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23. Apr 2010 00:12:53 EDT
File type: GIF picture
File size: 24 kB
Lmfbo baby walked into a door i'm so ripped (",)whats worse his name is not f%cken ray its rajiv rotflmfbo he felt so f%cken shame he changed and telling people thats his name dumb f%cken k%nt.No wonder he sooking attention he cant afford to eat properly taking out all his frustration here like one weak mothers pu$s.
Lmfao the plastor on your nose wasnt there because you stood your thing. .it was there cos you walked into a door (G)LMAO If someone had to confront you in that way you would have landed yourself in hospital cos youre only made up of meat what so ever :O ..cant believe how you of all people (G) A GEEK TEXTING LIKE A TOP DOG HERE LMFAO..seriously youre a joke:)now stop replying to us gosh. . I never gave a geek attention before (^_^)
lol what did he do ars%hole you see you showing why you from phoenix your morfie.. All your morfie ways is showing your tongue was in a b%tch's shit pipe you think we don know that whitney made you cry just because your cock was too small for to satisfy her read and comprehend pu$s marie whether you come here everyday day replying trying to save yourself from embarrassment i give two f%ck's i'll still come and make you a pu$s try not to use slang as if you one gangster lightie.. The way i will f%ck you up your own mother wont recognise you sona.
You know what veez did.. Dont play dom.. Anyways bitch! You can take your fucken "stilletoes" and put it up your puss since you like, like that!! The only thing you're capable of, is.. Selling your hole.. Now you stick to doing just that and stop acting like a man okay? By the way luchen could never make me piss in my pants no matter how hard he tries. You only met me once(",) you checked the plastor on my face.. I dont sabba to get a hiding because I CAN "DALA MY THING"
09.07.2010 01:45 EDT,
Lmfao veez did what?? Come with proof before making accusations your lil twit. . You are one of those dumb skinny boys who got a fat lot to text cos youre behind a screen but in reality ul probably pee in your pants if you meet up with luch cos ima girl and i met you and i know that im capable of putting my stilletoes up your arse so imagine what he'l end up doing to you. .il leave u with that thought :)
lol what happen cake you getting so frustrated you don't know how to start a sentence with out a dick in your hole.. Vees this vees that did vees nye your mouth for you.You typing like one big shot but look like one faggot.I have your picture in this site your plaster nose ars%hole.Let me tell you something pu$s vees was a snye just like you.Whitney made you floss your teeth with her arse hairs you got excited.Try another lines quickly before you get made a bigger pu$s than you already are you cant even stand your thing in the chatzone kunt.
Hey. Fuck. You. Man. You. Can't. See. Me.(G). Veez. Fucken. Banged. This. Thing. So. Many. Time's, More. Than. You. Even. Said. Her. Name. Lmfbo. Ask. Her. How. Many. Time's. She. Slept. Over. At. His. Place.. Okay. She'l. Play. Dom. Now. But. At. The. Back. Of. Her. Head. She. Knows. Its. Da. Truth. Eish. Everytime. You. Rattling. This. Thing. You're. Going. To. Picture. Veez.. Yoh. What. A. Feeling. For. You:-)
30.06.2010 15:54 EDT,

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