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ღ Is it over? ღ



The more i try to avoid pain the more it loves me. Aftr the third meet i thot all dark days were over nd the sun of happiness ws shining bright for us..but who knws it ws all illusion nd in the glimpse of eye i wil lost everythng again. it ws 3rd month of our renewed relation when he came to meet me nd inspite of all the hazzards, trouble nd restriction i ran to him each day he ws der.
But i didnt undrstnd wat made him upset on me. This time i ws very much of my past faults nd didnt repeat them. But stil he got hurt..its quite natural dat when u r in a virtual relation nd transforming it in a real there stays some mismatch facts that hw much casual u r wit dat person in virtual world in reality it takes a lil time to becum same casual. With time that lil hesitation goes away.
Besides i never got enuf time to spend wid him to do all the thngs 4 him which i used to wish for him. But unfortunately he didnt feel the vibe frm me which acctually i hd 4 him. He thot i didnt love him as much as i usd to exprss ovr net. I told earlier i m very bad expression..howevr anothr thng he is extremely sentimental nd reserve..he never expressd wat hurtd me or upset him even till the last day when he came to my city to drp me at home. I didnt realised wat ws going inside him. Watevr sad reflection ws on his face i took it as we r departing thats y he became sad.
i ws in a dream coz he came to my city to drop me..til nw we used to meet in a different city where i hs my aunty's home. But on last day when he came to my city...i ws living my fantasies in real the same routs on which i used to travel alone but obviously he used to be connected wid me over ph, the same rout i ws crossing but having him beside me...i ws amazing...i could nt express real though we were departing i hd on hope in mind that "next time when we will meet we are going to marry". I took a promise frm him that next time whenevr he would come i would go wid him as his wife...i hd thousands of hope regarding our future lives. As we were in a long distance relation so many time i felt limited to make him happy or giving surprise specially on festival times or birthdays or valentines'day. we both used to miss each other very much when we used to see other couple were celebrating but we hd a hope in mind that wat if not nw but some day when we would be together we wud make our each dream come true...i had many dreams hw wud i surprise him on his birthday. hw wud be our first nyt together wat will be the way i wud gv mtself completely, where wud we go for honeymoon, hw on small matters we wud fight and at the end of the forget and hug each other, hw many child we wud ve?hw wud we brought them up?etc. etc.But as usual my dreams didnt coe true and they were crushed by the wheels of cruel destiny. When he returned to home he said that he realised we could make a good life together so we must be separated..


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