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mUsT ReAd!!!

I had been o2od. My heart suddenly started racing, (gunnah has immediately started), we shared our ASL, by coincidence he was in da perfect age, sex n location for me.
Full of excitement and flaber gaster an intense conversation was uplifted, he let me into his world, giving me knowledge of his background, occupation and overall information i felt i needed to know. There after i invited him to my world. He showed sa great intrest in me, i even shared qualities of my body, shape, size, colour, features and range. He showed a positive response toiwards me.
After exchanging numberswe had routine conversations, humour, emotions and best of all sexual interactions which overwhelmed us both.
I was questioned by friends and family of why i was constantly occupied with my fone. I had to tell several white lies. Repeated questions were asked by my mother, she was curious, her curiosity began to damage our bond and trust. Nevertheless i didnt bother taking a blind bit of notice. All i could see, wanted and was interested in was him.
It came to a stage were our relationship had clicked very strongly, a first meeting was set up.
I left home with the best gear, slapped up makeup, and i drenched my self in my sisters exquisite perfume. Slamming the house doors behind me as i was racing to see him i screamed to my mum i was going to a friendshouse down the road. Another white lie was told to my mother.
Out of place, shy, yet full of anticipation i sat beside him in his exsuberent Golf GTTDi. We were on our way to the cinema as we had both agreed from before. I could see him glancing at me from the corner of his eye.
He inevitibly bought my popcorn and drinks. We took the back seats.
Thoughts were whizzing through my wild imagination. I am going to marry this guy, i have to keep him a seceret, i dont want to have a sexual relationship, yet a bond which will lead to marrige. How could i tell him my feelings? How was i to let my parents know i wasnted to marry him.
I suddenly felt soft strokes runnoing through my thigh, no one, no male had ever touche3d me in this mannor before. By the time i knew it he was tempting to kiss me. I quickly stood up and moved away from him. I was thunderstruck at what had just happened.
"I thought it was what you wanted"..... he screamed out to me.
Dismol,meloncholy and ful of disapointment i ran off not knowing where to go.
Aaaaawch, i bannged into someone. Without looking at who it was i rushed off. Someone fiercefully clemched my arm. I could hear him screaming in the background "come back! Come back!".
After turning 90degrees i looked up at who was holding me. I blinked my eyes several times. WAs i seeing things............... It was my brother..............
I was doomed........................
Was it all worth it?????????????????????

Islam doesnt wanna just spoil ur fun, but its there to protect u. Interaction with ghayr mehram ;eads to fitna. Fitna leads to curruption of society. VCorruption od society leads to demolition of morals. Demolition of morals leads to (sex outside marrige) (4got da word) it leads top lies and it leads to jahannam.

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