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dickhead - Man


15 of 406 in ↑↓£ΣGΣNÐ`Z°°ÙN£Σд$HΣÐ↓↑

13. Jul 2010 00:29:41 EDT
File type: JPG picture
File size: 14 kB
what a puss bhai and you put this fagot's pic here el
21.02.2011 06:56 EST,
This fagot polluted pu$s is probably sucking balls again and claiming he's got a life whilst masturbating to the holes in his mothers panties eh.. You a stupid GAY PU$S GAY-RAY!!!
02.08.2010 19:13 EDT,
Lmfbo don't stress Ray Gay. What you did now was exploit a part of your homosexual fantasies eh. I guess you on your period everytime you reply to our messages eh? (G) you should conceal yourself in your MOTHERS AIDS INFECTED PU$S because you make a perfect disease (G) you should rather use your DICKHEAD AND KEEP FUCKING YOUR RETARDED HANDICAPED FATHER. it's easier for you anyway (G)
31.07.2010 04:32 EDT,
Fallen 666 as for you xa you're another mother's puss!! What you know about busting? Before you can bust me.. I kla bust your mother.. Ya vye open that panty and check you'l see something tattooed around that clit.. "Ray Was Here" lmbo! Your nye you never met up with me rukfall? They way i will kick you so fucked! Your arsehole will finish off in your mouth you fucking kunt.. Fuck off now, you just GOT SERVED!! (YOUR ARSeHOLE IN YOUR MOUTH) LMFBO
28.07.2010 16:56 EDT,
What fucking hiding your nye ball! I got no time to hibernate in your mother's hole.. Why'd you remove my comment?? Im sure you must've felt like a puss? Because i nyd you properly? And you don't want other's to see? Your kunt fuck this "text speech" cameway in the phoenix i will show you how its done.. And as for these other muku's coming with their fong kong two cent comments sucking your arse and acting clever.. You can invite them to your bedroom and make them suck your cock.. Cause from what i can see.. I can see that they smaak you a span.. Fucking mother's hole bring all your bra's and ...
28.07.2010 16:42 EDT,
Lmfbo bhai.. This pu$s is probably busy farking his own mother with his DICKHEAD.. so cut him some slack lol, some Fag's like this pu$s will never change! So keep on being the fag you are Ray-Gay, it fits you perfectly, yes follow in your fathers footsteps because your mother is too much of a man for both of you. & rather Stitch your vaginal lips next time before bumping like you swallowed sperm for steriods eh.. You dumb pu$s you'll get bust Laaity!
28.07.2010 04:52 EDT,
Wtf happened to that dot dot faggot pu$s he had span to type now his pu$s got bust he hiding like one gap tooth ars%hole he is.As bad as this k%nt looks when i catch him i'll show him the difference between living in phoenix and living in chatsworth when i'm kicking his teeth in he must scream raakfall raakfall..! ! ! Thats if when my first boot doesnt make him swallow his tongue.
Lol what do we have here. Ray-Gay, have you looked at yourself in the mirror before you gAY pOez! You comment on other ppl's pictures hence looking like the DICKHEAD you are. You officially a DICKHEAD and you earned it very well. Taking pictures in the light? Lmfbo, are you afraid of getting exposed with "cum-cancer"?I bet that skin of yours got more -cum stains- on than your mothers POEZ!
13.07.2010 05:21 EDT,

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