
jack off.After a few to and fro motion Raju's lund hardened
and even Raju's breath became tense.Then Sir placed two pillow
under Raju buttocks and spread Raju's legs,it exposed area
between nuts and asshole.
Sir began moving fore and middle finger very lightly in that
area.It aroused sensuality in that area which the boy
could not bear and began moaning OH! OH! OH!.He even moved
a hand to stop Sir's fingers moving in that area.Sir asked
"What happened Dear I am within limits agreed upon.This
is not just dear"Sir also became little Tense and looked
Annoyed which made Raju a little worried.Sir read Raju's face
and sensed that Raju shall obey now what ever asked for?.
Sir commanded Raju to turn over which was obeyed instantly by
Raju.Sir placed one hand below stomach of Raju with other
hand patted the smooth buttocks then raised them by pushing
inside thighs.Raju was on bent arms and knees folded
in centre of bed.His face was downwards while ass
raised upwards.Sir joined Raju on bed and Sir placed himself
behind buttocks and in between spread legs of Raju.Sir, patted
softly on ass and began moving his fingers around ass-hole.
Suddenly Sir shoved his middle finger to maximum depth
possible.Raju cried out O! Sir! O! God!.Sir laughed and asked
Raju if it was painful still keeping finger inside the ass hole
Sir held Raju tightly and finger remaining inside.Sir again asked
'If it was really painful he could withdraw'.Mean while ass
tunnel walls had adjusted the finger and pain diminished.Raju
wanted the finger to remain there as it began giving pleasure.Raju
signalled with one hand that he was all right.
Encouraged by this Sir,withdrew and then forced fore
and middle finger together in extremely tight hole.This time
Raju cried and even struggled to throw fingers out.But Sir
held him tight and asked him to cool down as the muscles
shall adjust within minutes.
Sir expressed sorry for the pain and said it was because of
extreme tightness of his ass tunnel/first time/virginity.
The two fingers were still there shoved to max depth.
After 10 mintutes the pain subsidized then Sir began to move
two fingers in circles in order to loosen the ass ring.
Occasionally sir shoved the fingers to max depth After a
pause Sir again began givig circular motion trying to loosen
the ass ring.
The finger movement in ass tunnel made Raju very very hot
and he was unable to hold his body still He was like trembling-when
Continued-in--part 5

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