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image - Woman


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26. Aug 2009 11:35:38 EDT
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Hahaha. So. This. Is. Saafiya. Eish. I. Heard. Some. Dirty. Words. Coming. Out. Your. Dirty. Mouth! Lol. I. Was. On. One. Of. My. "Ex. Girlfriend's". Mxit. When. You. Sent. A. Voice. Message.
18.02.2010 03:03 EST,
Bwahahahaha HAai u not pretty yaw middle east sex slave
30.10.2009 11:42 EDT,
You're quite hot actually :-)
04.10.2009 13:57 EDT,
Lol.. I typed that in fusion ? If i did , which i highly doubt , it just proves how you're hanging onto my every word like i'm your God or something. You act like i'm not important , yet you're trying so earnestly to say so much.. Now tell me something, would a sane person concentrate on the inferior? If i'm ugly , as you say , it bears no significance really , cos you'll never look half as good as i do , so stop airing your jealousy
04.10.2009 06:13 EDT,
30.09.2009 08:49 EDT,
LolZ...Saafiya ...You typed that in fusiOn zOne lmcpo,dont flatter yourself if i were lesbian i wouldn't even want to do you ...U wouldn't even tickle my clit...So get your head out your asssss COZ QUITE FRANKLY YOU ARE 1 UGLY FAIR 4 FUCKAL BAT!
22.09.2009 03:50 EDT,
Typo .. Alienish. Lol
19.09.2009 05:02 EDT,
Lol ! Nice comment , but somehow i realise , unlike yourself , that it's MY picture , and your jealousy seems to be seeping through your very being .. You may be entitled to your opinion , but! If you revealed your identity , then perhaps i could air my views too ? You're nothing but a drain rat with no life .. Your farken puss is alienisih .. And i reiterate , if i wasn't that hot , you wouldn't be spending your time trying to grab my attention . Frankly dear , i don't swing your way .. But then again , your manliness is so apparent ;) makes it hard not to notice . You're nothing , so before ...
19.09.2009 05:00 EDT,
09.09.2009 21:41 EDT,
Dont be dumb please...You are far from hOt...The only reasOn i made that comment is cOz im entitled to voice/type my opiniOn and alienish isn't my idea of hot so get down from that pedestal you put yourself on...:)
07.09.2009 09:31 EDT,
Lol , if i wasn't that hot , you wouldn't be making jealous comments eh ?
06.09.2009 11:24 EDT,
Get over urself...You nOt all that...Hehe
06.09.2009 06:10 EDT,
Hmm.. A bitchy comment from someone i don't even know .. Firstly dear , don't you ever think of making statements as such that will land you in hot water .. Furthermore , naeem is my boyfriend .. What he wants from me :p is none of your concern . Can't blame you though sheherazade cos jealousy makes people nasty ne . Mwah baby .. Love you
05.09.2009 08:29 EDT,

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