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FFvii Ultimate weapons

Ultimate weapons and limit breaks:

Cloud: weapon: ultimate weapon, defeat ultimate weapon to get this sword. Limate: Omislash, win 64´000 battle points and exchange it for the limite break.


Weapon: Premium heart, use the key found in bone village to open the machine in wall market. Limit break: Final heaven, use tifa to play a tune on the piano in Nibelheim.

Vincent: Weapon: Death Penalty, after visting Lucretia´s cave in disc 2, visit it on disc 3. Limit Break: Chaos, after visting Lucretia´s cave on disc 2, vist it again on disc 3.

Cait Sith: Weapon: HP Shout: open the locker on level 64 during your second visit to Shinra tower. Limit Break: Cait Sith does not have a level four limit break.

Red xiii: Weapon: Limited Moon, take Bugenhagen to the city of the ancients, then return to Cosmo Canyon. Use Red xiii to talk to Bugenhagen. He will then hand it over. Limit Break: Cosmo Memory, Defeat the lost number in Shinra Mansion.

Barret: Weapon: Missing score, look on the stairs on your second visit to Shinra Tower. Limit Break: Catastrophe, After the train incident, talk to the woman in the tent on the edge of North Coral.

Yuffie: Weapon: Conformer, hidden in the crashed plane. Limit break: All creation, knock out all of the guardians in the temple of five winds.

Cid: Weapon: Venus gospel, when the rocket has been launched, keep tallking to the old guy outside the shop in rocket town. He will eventually give you the weapon. Limit break: Highwind, it is hidden in the cargo hold of the crashed plane.

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