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One day all the world, humans, animals, jinn, angels, earth, skies and whatever that is in them will be finished. Except for Allah there will be nothing left. This is known as the coming of ‘Qayamat’. Before the coming of Qayamat, there will be some signs that will appear. Out of which, we write some of them here.
1. Khasf meaning that there will be three places where the earth will open up and men will be buried alive. One in the west, one in the east and one in Arabia.
2. The knowledge of religion will go, meaning the Ulema (scholars of religion) will be taken away.
3. There will be a large exploitation of illiteracy.
4. There will be great use of alcohol and adultery. In such a shameful extent that it will be as common as donkeys eating grass.
5. There will be less male and more females. The ratio will be fifty women compared to one man.
6. There will be a lot of goods.
7. In Arabia there will be green scenery such as green crops, parks and streams. The streams will open it’s treasures and there will be mountains of gold.
8. Men will listen to their women and not their parents. They will stay in close contact with their friends and stay away from their parents.
9. There will be great use of music.
10. People will curse their ancestors and speak ill of them.
11. The wrongdoers and non-capable will be made leaders.
12. Degraded people who could not find cheap clothing, will own large mansions.
13. People will scream and shout in mosques.
14. To stay in Islam will be so difficult as it is difficult to hold hot ash in the hand. Upto the extent that a person will go the cemetery and wish that they were in that grave.
15. There will be no quality in time. A year will be like a month. A month will be like a week. A week will be like a day. A day will be like as if an item has caught fire and quickly turns into ash, meaning time will go very fast.
16. Savage animals will speak to humans. The point of a whip, the heel of a shoe will speak dialogue and will tell you what has happened in the home. In fact a person’s thigh will inform him.
17. The sun will rise from the west. At this point, the doors of repentance will close. One can no longer bring faith into Islam.
18. Except for the big ‘Dajjal’ (impostor), there will be thirty other impostors who will all claim to be Prophets. Where in fact Prophecy has finished. There will be no other Prophet after our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha Sallallaho Alaihi Sallam. Out of these impostors there have already been some, for example, Musslimiyya Kizzab, Taleeha Bin Khuwild, Asood Ansi, Mirza Ali Muhammad Baab, Mirza Ali Hussain Baha’ullah, Mirza Gulam Ahmed Qadyani etc and those that are left will certainly come.

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