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After the passing away of Hazrat Eisa and when there will be only forty years to go for Qayamat. A cold wind will pass underneath everybody’s armpits and it’s effect will be that all the souls of Muslims will be extracted and only infidels will remain. Qayamat will come for these infidels. With all the signs that have been mentioned, some have become apparent and others are yet to become apparent.
When And How Will Qayamat Come ?

Qayamat will come when all the signs become apparent and the cold sweet wind has gone through everybody and all the Muslims have passed away. There will be only infidels remaining, and the remaining forty years where no-one will have children, i.e. everyone will be over the age of forty. There will be no one in the world who will say the word Allah anymore. Each and individual person will be doing their day to day duties. Someone will be building a wall, someone will be eating and then with the one and only order of Allah, Hazrat Israfeel Alaihi Salaam will blow the Soor (horn). The sound of the horn will first of all be very faint, then it will start getting sharper and sharper. People will listen to the sound with great concentration and then they will become unconscious and then die. Then the skies, the ground, the sea, the mountains and even the Soor and Hazrat Israfeel together with all the angels will be finished. At this time except for Allah alone, there will be no one left. After this when Allah wishes, he will bring back to life Hazrat Israfeel Alaihi Salaam and re-create the Soor, and order Hazrat Israfeel to blow it again. As soon as the Soor is blown all the people from the beginning to the end, all the angels, humans, jinn, animals will become alive again. People will start coming out of their graves and their Aamal- Naama meaning ‘book of deeds’ will given to them in their hands and will all start going to the field of Hashr. They will then stand and wait for their judgement and fate. The ground will be made of copper. The sun will be glowing in full strength and will be just above people’s heads. With the extreme heat, people’s brains will start boiling and their tongues will become as dry as thorns and many will drop out of their mouths. People will sweat tremendously, some will sweat upto their ankles, some will sweat upto their knees and some will sweat upto their faces. Depending upon their deeds, they will suffer. The sweat will also be giving off a foul stench. There will be great delay just in this position. The day will be equivalent to fifty thousand years, and half of the time will go by in this situation. People will start looking for an intercessor who can relieve them of this problem and a quick decision can be made. All the people will take advice and go to Hazrat Adam Alaihi Salaam first. He will say go to Hazrat Nooh, who will say go to Hazrat Ibrahim, who will say go to Hazrat Moosa, who will send everybody to Hazrat Eisa. Hazrat Eisa will send everybody to our Master Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam. When the people go to our Huzoor and request him to intercede, our beloved Prophet will say “I agree and am prepared to do this”. He will then perform prostration in the holy court of Allah. Allah will say :Oh Muhammad Alaihi Salaam, lift your head, say and it will be listened, ask and it will be given, and perform intercession and it will be accepted. Now the judgement and accounting will begin. The deeds will be weighed in the ‘scales of deeds’ called Meezan-e-Amal. Your own hands, feet and other parts will give witness against you. The part of the ground where a particular action took place will also be prepared to give witness against you, there will be no friends or helpers. A father will not help his son, nor will a son help his father. All the deeds will be unveiled. All the deeds that have been done will be in front of you. You will not be able to deny a sin nor will you be able to find a reward. In this very difficult and appalling situation, Huzoor the light, the love of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha Sallallaho Alaihi Wassallam will help. He will perform intercession for his believers.

Different forms of intercession

The Holy Prophet’s intercession will be in many different forms. Many people with the intercession of the Holy Prophet will go into Jannat (Paradise) without being judged. Many people who should have been in Dozakh (Hell) will be saved from going into Dozakh with the assistance of the Holy Prophet’s intercession. Those sinful Muslims who will have reached Dozakh will come back out with the assistance of the intercession of the Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet will perform intercession for the Jannatees and raise their grades.
Who else will perform intercession

Except for the Holy Prophet, the rest of the Prophets, the Sahhabis (companions of the Holy Prophet), the Ulema (Islamic scholars), the Walis (friends of Allah), the martyrs, the Huffaz-e-Quran (One who has learnt the Quran off by heart and follows it’s orders) and the Hujjaz (those who have had their pilgrimage accepted by Allah) will all also perform intercession. People will remind their Ulema, deeds that are in connection with them, if someone gave water to an Alim to perform Wuzu (ablution) then he will remind them of it and ask for intercession in return, and they will then perform intercession for him.
This day of Qayamat which will be equivalent to fifty thousand years long and it’s difficulties will be too much to withstand, but it will be made so light for the Prophets, Aulia and the pious, as the same time it takes to pray a Farz Namaz. For some it will be even less, equivalent to a blinker of the eyelid the whole day will finish. The biggest gift that Muslims will be given that day will be seeing Allah himself. You have been presented so far in short detail the details of Hashr, after this people will go to their forever destination or home. Some will have a home of rest, where there will be no limit of pleasure and happiness, and this is known as Jannat. Some people will go to the home of torture. Where there is no limit to torture and pain, and this is known as Dozakh or Jahannam. Jannat (paradise) and Dozakh (hell) are facts and those who reject it are Kafirs. Both Jannat and Dozakh have been made and are present at the moment, it is not so that they will be created after the day of resurrection. Qayamat (the day of destruction), Hashr (the day of resurrection), Sawab (reward), Azaab (sin), Jannat (Paradise) and Dozakh (hell) are all true as they are believed by Muslims. Therefore, those who believe them as facts but have a different definition for them, for example, to say that reward means to be happy when seeing your good deeds, and sin means to be sad when seeing your bad deeds, and Hashr will be only for souls not the body etc. then this is really rejecting all the above and therefore are rejecters and those who are rejecters are Kafirs. Qayamat will definitely happen and those who reject this belief are also Kafirs. Hashr will be for both souls and bodies, those who say only the souls will wake up the body will not come back to life are also Kafirs/infidels. Whichever soul belonged to whichever body will be reconnected, it is not true that a new body will be created and the soul will be put into that. If all the parts of the body after death have been spread everywhere or have become food for animals, on the day of resurrection Allah will join them back up and will come back alive. Hisab meaning Judgement or accounting of deeds and is also fact and those who reject this are also Kafirs.

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