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Man Asian


278 of 406 in ↑↓£ΣGΣNÐ`Z°°ÙN£Σд$HΣÐ↓↑

16. Mar 2009 14:37:17 EDT
File type: JPG picture
File size: 14 kB
oh my gosh... lukn sexy ashy hehe mwaaaahz
15.07.2009 05:19 EDT,
8o i cn picture yew in skul uniform standn by d stairz... Lol y0h 274847 :P in my mem0ry huh...
03.07.2009 02:24 EDT,
Hey ur farkn moo-devi watkyn(G)lmfbo stylin bhaiya el hw many stekkies mus hav gt wet lookin at ur pic:-Oi knw spiderz mother is 1 of em:-x(btw spider your motherz puss,stil gt web jolin in der sort it ot 4me my son shot)if u gt it flaunt it bhai:-O
19.04.2009 09:53 EDT,
spiders crawling out your mothers puss is what you call ugly your farking stupid kunt typing your essays here about how you gonna do this and that when you an unknown asshole lightie making yourself feel happy calling other owes ugly:| lmfbo where's your pic naaiboll? too ashamed to put it up cause i'll kick your ugly fathers puss! face back up your sisters rectum so fast you'll have multiple asthma attacks don't leave your puss! comments where it's not needed i'll only hold my breathe next to your mother cause her vagina like a 20 year old dump site watch who you fark with kunt;)
17.04.2009 15:45 EDT,
fark sakes ur ugly fukken puss infested arsewipe :| u fukking pulling in ur breath like 1 fukken poes laaitie in fukken kindergarten to make ur frail weak chest look big? lmfbo.. ur kunt.. il fukken break ur fave an tear ur fukken kneecaps off.. fukken ugly weak useless twat.. i dont know were the fuck this poes gets these mawfies pics to put on his lame fuukken site.poes.
14.04.2009 11:25 EDT,
Hy la ladoo. Flexing them muscles and all (G)
31.03.2009 13:00 EDT,
lofl your puss face you are the fuckeeen ugliest guy on mxit shave the hair frm your mothers puss and stick it on your head try cardio your fat fuck and fact remains you was rolling in your own shit in the toilet if not you got your mothers shit stains at birth your cock face.your mothers big fat over stretched puss ima one man wrecking jelly face you more like fart unleashed
30.03.2009 04:27 EDT,
wtf most this most that your most stretched puss man:O you get it so bad on the sites yet you wanna leave your irrelevant comments everywhere stop parking in the toilet so much and displaying "shit" everywhere you go maybe if you rotating your thumb in your asshole it will help a little kunt;) you'll get cracked all over this site like how your mother cracked your head when she farted you out with excessive force(G) NOW sit like a good girl your sister never was and save yourself any further humiliation with your repeated non sensical bull shit:D
29.03.2009 14:09 EDT,
lmfao most wanted most feared lmfao hey fart face whipe that raj baber look out with your fat flab lmfao you know how to burn it up can see your ass was on fire and you was rolling in the shit in the toilet can see proof on your neck fatso
25.03.2009 15:34 EDT,
24.03.2009 13:02 EDT,
most feared most wanted most deadly most ruthless my fuckin ass this guy look like fart of the month with hair like that you rather remain bald and shit like that on your neck you a joke and a haati mere saathi body you really need cardio.each time you lie your nose in this picture going to get longer
22.03.2009 00:37 EDT,

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