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keegz - Man Asian


155 of 406 in ↑↓£ΣGΣNÐ`Z°°ÙN£Σд$HΣÐ↓↑

27. Aug 2009 08:10:42 EDT
File type: JPG picture
File size: 62 kB
Lmfbo. .look at this black pathetic mother's poes. .sugar rat :o( , .if hada klap u. Your head wil spin a 360 degree diagonal angle. .wtf the fu(k that is :o
28.04.2010 15:39 EDT,
06.03.2010 11:49 EST,
Lmfao you're a ugly black mothers Pusss' you smoked sugars and myprodol tablets o's tuned one time you didnt have crown to buy cigarettes you stoled chicargo loose from your mother shew...smely bastard!
24.09.2009 21:58 EDT,
If i had to look at you and at an african there would'nt be a differance,they say black is beautiful well whoever came up with that didn't have a look at you,oath!You a coward Keegan an ugly pusssss lol your mum maybe wanted to boot you when she saw you lmfbO,
16.09.2009 03:56 EDT,
Bwahahahahahahaha ura joke kid
09.09.2009 21:43 EDT,
Lmfbo same pots dis nye stold nd sold 4 sugar his ma tuned me story el (",)
05.09.2009 10:08 EDT,
Lmfbo same pots dis nye stold nd sold 4 sugar his ma tuned me story el (",)
05.09.2009 10:08 EDT,
PurpleO you wOuld find a darkie kewt hey...U got nO tazte...
05.09.2009 03:36 EDT,
Vewi cute
03.09.2009 11:42 EDT,
01.09.2009 06:54 EDT,
Boi you look like you popped Outta A forbiden volcano which would explain the resemblance to coal, when last you had a bath? And no i don't mean playing in the rain Puss!:O run away patients! Kid the angola institution has been looking for you for the past 4years n you exploiting yo petty existance in chat! No wonder you resort to alcohol n drugs, i bet you envy everything that looks lighter than you eh boikie?
30.08.2009 12:33 EDT,
What a disgrace and this tinfish puss bumps so much on mxit like he's some adorable handsome guy...This guy really has some sort of complex...Really to think of it he lies all his way on mxit well what can you expect from a sugar addict who steals mummy's stuff and sells for sugar and even sells his own shoes for sugars lol hahaha idiot...
30.08.2009 12:20 EDT,
Just popped in el bhai this putu lipped kunt is making rmfl site a disgrace!Whenever i pop in i'll leave comment here for this pusss keegs dala wat you kry yaw pusss sperm festering melodramatic insolent lout seems your face will resemble a pig's posterior fuck you an ugly rat!
28.08.2009 08:34 EDT,

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