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photo - Man Asian


270 of 406 in ↑↓£ΣGΣNÐ`Z°°ÙN£Σд$HΣÐ↓↑

26. Mar 2009 13:44:17 EDT
File type: JPG picture
File size: 37 kB
awe gOat.. (G)
19.04.2009 04:31 EDT,
Lincoln your farken shitter(G) like one hollywood member.. Styling bhaiya
10.04.2009 09:48 EDT,
Lol theres farkawl more i can do to make this sheepheadstar a beeger anal rash than he already is,you a man?lmfbo what farken man,a woman wearing a brief is not considered a man xa,you can come back over and over again but you will alwayz be a rusty pudina pickle poez,end of story.i heard you pregnant with muthu muraganz lytie.el congratulations xa.must keep the lyties name varamaselen memory of your transvestite mother atleast honour her name.the poor woman died unhappy coz she found owt that her only son was farkin her homosexual father who in reality is also your father.
02.04.2009 21:49 EDT,
Lol :o(
02.04.2009 07:19 EDT,
Shepstarz your nye Lets see u seem rather daft as if you looking at demonic's insults to you as compliments kunt. You come type same thing over and over like one retarded asshole bra. You sure your mother never get nyed when you was in her womb.. Because you fucken came out with lump's on your head for thinking you any good in dissing.. You such a pu$s guess you skrik someone gonna take your place.. But you fail to realise.. You the one and only pu$s in a coffin tin.. Kunt The desire you need is your kraving for a cock every 5 mins do you get up spoof tipsy everyday of your pathetic life boy.M...
tsek ur ma se poez,wat u foja van dala ma se kind pusface mootho murgan thumbi brief stainer,son of a whore no matter hw u try an cover up comments im gona keep cuming bak u retard fuk face,ima 1 man recking crew,get usd to dat thumbi u cant take the heat in the kitchen stay da fuk owt else go do firetramping ur blck goat hanuman se gaat
01.04.2009 12:04 EDT,
Lol your poez you making hosh,gwala,what the fark you know about gwalaring kunt,you cant gwala farkawl your redundant teabag smoking township rat,you look like raj bunsi in his young dayz yet you wana try to bump here,kid il sound you so farked your father will get p.m.s now stop being a stoneyard and repeating yourself like a taxi rank skank and type something origanal if you trying to phase bust your cranium with text and make your brain bleed like a indonesian housewife who has her period but forgot to insert a tampon up her poezhole.
31.03.2009 11:42 EDT,
awe hosh gwala ma se kind keep it styling there with your chatsworth centre checkers vest you duplicate mootho murugan look alike ama ama buma buma thaya thaya
30.03.2009 04:16 EDT,
lmfbo this puss gotta thing for rmfl outies this faggot why think you don't check him in the rooms cause he too busy tryna get the owes to private him in the gay zones:O your mothers wet dishcloth puss! shepkunt;) stop hating cause you look lyka wrong turned asshole:D styling like always bhai(G)
29.03.2009 13:57 EDT,
Lmfbo this over fried soya sausage is stuck on repeat mode like a scratched,gay elton john mp3.muthu murugan must be putting in his space ship earz coz you got elephantitis in your over stretched anal canal.i see you still listen to the theme song of da power puff galz and wanking to my pic,thinking you a super heroin trying to save the gay community from oblvion.i really feel sorry for you coz your ma makes you a poez in reality and we make you a poez cybernetically.sorry ekse.
29.03.2009 05:07 EDT,

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