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jerico - Man Western

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03. Jun 2010 10:12:24 EDT
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Youre Stupid oath
21.07.2010 01:17 EDT,
You say you got nor time for my essays which i wasnt even typing any yet you come here time and time again and reply to whats being said? Then you resort to name calling because you realise that you making ridiculous insinuations about me? Lol lady wake up and smell the coffee i did not meddle in your life. And i dont appreciate you assuming stuff about me that arent true thats why i reply to what you type:)
20.07.2010 12:50 EDT,
Your idiot if i wanted attention i definitely wont be seeking it from you and as far as my info bout you goes. . Its 100% accurate that you gossip..i asked you to leave me out of it so do so and if you wasnt guilty you wont find the need to reply and defend yourself:) and Wtf like a dizzy thing you making lol lol lol for your own text (o_0)
Wtf who the hell is worrying about whats happening in your life gosh tasha. Wake up man iv got better stuff to worry about :z Zzz ... You really boring now. You typing long essays full off false info for attention now. Cut the crap you not that important to me for me to worry about u lol lol lol
20.07.2010 09:04 EDT,
am no gangster :$ i only meant you wanted to show people u brave here by texting da way you do but sucking up to the person in private..anyways tata n DON WORRY BOUT WHATS HAPPENING IN MY LIFE!
I am sorting it out asking you to stop gossiping about me..a gossiper will never own up but will pass blame which is exactly what u did now..did i ask you if anyone else gossips about me? And me being childish? Please girl i have better things to do than worry about what happens in other peoples lives to pass it on throughout im not gonna reply to your boring essays anymore ..just want you to leave me out of your gossiping schedule..there are many other people on Mxit whose lives are far more fascinating for you to poke your nose into oki..thanx oh and Wtf fear me (G) LOL ...
Oh and what you mean acting all fearless? You want me to fear you Tasha? Nor please man i dont fear anything lol..
20.07.2010 01:33 EDT,
Lmao offcourse i am jovial. Instead off being as childish as you being i decided to inbox you and not display arrogance on a site. You take stuff way too seriously:) when did i gossip? Lmfao .. All the people who wher once your friends start gossiping about you . Just so you know i am not one off them and i clearly stated that to you in the chatroom ;) tell me i didnt state that i dont have an issue with you? I did :) sor please if you got issues with me sort it out yourself..
20.07.2010 01:31 EDT,
Since when i became luchen? Since the day he told me he loves me and we became half n il comment for myself and for him whenever i want..does that answer your question..nice comment on your part btw..acting all fearless and what not here for all the people to read but inboxing me on facebook bout how jovial you are lol..please stop gossiping about people (i) thank you :)

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