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captivating - Woman Western


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23. Aug 2009 13:50:16 EDT
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How do you think you know so much about me anyway? you say i sit on mxit .. Etc etc .. That just leads to something .. Are you constantly worrying about what i do, to plague your own insecurities? as for my "Mxit boyfriends" , if you weren't so interested in my life, where would the insinuation arise? you know nothing about me or who i date .. And it's time you realized That your faulty demeanour isn't helping you ..
29.01.2010 06:46 EST,
Sigh .. As for me concentrating on mxit .. You don't even know me .. The fact that i'm a battler instantly gives you carte blanche to pass judgement? i told you before .. And i will tell you now .. But i won't repeat myself. If You're so obsessed with my looks and life, That's your problem. It honestly doesn't phase me in the least. And do you know what .. The only thing you can say about me is stuff regarding my looks, not knowing That You're making a fool of yourself
29.01.2010 06:43 EST,
Alright .. That was okay-ish .. Tell me something, tasha .. You act like you know so much about me, but then you say you didn't know i existed? you make it your business to feature where you aren't wanted, ie my life, but then go on and contradict yourself? if it insulted you that much, no need to say i used thumb cards because you can't keep up .. Jealousy is a bitch eh? especially cos all you can text is idle nonsense about my looks ..
29.01.2010 06:39 EST,
Btw every1 is entitled to be ignorant but u abuse the privilege.
include urself in cyber dating how ironic.Who did i sleep with lmao assuming a bit 2 much only leads 2 being more exposed that guys dnt really care about u no one cares about u on or off mxit.To much claims u put together about reality what u do on mxit is your problem then did it effect u what nick i used since luchen is my bf in reality not cyber bf ur idiot.Dnt get excited if u never come swear me to change my nick wouldn of known u existed so why the melodrama about u being famous when all u do is sit online and dwell which spot on your face u should cover up next.
Lmao now with all that u texted into a short speech.Did u prepare thumb cards 4 that nonsense.U so fortunate mirrors dnt talk back but lucky they dnt laugh either .To be honest saafiya u was the 1 came seeking my attention remember yet u include i give you limitless fame.Get myself of the hook of what every 1 knows u change mxit bfs as the foundation covers up ur shemale resemblance of being a idiot in disguise. U claim 2 be a real women commenting on other girls opening their legs if only u could open ur eyes as much as u flap those pritt lips u say dnt meet mxit guys but include urself in cy...
What I do .. With my personal life, be it on or off MXit, is none of your concern .. If you've got something to say and wanna do it in reality, i'll be happy to oblige .. But please .. Someone like you ain't never gonna measure up to me, regardless of who you're sleeping with ..
20.01.2010 07:51 EST,
Yes, I am a battler .. Yes .. I'm well-known on MXit .. And, you have never met me, so you will never know what it's like to be a REAL WOMAN.. Just because I don't meet all the MXit guys and sleep with them like yourself, i'm considered inferior? Because I choose not to keep a man solely by giving me what's between my legs, i'm not a woman?
20.01.2010 07:50 EST,
Lol .. Tasha .. You honestly think that scared me? If that was your way of trying to get yourself off the hook, it sure isn't going to work. You comment on me battling .. I say nothing about me being a battler, it's people like you who give me limitless fame ;)
20.01.2010 07:48 EST,

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