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FFx Secret Aeons and Airship Stuff

Here are a few tips on where and how you can get the three secret aeons, anima, yojimbo and the magus sisters. There is also some airship passwords and some airship co-ordantes.

Yojimbo: First in too the calm lands. Them go north until you come to the bridge, go under the bridge to reach the cavern of the stolen fayth. Make your way through the cavern until you have to eight lulus old summoner. Beat her in battle and you can start negotiations with yojimbo. He will ask you a question and you should answer with ´to defeat the most powerful of all enemys´ yojimbo will demand 250000 gil. You should them offer him 125001 gil, then 150001 gil, then 175001 gil. He will then offer you a price of 203000 gil. You have to accept this or the price will in up again.

Anima: In each temple you have to use a destruction sphere to get every treasure chest. Once you have done this you need to in to the baaj temple and defeat Geosgaeno them in through the under water door and light all the temple signs. In into the cavern of fayth and you get anima.

Magus sisters: To get the magus sisters you must have got every other aeon including anima an yojimbo. In to the remien temple which is south of the calm lands. Use a chocobo on the yellow feather to cross the bridge. Then eight all of belgemine´s aeons. Once you have defeated them all you will get the flower sceptre. You them need to get the blossom crown from the battle arena by catching one of each type of monster from mount gagazet. In back to the remiem temple and you should be able to open the chamber of fayth and get the magus sisters.

Airship passwords:

VICTORIOUS besaid ruins 2 (ancient road)

MURASAME besaid ruins 1 (ancient road)

GODHAND mushroom rock (vally)

Airship co-ordanates:

Baaj temple 11-16, 57-63

Sanubia sands 12-16, 41-45

Besaid falls 29-32, 73-76

Mi´ihen ruins 33-36, 55-60

Battle site 39-43, 56-60

Omega ruins 69-75, 33-38

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