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sp a - Woman Indian


251 of 406 in ↑↓£ΣGΣNÐ`Z°°ÙN£Σд$HΣÐ↓↑

14. Apr 2009 00:40:33 EDT
File type: JPG picture
File size: 23 kB
Rnt u da ugliest of da l0t :|
04.08.2009 07:00 EDT,
Aiya! Disgraceful :) ..
17.07.2009 14:41 EDT,
thanks thanks... :$
04.07.2009 11:25 EDT,
Your mothers hanging hole!
03.07.2009 14:12 EDT,
03.07.2009 13:49 EDT,
Lmfsa0 god whitney:{ i knew u werent awl dat bud diz? Faaaak sake dlte mxit yaw wh0re d0nt embarass yawself:z nutyn but sxc? Rofl nutyn but prossi if u ask me:|
03.07.2009 02:01 EDT,
Sies bitchney u look exactly(G)like cockeye.. Ur a filthly disgrace bitch who lies and trys throwing up guys u even buy them alochol to suck dar cock lmfao sumtyms i wish i could kill u:D but think i stop and say why do that?when aids is already doing it titless whore.sies who in dar ryt mind wud take u seriously?u lie n suck cock 4 a living n lie u earn 10grand which fucken pawpaw tree cal centre u wrk 4?u mst b sold ur rotten puss a blind man.
29.06.2009 23:14 EDT,
Lmfbo y u getin jux yaw poes u farkn in love wid simi u wud dig yaw asshole nd suck yaw fingaz 4 ha nd yes SIMI IS FUCKING no mata hw hard u try da stekkie wud vut u lmfbo nd no im nt in yaw situation kunt sucking yaw motherz dirty tamponz in hope dat ha hardend period menstruation wud help u develop a kok nd testiclez yaw ny hahahahahahahahahahaha no mata hw hard u try i wil mke u swak yaw nye il boot u bk up yaw motherz womb YAW MOTHERS PUSS;-)...
29.05.2009 08:27 EDT,
Why you getting naar kyle (G) you are a bigger puss than whitney's stretched hole oh and for the record, simi is a 10,000,000 better looking than this shack trash black cocksucking bitch lmfao kyle you trying so hard to get her to suck your cock or is it that you're waiting for your cock to grow up?
27.05.2009 01:00 EDT,
Ooooooooppppzzzzzzz:-x i ment MOTHER hehehe neway colgate yaw motherz puss(G)
18.05.2009 10:31 EDT,
Mwaaaaaaahzzzzz baby so lovely u lookin :-p >>>>>>>>>>hey yaw colgate modaz puss u wil agree wid simi even if she telz u u a kok suckin pussy dprived faggot lmfbo yaw motger shud b fined 4 shittin u ot kunt hahahahahahahahaha nw fark of wid yaw retard commentz>>>>>>>>>kaka bumz loss it ot papa i pinch yaw bum:-o
18.05.2009 10:29 EDT,
Lmfao simi :P that's a buster! This black bitch whitney only has a mouth... :-x hint hint lmao!
15.05.2009 15:49 EDT,

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