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Daily life in Ghaziabad.

INNER EXPRESSIONS : Life always surprises me. From my childhood I always wondered about the existence of Life when I was first introduced to the world of science fiction. There were certain questions which always provoke me to delve myself into the ocean of thought and understanding. One thing that made me curious enough was English to Bengali Dictionary. Here one can ask me that what can be so interesting about dictionary that would make me so curious. Certainly, at the first glance it may be so, I mean just a dictionary and nothing else, but as soon as you think about the first English to Bengali dictionary and how it was written, than a serious question pops up here. An author can write an English to Bengali Dictionary only when s/he knows both the language. Now the question is that how did he learnt Bengali, without having an English to Bengali Dictionary. May be it is just another very silly question, but it was a very serious question for me at that time.

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THE IMPACT OF INTERNET IN MY LIFE : Internet remains a special tool for me. An accessable storages of immense knowledge at the stroke of buttons on the keyboard, Internet has a special place in my life. It makes me equipped with powerful tool for delivering of knowledge at the command of a button only. It provides me the platform to write, to exhibit my photographic skills as well as writing skills. A right keywords in the Google homepage and knowledge will be in front of you within a fraction of a second. It is such a vast knowledge bank as well as a launching pad for someone's talents, that if one can use its machinery, he or she will be a powerful person regarding knowledge and information. From the news of new scietific innovations to the market price of a stock, everything is available in the internet. Now a days I kept logged in through out a major portion of a day. Always online either surfing through latest articles or writing articles besides photo uploading. But really there was a time when I used to be scared to log on to my gmail a/c. During 2002-03, I used to stay in Govindpuram. At that time, I was on the verge of mental collapse due to chronic depression, frustation of extreme level. I remember, I was once determined to go to the nearest Cyber Cafe, but would not dare to enter inside. I still don't know the exact reasons of my peculiar behaviour, but I guess that must had been invoked by my sub-conscious mind. Really those days were so terrible, that I don't think I would be able to go through these incidents once again.

picture by fantafabulous
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FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH INTERNET : Before 2003 although I had surfed internet in IEC College of Engg. & Technology, but that was a case of limited use. Although, I had created my first email a/c during 2000, when I was in IEC-CET, but hardly I had used it. I still remember, when I had created a rediffmail a/c. At that time was India's hottest site. Almost everyday they had advertised the site in leading newspaper like Times of India, Hindustan Times etc. My email id was But, I had lost the a/c as I was not an user of Internet at that time, and after six months my email id had got defunct subsequently. When I had left IEC and joined VIET, I had fallen in love with Paintings. I used to stay in Govindpuram J-1. Those were the darkest periods of my life as I was struggling to continue my job due to my "Severe Acute Depression" or SAD. My life becomes a topsy-turvy road and eventually it became impossible for me to stay alone. Finding no other suitable alternative, at last I had decided to go back to my native place and the main reason was my emotional disturbances and chronic depression. Ultimately, I had left Ghaziabad on 12th July, 2003. When I came back to Ghaziabad in 2006 then internet had spread in India and in VITS I have opened my social networksite profile in Orkut in 2006. When for the first time I had decided to open an website, then I hardly knew anything deep about internet and computer, in fact computer was an anathema to me. One may wonder at this, as I am an Engineer, and my Alma mater is a famous college of India. Still the reason of my ignorance were the fact that I am an Mechanical Engineer and when I had graduated, it was the dawn of IT success in India. We had FORTRAN-77, but we were not taught any programming languages, neither any Operating System.

picture by fantafabulous
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