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Man Ebony


277 of 406 in ↑↓£ΣGΣNÐ`Z°°ÙN£Σд$HΣÐ↓↑

26. Mar 2009 13:44:17 EDT
File type: JPG picture
File size: 16 kB
Lmfa0 laka tsunami marafukn victim8o
03.07.2009 02:21 EDT,
Lmfbo kid you portray that gay elton john look so profoundly it even astonishes sir gayton nied jamie,lmfbo how you can ny anything with that burnt madonie you call a cock,you mother reckoned she thought you were her long lost dawta when you were born coz they couldnt acknowledge weather you were a male or female and up to today itz still a mystery.its really pathetic how this kunt cant even construct a decent insult yet alone spell and his lookz are even more worse.i highly recommend plastic surgery your farken ugly tadpole go take after your gay role model,micheal jackson.maybe u...
03.04.2009 03:31 EDT,
rmfl ruthless minority front leader hustler you trying to hustle my picture boy,am i getting to you bunsi i sure am you wanta play a game that you cant win,maybe for the first time you heard of a one man recking crew this is animal can you handel it bet you are tasting some of nw shit i nyd jamie in her ass then cake nw you tasting left overs,fuck the site l jokes lets bust it up
02.04.2009 08:43 EDT,
Oh fuck :| ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha shame man, i almost feel bad for laughing at your poverty striken state :(
31.03.2009 15:14 EDT,
Are you the only of your kind shepstarz you erge to do what again. You watching way to much television watching those advert's pig's having wing's thing leaving your disorganised brain to see which is fantasy and reality .Well i didnt expect much from you shepstar;-) unsmstematially rearrange your face from your asshole:-O start questioning your agnostic mind again.You falling into illusion where you sucking cock for a living your daft mothers puss;-) come show me how much u love crying xse.
Sum people jst cnt handle criticism ,lol
31.03.2009 03:02 EDT,
you couldn't find a picture of me but nice try i taught you can put something better then a kaffa sitting with a board use your brains start thinking logic and get a fucked picture am i getting to you that i screwed jamie before you puzzler hustler loosehen or lushen
30.03.2009 04:10 EDT,
hahahahahahahaha your farking potter kafir marie leaving comments by my pic when you look lyka laxative promoting puss pipe curled brains dilapadated kunt! this is really you isnt? parking in unlazi with your stolen phone trying to pass off as a char owe:O LMFBO < you'll get booted so farkt your constipation will run free flow look like something already let it go on your asshole face;) you won't prove this is not you cause its so eviden that you look like a dried piece of shit(G)
29.03.2009 13:51 EDT,
Rotflmfbo lol yoh xa senekot is luka for constipation atleast thatz what your ma tellz me after i fark her upside da head so hard she getz i understand why you jelous of my pic,you look like you got farked up with a branch from a slingaberry tree and you wana text about lookz.farkit if i had a face like yourz i should have commited suicide along time ago. farken black thumbie sewer rat.
29.03.2009 05:53 EDT,
lmfao loosehen or whatever your name is hahahahaha nice try loosehen but you keep failing whos this fat black thumbi or bread here hahahahaha nonetheless you pathetic i cant make you a bigger puss then what you are already,you at its highest level of being one your thumbi,and ask jadie whos cock she swallowed first ouch,you just eating my left overs
29.03.2009 00:32 EDT,

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